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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 26 2013 5:00 p.m. MST

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Houston, TX

In essence what Brad is saying is since the only thing KW has done successfully is to beat BYU he would be given another year. Is this evidence that the most important thing in UofU sports is just whether or not they can beat the Y? Sad day on the hill if that's the message.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Utah is lucky to have him and should they pull a stupid move and fire him, Bronco better have him on speed dial for defensive coordinator.

Tucson, AZ

Disclaimer—I'm a BYU fan. I can't say I agree with Brad Rock on this one. Yes, Whittingham has made mistakes, but I also think he is a very good coach—and barring some scandal—I don't think a losing season next year should get him voted off the island. I don't necessarily think that Rich Rodriguez or Mike Leach are better coaches. They might be able to get a few recruits that Whittingham can't get because of their resume with past teams, but they aren't necessarily better. I think Utah is a lot like Arizona, they manage to beat some very, very good teams and then they lose some head-scratchers. Arizona has been like that for as long as I can remember. That may be Utah's new fate in the competitive PAC-12 regardless of their coach.

Lehi, UT

Whit is a great coach who would likely take many teams to great success. In fact, if Utah cuts him loose, he will likely land in a far better place and again have great success. The problem is that Utah will NEVER be able to consistently bring in the recruits to compete in the PAC 12. Bringing in a new coach will not solve the problem. We have made our bed in the PAC 12 and need to accept the fact that we will not see too many winning seasons. 1 or 2 in a 20 year stretch is probably all we can expect. We got our money and built some great facilities; but, most top recruits would likely rather go a USC, UCLA, Stanford or Oregon in hopes they might win a starting spot than come to Utah. We need look no further than ASU and Arizona who bolted from the WAC only to be perennial cellar dwellers until the arrival of Utah and Colorado. Keep Coach Whit and let's enjoy the top notch teams that come in to our place. Sometimes we'll pull out a Stanford win. Sometimes it will be a Colorado loss.


Three years with no progression in the Pac 12 is time to go after someone else that can recruit with the top dogs. He took a explosive offense from Urban Meyer and decided to make one that was his own. Didn't work!!!! In the six coaches changes in the last two years in the Pac 12 five of the schools are making great progress. UCLA, ASU, U of A, Washington State, Stanford. Even Oregon has a new coach and still having a great year. It is time for a new culture. You risk the chance of lossing good recruits when they see he is still here knowing it won't be long before he is gone. Now is the time. He is well compensated and will find work without a problem. We need to grow the program. Kyle is a good man but it is time to think about the programs future.


Writers and general fans seem to like drama around their sports team! Did anyone really think that the Utes could make the jump from Mountain West football to PAC 12 football in 2-3 years time! The level of athlete that the Utes have would not be first teamers. The Utes could not recruit the same type of athlete USC could because they didn't NEED that type of athlete before. Look at the speed of the game in PAC12 versus the Mountain West from just 4 years before when TCU was on the schedule. Speaking of TCU, what's their record this year?

Salt Lake City, UT

I generally agree with Brad here on bowl game or bust. But I think it's disgusting that Whitt hasn't been able to develop a decent back-up quarterback in nearly five years. That's squarely on the head coach IMO.

But if the Utes lose to Colorado, I think Whitt should be fired immediately. How do you beat Stanford and then lay a goose egg against largely inferior teams?

West Jordan, UT

I think canning Whittingham at this point wouldn't help the program achieve its goals. Unless they got a BIG name to replace him, it would only set the program back even further. True, we haven't progressed as far as some of us had hoped (even those of us with realistic expectations) but I believe success will come. If next season goes as lousy as this one, then I might change my opinion, but for now I think Whit's the best man we've got for the job!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Mark3054

1 or 2 winning seasons out of 20 is a pathetic standard. A bowl game 7 out of every. 10 years should be the expectation. Also I'm looking at ASU and they are the South Division Champs and are a very very good football team.

New York, NY

Beating BYU is nice, but it is no longer our measurement of success. Utah now measures success by PAC-12 victories and high caliber bowl appearances (and victories). The overwhelming majority of Utah fans would trade a victory over BYU for a conference championship game appearance any day of the week. Whit is a great guy. It's nice that he beats BYU. But that's not good enough to keep this job. I hope he has tremendous success with this team next year and is Utah's coach for as long as he wants. But if the team continues to regress next year it may be time for a change. Not because Whit's a bad coach (he's awesome), but because sometimes a program needs a change to generate momentum. See, e.g., Ron McBride to Urban Meyer.

