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Published: Monday, Nov. 25 2013 10:30 p.m. MST

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Fort Benning, GA

Brandon, I have no idea how you got the heading to this story. Sitting in ND Stadium last Saturday, we couldn't have been watching the same game. It was the play of Daniels and Davis that lost the game defensively. Yes the offense needed more TDs in Blue Zone appearances, got it. But on the defensive side, whenever they needed a 1st down they through it. 3rd and 8, 3rd and 14, etc. etc. etc. all night long. It was ridiculous to watch in that frigid part of the country.

On another note, Howell needs to spend more time developing these corners. I don't know what it is about BYU corners, but they NEVER play the ball. Davis, has two INT in that game if he turns around and plays the ball instead of the man. For the life of me, I can't understand why the players are coached to play the man and not turn back. Look at the teams INT numbers since Bronco took over as D coordinator in the Crowton days. I hope something can get fixed in this area, because we have great talent and potential in the secondary!


Couldn't agree more with CougarColby. What game was Brandon watching! The dbs are often beaten, rarely turn around in their trail technique and face guard or PI regularly. Anyone who has watched BYU play this year and almost any year for that matter knows that their corners are always a weak spot.
Watching that game this past Saturday I thought to myself, finally a team that realizes our corners can't cover and is going to exploit that weakness. Granted, due to the crazy amount of injuries, they have been decent fill-ins, but truth of the matter is they aren't D-1 level corners.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

You mean like the first series giving up a 65 yard td reception? Or the multiple times the byu secondary got exposed after that?


Cheyenne, WY

The reason they look in the back field is the scheme BYU runs.
It is a cover 6 base zone.
The corners first read is to see if it run and they go support it.
This is even heavier on the field corner (wide side) When BYU falls back in the zone you keep your eyes forward to see the play.
The field corner has been burned but that needs to be blamed on the safety and the corner.
When they run man coverage they stay with the receiver.
The Pittsburgh Steelers run a very similar scheme.

Omaha, NE

This just seems like a feel good story, player plays sick and young player gets in by chance. With the loss and the defense giving up 235 yards rushing and passing (470 total) in that weather, there were lots of mistakes on defense. I think they were outplayed and that with last year's close game BYU thought it would be an easier game.

Murray, utah

CB, go LOL your own cellar dweller, they need it.
In terms of the game I also agree with Mr. Cougar Colby. Hats off tp the players gutting it out through illness and playing unfamiliar positions but the scheme needs to be re-worked. The guys look silly running into the chests of receivers instead of watching the ball. We have good talent, just need a new focus.

Alpine, UT

Why is BYU always lacking depth at the cornerback position? We don't lack depth at Linebacker.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

BYU lost the game based on the play of both lines. True, the DBs gave up big plays. But if the D-Line had gotten consistent pressure on the QB those long plays wouldn't have happened. The ND O-Line even kept BYU's LBs out in a very consistent manner. And if the O-Line had shown up it would have opened up the running game, which would have opened up the passing game. The lines lost the game for BYU, not the DBs.

Cheyenne, WY

These guys were not even supposed to play this year.
So it is better to give up 23 point to an 8-3 team or 49 to a 5-5 team. LOL
C'mon Chris you are mocking a decent defense when the Utes secondary has been atrocious
Utah 78th in scoring defense BYU 27th. LOL
Why do you mock a better defense than your own?
BYU's problem in every game is that they are almost dead last in Red Zone efficiency, fix that and they have a lot better record.

Danbury, CT

The DB's were the worst of a bad secondary. Bronco should be ashamed of the lack of preparation he and his staff made on both sides of the ball. And please....fire Anae now. We can't live through another year of his play calling and excuses. We need to get a groundswell of support for change.

As for Chris B...did you really watch the BYU game?? Why? If I don't like a team (i.e. Utah), I would never waste a valuable Saturday PM watching them play.

Danbury, CT

Let's also be honest about Van Noy. He's had a stellar career but really was a non factor vs. ND. His stock went waaaaaay down last Saturday.

I just think our coaches need to decide why they play these games and if it is to win, they need to step it up. I don't see much realistic acknowledgment about how much worse we played than ND. The coaches seem to think we were in it up to the last.

