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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 26 2013 5:00 p.m. MST

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Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Based on the headline, I was going to disagree.

After reading the article, I disagree with the headline, but I think the analysis is pretty spot on. Wins against Texas and Boise weren't quite as fulfilling as at first; the win at Utah State feels better and better.

The losses to Virginia and Utah are just devastating and the losses to Wisconsin and Notre Dame so disappointing.

Bring on Nevada Reno and on to San Francisco!

Well, what did you expect? I hate losing, but I love my cougars, win or lose. Always will.


Winning brings exposure whether independent or in a conference. BYU needs to take advantage of these opportunities and win, rather than just showing up. Fun season, but feels a little underwhelming.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

Is "conservative" code word for "not capable of making big plays" or "not good enough"

For a team that is one of the worst at turning "blue zone" drives into touchdowns and fewest big plays in all of college football, it means you're just not very good.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

How did mother nature impact your win loss record?

Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B
Where are the statistics of fewest big plays in College football.
Cody Hoffman has at least 7 plays of more than 20 yards.
Mitch Mathews until he was injured was averaging 17.3 yards per catch on 23 catches
Ross Apo has two catches of more that 20 yards
Jamaal Williams has at least 7 Rushes over 20 yards
Taysom Hill has at least 7 Rushes over 20 yards
And Paul Lasike has 1 rush for 46 yards.
That is from very basic stats most likely a few more.
Where did your credible information come from.

Danbury, CT

Once again, a very unfulfilling season. But that is the way BYU has always played. After beating Miami, they lose to Oregon. After beating Washington in 1985 (number 2 to us in 1984), we lose to UTEP. Yes, UTEP. So this kind of thing goes way back. We've only beaten one good team in the post-season in our history - Kansas State at the Cotton Bowl.

Sad thing is with our defense the past 2 years, if we had a decent offense we could have won 90% of our games. We simply do not have a BYU offense. Robert Anae is not the guy. He never will be. We have got to put pressure on Bronco to fire him... again.

The whole staff takes the blame for not preparing the team for key matchups. Not beating a patsy Virginia team or finally beating Utah in Provo with the weak team they have this year, not showing up at WIsconsin after a bye week, or at Notre Dame. I mean really, if you can't get excited to play at Notre Dame, you have serious problems. It's all about leadership and mental/emotional preparation.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

somewhat disappointing but overall positive season for BYU. They beat 4 or 5 above-average teams and all but one of those wins were convincing. The loss to Virginia was the anomaly. They were competitive in their 2 losses against top-25 caliber competition (ND and Wisc.). They should beat Nevada by 2 or more touchdowns and have a competitive game in the bowl game to finish 8-5 or 9-4. They were 1-2 in the close games (Virginia, Utah, and Houston), i.e. games decided by 7 points or less.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Is "conservative" code word for "not capable of making big plays" or "not good enough"?"

It is up on the hill - see 4-5, 3-6, 1-7 - losing seasons have become the norm as Utah has been in steady decline since 2009.

Dallas, TX

Careful there ute fans. Taysom Hill just passed Travis Wilson in quarterback rating. So let's not get down on the Cougs just yet.

I agree, this season has been a bit of a let down for BYU. That being said, I think that they have some upside as well. The quarterback grew from a run-only version, to one who can now do some things with his arm. I can't wait to see him continue to develop next year.

With all the injuries in the defensive backfield this year, next year may be a little better there.

We'll miss some of the big stars of the team (Van Noy, Hoffman, etc), but there's a lot of great young talent there as well. All in all, there's a lot to be optimistic about.

One thing is for sure, living outside of Utah, BYU has gotten a LOT more buzz because of the ESPN deal. Believe me, with the football win and now the basketball win, a lot of Texans know where Provo is. That just might impact BYU recruiting down here. I'm still trying to find the PAC 10.2 network out here. Sorry utes.

Central, UT

I am continually amazed by the comments here and elsewhere regarding BYU and Utah football teams. There seems to be a complete disregard about the talent of the teams that beat ours. The hubris is overwhelming at times.