Farmington, UT

@ Chris B, even though you like to personally attack Bronco at every possible time, this article isn't about him. It's about Whittingham, his two-year run (and counting) of failure to go to a bowl game and the fact it will take his team 4 seasons to win 10 conference games in the PAC 12. I don't hear Oregon or UCLA or Stanford or Arizona State or Washington State or Colorado complaining about the tough sledding in the PAC 12. I don't even hear Arizona complaining or being bitter about never going to the Rose Bowl in the numerous years they have been in the PAC 12. But all this angst comes multiple times daily from the Utah partisans whose greatest accomplishment is recently they have a winning record against BYU, no Heisman Trophy Winner, no National Championship, and few MWC or WAC Football crowns. What they do have is constant smack and unfettered obsession about BYU football. I guess negative attention is better than being ignored, certainly proven by you yet again. Thanks for that at least.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mark3054 claims "We need look no further than ASU and Arizona who bolted from the WAC only to be perennial cellar dwellers until the arrival of Utah".

In the 9 years prior to Utah joining the conference, Arizona had an average finish of 7 while ASU an average finish of 6. In that span, both teams had a 2nd place finish. What is your definition of "cellar dweller"? Anything that isn't first place?

Santa Monica, CA

To all those who say that Whit has been a failure at developing Qb's--you are wrong. He was in the process of developing wonderful qb's in Wynn and Wilson. He could not have run out on the field to prevent their injuries. To all who say the recruiting just isn't there--you are partly wrong and partly right. Utah can win with the players Whit brings in on defense, and also with the backs and receivers who choose to come to play on the hill. But (and this is huge)---we haven't brought o linemen of the Zane Taylor, Tony Bergstrom ilk to this program and the Utes don't seem to be developing them either. Our qb's will never develop until they can develop as pocket passers who are protected and learn to find their receivers in space, with touch. Our qb's have not had that luxury for the past two seasons. Until Whit brings real O linemen back to this program we are in trouble. Talented receivers will soon shun a program that can't block for the guy who is supposed to get the ball. O line, people.

Danbury, CT

I think Chris B. and Coach Whittingham have something in common...they both have concentrated too much on winning one game.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lehi, UT

"The problem is that Utah will NEVER be able to consistently bring in the recruits to compete in the PAC 12. Bringing in a new coach will not solve the problem."

This is the kind of sentiment that prevailed 25 years ago. Then, Ron McBride, Urban Myer, and Kyle Whittingham came in and people forgot all about how Utah was NEVER supposed to be able to...blah, blah, blah.

Here's an idea...keep Whittingham and fire the whole lot of local sports reporters.

Rez Road
Shiprock, NM

"like I said it is nothing more than a morbid interest for us" that is just ducky

Seriously folks it doesn't matter what great progress other teams with new coaches in the PAC 12 have made this year. They had a stable full of quality athletes with which to continue. Utah is in transition with athletes still trying to rise to the level of competition. Big adjustment meeting tougher than MWC competition week after week.

I have complete confidence Whittingham will get us to the top.

Long Lost America
Salt Lake City, UT

Brad Rock seems to feel there needs to be a D-News answer to G Monson. There is one thing more annoying that a losing year and that is a sportswriter who thinks what he says should be relevant in the job status of a coach. If this were the coach anywhere else in the state they would name a stadium after him. Utah is not in the PAC 12 based on only the year Urban Meyer had 10 years ago. The most significant wins in Ute history have come with Whittingham as coach and this team is in the PAC 12 now based on how good the team was and maintaining in 2010. If anyone thinks coaches that can pull off the Sugar Bowl win in 2008 are a dime a dozen then maybe they should be a fan of a different school.

Layton, UT

The Utes would be stupid to fire the Coach. The odds are that Utah can't get a better coach, and if they did, he would be gone in 2-3 years. Firing him would make Utah a "training school" for BCS schools and be stuck as a Colorado, or a Washington State level school.

The Coach has the potential of improving the team to a University of Washington level school. They can compete for a middle-of-the-pack most years, and once or twice a decade compete for a PAC championship.

Good luck Utes!

Go Cougs!

Long Lost America
Salt Lake City, UT

If you want a big name there are few with a bigger resume than Dennis Erickson. How easy is it to forget that before Urban Meyer and McBride you had noted college names such as Stobart, Howard and Fassel. Those were the teams that would lose to current teams on the schedule by 80 points. The conference is arguably on a par with the SEC this year and each week brings NFL level talent to compete against. Don't even dream you can compete with Stanford with some of the other typical coaches. If you want change consider how you would have felt with a coach that lost by 35 points a game.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

I'm not convinced the PAC 12 is the second best league this year. Not until the league plays out and wins some bowl games will that be known. Last year the league was horrible in their bowls. What have they proved so far? The league's best win was a theft against Wisconsin. The next best win was maybe the Nebraska win. The league has few marquee wins.

Whittingham deserves to complete his contract at the minimum. He will turn things around and get the Utes back to a bowl game if the school is patient.

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