I've been watching BYU since the early '70's. This is the same old BYU...win a game once in a blue moon vs. a Texas but lose to many more that should have been won (e.g. Virginia and Utah) and then just fall apart vs. quality competition. Other than K-State in the Cotton Bowl ages ago, we have never beaten a great opponent (Miami et al went on to have mediocre seasons).

btw Utah has also only beaten one quality opponent in its history: Alabama in the 2008 Cotton Bowl. The rest all were shown to be mediocre at best. Both programs' fans get big heads.

Springville, UT

Are you kidding me? The Irish smoked those two, exploiting their lack of speed. They passed the ball with perfect ease. Impressed? Hardly.

Danbury, CT

@ BeSmart

Let's be honest...Utah beat the pants off our secondary in a head to head - the last 4 years. There's no way we can claim to be better by some obtuse ranking when we don't otherwise play the same competition.

Harrisville, UT

cornerback play was not good. Front seven could not get to the ND quarterback and he had plenty of time to wait for his receivers to get open and they did. How many PI calls went against the cougar secondary? I know Daniels had at least a couple.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


In 2008 Utah did not play in the Cotton bowl. Neither did Alabama.

And in that same year Utah beat an END of season top 10 TCU team.

This year Stanford may also end in the top 10(I said may, not will for sure)

That's 3 wins against end of season(the only rankings that matter) top 10 teams for Whittingham

Guess how many Bronco has?


Your coach talks about national titles and he's NEVER beaten an end of season top 10 team. Utah has been terribly inconsistent under Whittingham, but at least he's proven he's capable of beating great teams.

Cheyenne, WY

@ east coast coug
Lets be honest what is the one defensive stat that really matters?
Points scored right.
Just like BYUs offense they put up a ton of yards but very little points against top competition so they are poor.
BYU runs a cover 6 defense. that means that 5 players are available to rush some times more drop in coverage.
The key to zone coverage schemes in football is pressure. The Tampa 2 defense is very similar and is based on a pass rush.
Try covering while keeping your eyes on the qb and cover a good receiver for 4+ seconds it doesn't happen at any level of the sport in a zone base scheme, Man schemes it rarely happens.
Truth is the lack of a pass rush is what has made the defensive backs look bad, because of the scheme.
People complain about them looking in the backfield that is their assignment because Mendenhall's scheme is based on stopping the run, getting teams into long down situations and getting a rush on the passer to hurry a throw.
Go play some football and try to cover a good receiver for 4+ seconds.
It does not happen.

Salt Lake City, UT

"we have never beaten a great opponent (Miami et al went on to have mediocre seasons)"

The 1990 Miami team you are referring to finished the season with a 10-2 record and ranked #3 in the all of the polls.

If that is a mediocre season sign BYU up for one next year!

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


I agree, the 1990 Miami win was a huge win. Its just sad you have to look back over 20 years to find those. What other national power has to reference 20 years ago to substantiate their prominence?

Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B.
So the only barometer of prominence are victories over top 5 teams?
I have to disagree with that comment.
Nationally prominent programs are built over decades and they are built by conference and National Titles (i.e. Alabama, Notre Dame, Texas,USC).
I by no means think BYU is a nationally "prominent" team, but I would argue that they are as well recognized as the Utes.
Wyoming is not far from Utah, but I can use my workplace as an example, almost weekly people talk about the BYU game (mainly because BYU is considered a rival), but I heard one person talk about the U this year after Stanford (most Wyomingites I work with recall the days Wyoming consitently beat the U).
ESPN provides exposure that even if it is just flipping through the channels people get.
The sad truth is both BYU and Utah are mediocre at best and have been since 2009 when BYU finished 12th.
Did you know that until 2004 Utah had not won an outright conference title in 50 years?
My guess is Utah is looked at with the regard of Colorado and Washington State.
BYU is unique in independence so who knows.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Christopher B

Fair Point. BYU's last great football season was 1996 when they beat Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl and finished 14-1 with a #5 ranking.

It is interesting to note that if the same rules that now exist for BCS bowl qualification existed in 1996 BYU would have played in a BCS bowl game.

It is also true that since that time Utah has had two great seasons that included convincing BCS Bowl Victories. It might surprise you to know that I was cheering for them in both games.

That is the nice thing about being a BYU fan. You don't have to hate Utah.

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