Maybe the offense isn't the issue, what if the other teams defense matches up really well? The rushing output against Texas is an inverse case in point. Nothing was comparable to those numbers before that particular game nor after.

What if the issue is playing on the road not the team, you lost to Virginia for crying out loud. That game was very far away as were Wisconsin and ND.

What do you think?

Cedar Hills, UT

Christopher B - "How did Mother Nature impact your win / loss record?"

Seriously? I was at the game in South Bend this past weekend. Believe me, the word 'frigid' doesn't come close to describing what those conditions were like. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Even Cache Valley Falslev said he had never played in conditions like that before. I've been on scout winter campouts in February which, by comparison, felt balmy compared to this past weekend. A snowy north wind off Lake Michigan is just something most BYU football players were not ready for. It impacts a game because the home team will always have the edge in a game like that. Some say, "well, both teams experience the same weather - where is the advantage?" The advantage was a packed crowd of 80,000 wildly cheering for the Irish...not the Cougars. If your football team has to play in harsh conditions, you had better hope you are playing at home. I would guess more than 75% of home teams win games with harsh weather conditions. Would love to see some study done on that.


Ask yourself how many times BYU or Utah for matter as many big name schools in one year. You think the WAC or Mountain West schedule compares to any of the past 2 years at BYU or 3 years at Utah . Look at TCU In the Big 12, no bowl game and where was Boise State who had never lost to a Utah school. BYU and Utah fans are spoiled! They thought their teams paid their dues in weaker conferences with 1 maybe 2 tuff out of conference games and playing in a bowl game every year. It takes time to bring a school to a higher level in play. How often have we seen the 2 Arizona schools contending for a BCS bowl and they left the WAC 30 years ago after dominating the WAC FOR DECADES. Look at the coaching changes and NCAA penalties during that time. BYU and UTAH are doing as well as can be expected. They have good coaches and good support of management. It will take time but both team will be on the national stage more than not. Kyle and Bronco have the abilities to build very sound teams that can compete against the high DOLLAR teams who buy championships!

Central, UT

Weather? Really, did the other team have better weather at the same game?

Omaha, NE


It's easy to think that the Arizona schools dominated the WAC before they left for the PAC-10. But who won three of the last four WAC championships before they left? BYU. Look it up.

Doesn't change the fact that I certainly hoped for better this year.

Lincoln City, OR

Three things that I always get a chuckle out of: Priests who are sworn to celibacy giving advise two couples on how to best structure a marriage relationship; atheists telling us how God will judge us; and ute fans critiquing BYU's Football or Basketball programs and/or game plan execution...

While BYU was getting beat by 10 points in a game that they probably could have and should have won, our friends on the hills were losing in Pullman, WA by one of the worst teams in the West by 12 points...

Given the facts, I probably would have just kept quiet...

Payson, UT

RE: Christopher B

First, both team had to play in the same weather. ND was a better team.
Second, I believe you said Utah would be competing for a south title how is that working out for you?

Payson, UT

It has a lot to do with Winning Football Games way down on the priority list. Can't winning also be a top priority? When pre-game meetings are more important than the results on Saturday you end up with a season like this. Careful that we don't criticize too much though and expose our lack of football knowledge.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Utah competing for a prestigious power conference title is working out much better for us than it is for you guys!

Alpine, UT

I made a comment about the coach's inability to call the right plays in the blue zone and their inability to make adjustments during the game and I got censored by the Desnews.

blue & white
Boise, ID

early in Broncos head coaching career he faced another 4 and about 8 late in the 4th quarter and decided to kick instead of go for it. comments after the game he said he learned from it, should have gone for the first down. he must have forgot the lesson in the ND game.
Andy Boyce commented after game about plays the old cougars, when he played, did run in the blue zone that scored touchdowns. he hasn't seen BYU run this year. Robert A. can you be humble and talk to Andy before the Nevada game. we need some fresh ideas on offence.

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