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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 26 2013 2:05 p.m. MST

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2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

If you think the outcry is great over a few million Americans finding out they will NOT be able to keep the insurance plan they have... just wait till the corporate-mandate hits.

The Administration could see corporate-mandate was going to not only end the current insurance for a few million Americans who get their insurance on their own, but would end insurance for TENS of MILLIONS of Americans, and would be a total nightmare for Democrat's popularity.... so they had to delay it till after the next election.

Just wait till the Americans who get their insurance through their employers find out the plans they had are required by law to be cancelled... and they are replaced with much more expensive policies (I guarantee employers will be offloading these expenses by deducting from employee paychecks).

A per-employee increase like this is not something companies can absorb without cutting other expenses (meaning employee salaries).

Many of ObamaCare's regulations don't even take affect until AFTER he leaves Washington. Why is that?

Is it so there can be no blow-back to HIS administration... and whoever follows him will have to handle all the flack it causes?

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

He took out Bin Laden.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Too bad he can't give the Panama Canal away to a country run by drug dealers and terrorists (like Carter did). I guess he could give the Suez Canal to Hamas... that would be about the same thing.

I really hope he doesn't botch this and end up disarming America (as he promised to do right after he was elected (remember the speech in Germany). And end up giving Nukes to North Korea, Iran, Hamas, etc, while disarming America at the same time. That would be just perfect.

West Jordan, UT

@2 bits - I think you're commenting on the wrong article...

@one vote - If you think Obama deserves all the credit for killing bin Laden, then you're seriously misguided...

St. George, UT

Thank goodness!!!!

You meant to say. The military, after years of tracking Bin Laden down,finally, and with help of water boarding, found him holed up in Pakistan. They had to drag the golfer in chief off of the course so he could be there in time for the photo op.

Hayden, ID

The Navy Seals took out bin Laden whom they located by following policies GWB implemented!

Ogden, UT

one vote good information has it that he couldn't pull trigger on Bin Laden and Valerie Jarrett made the call.JFYI the U.S.Navy Seals took out Bin Laden and Obama did the victory lap.

This is a real fiasco. Obama can't trust the Iranians and they can't trust Obama. It's a situation where its I tell a lie then he tells a lie. The world doesn't trust Iran and it doesn't trust Obama. I wonder why? Other Presidents have had the red phone to deal with Russia. After the Syria debacle Putin just text's our dear leader and says here Kitty Kitty.

DN Subscriber 2

Compared to Obama, Carter was the model of effectiveness, efficiency and love of country.

Provo, UT

Obama is nothing like Carter. Carter may not have been tremendously competent, but he was honest and generally well-intentioned.

I'd take just about prominent politician of the 20th century over our present Dear Leader in a heartbeat.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"...53 percent of Americans surveyed are telling pollsters they don't think Obama is honest or trustworthy...".

Not good.

But wait...

86% of Americans are telling the same pollsters Schram cited that they don't think Congress is honest or trustworthy.

Meanwhile, may we also discover whether Congress can possibly regain the competence we once thought they had. And whether they can re-earn our trust.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Nothing like good news to make people hate even more.

E Sam
Provo, UT

Six months from now, when the ACA website is fixed and Obamacare is doing great, we'll see what this guy says.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

Interesting article on the recent deal with Iran and what the future may hold – which so far is a diplomatic & foreign policy success just like the chemical weapons deal in Syria and the virtually bloodless regime change in Libya - but what does it have to do with the complete non-sequitur article title?

And when you start making claims about a president’s legacy while he still has three years in office remaining, you’re either in the business of making predictions (a foolish enterprise) or you’re engaged in propaganda.

So what ever happened to reporting and analysis?

salt lake city, utah

2bits, just why will employers be forced to drop their employees health care coverage?

Morgan, UT


Simply put, the provisions in Obamacare mandate that companies with 50 or more workers face a fine of as much as $3,000 per employee if they don’t offer affordable insurance. It doesn't matter whether employees are happy with their current employer provided health insurance (and its cost); if it doesn't meet the specifications provided in Obamacare, it will be deemed as not complying with ACA, and the company will be fined.

Sadly, we've already seen the misery that the "individual mandate" has inflicted upon millions of Americans. Just wait until the employer mandate kicks in. It will be cheaper for the employer to simply not provide coverage, and let their employers go to the wonderful government exchanges.

I'm sure many will be quick to judge the employers for their "cold-hearted greed" in not wanting to provide their employees with health insurance, but lets not forget, these employers were providing truly affordable and high quality health insurance already. It is Obama who is forcing these employees into low quality, higher cost health plans.

Springville, UT

This opinion piece and other "the sky is falling" pieces are ludicrous. I am weary of the media "insiders" and their speculation. Just a note, Obama's lowest numbers have never reached the low numbers of Bush. But polls are near worthless now because of media manipulation, which is in turn manipulated by special interest groups. The whole state of journalism is a sorry affair. Journalism is dead.

St. George, UT

Comic Relief

"Six months from now, when the ACA website is fixed and Obamacare is doing great, we'll see what this guy says."

And pigs will be flying in the skies. The only way that anyone will think that is if this corrupt group finds more money to pay organizations to write fiction about Obamacare's success.

The congressional approval is a very misleading number. Dems hate congress because of the house. Repubs hate congress because of the Senate. Get it? Conservatives dislike both because we are stuck with guys like Harry Reid, McCain, Hatch, Pelosi, Boehner etc....

Murray, UT

"And when you start making claims about a president’s legacy while he still has three years in office remaining"

I realize liverals would like us all to forget the last 5 disastrous years of the Obama regime, the lies, the bad economy he claims is good, refusal to negotiate across the aisle, the trumped up unemployment numbers, fast and furious, Benghazi-caused by a video, the divisiveness, the effort to attack Syria that Putin had to avert, etc etc, but all those things are part of the legacy. Even if the last 3 years were stellar (as unlikely as Iran stopping their Nuclear Bomb program) the last 5 years do exist, are in the history books, and are part of his legacy.

salt lake city, utah

Sven, come on, if a company is providing health care it's a 99.999% chance that it meets the lowly standards of the ACA. Individuals who chose to forgo specific benefits are the ones who's policies don't meet the standards. If I'm providing benefits for 50+ people (and well over 80% of businesses have 200+ employees) it will have to have maternity, it will have to protect against pre-existing conditions, it will have to have some psychological benefits. You may differentiate by how many people the policy covers, but it will meet ACA standards.

Now you may have companies who's existing plans are more expensive than what the same plan will be on the exchanges who will opt to have their employees go to the exchanges and still pay the premium differential they currently do, but that's a good thing.

Here, UT

Ltrain says:

"...and with help of water boarding, ..."


Torture is a war-crime.

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