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Published: Monday, Nov. 25 2013 11:10 p.m. MST

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Saratoga Springs, UT

they're gonna win another game!!! Hooray!

Ivins, UT

Hopefully this win can help with confidence and attitude for the team. Even though the Jazz pulled it out it is still going to be a challenge to win close games until the Jazz find a go to guy. Corbin seems to think the go to guy is Hayward because he calls his number every time. Hayward did have a nice assist to Evans late in the game but Hayward continues to miss important shots when we need a score. Burke,Evans,Gobert, Williams and Jefferson had nice games and Favors played pretty well too.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ty is still working on stopping the other team's runs. Tonight it took an 8-0 run in the third before he called a timeout. I think with another season of practice he might get it right.

BYU and Jazz Fan
Provo, UT

I think the Jazz played well tonight. It was fun to go to the game and watch. Williams, Jefferson, Burke, Hayward, and Gobert all had good games tonight. However, Favors has got to learn how to keep out of foul trouble and Hayward needs to start making more key shots. I think that Diante Garrett should get more playing time instead of John Lucas. Lucas almost had a stat line of 0's across the board. We need a better back up to Trey.

Burley, ID

Overall, good game by the Jazz - still . . . I can't help but wonder why Corbin continues to play Lucas ahead of Garrett? Diante, in my opinion is a much better backup point guard for the team.

Kudos to Evans, Williams, Jefferson, Gobert and Burke.

Tokyo, Japan


even the greatest of the great miss clutch shots....i am not sure if he stepped in and said...i'll take it...or if Corbin called his number...if Hayward stepped in and said he'll take it...i think that is a plus....even though he has a horrible shooting slump this year....guys who wanted to win wants the or lose...the guy wanted it in his shoulders....but in this case i am not sure....if he did stepped up and said to corbin that he wants that shot...then i guess its a plus....

Hugh G. Hater
Swat Lake City, UT

Fitting it was against Boozer. The guy who left the Jazz "to get a raise in this economy".

Saint Louis, MO

Good win. It takes awhile for a new body, meaning Burke, to fit into the flow. The first five are developing. It is obvious that the second team is athletically challenged. Maybe, the draft and a free agent or two will make the difference.

Bastrop, TX

I see a couple of negative comments about Hayward here....The guy isn't perfect, and he's in a bit of a shooting slump lately, but I'm wondering what it would take to satisfy the folks who are knocking this kid....He had 15 points, 6 rebounds, 12 assists, 1 steal, and 1 block last night. He filled the stat sheet....The key is those assists. They are what makes your offense go....Without him out there running the offense, the Jazz wouldn't have even come close to winning.

I thought the biggest contributing factor last night was Favors playing center....I have long contended that center was his natural position, and he doesn't function well as a power forward

The game was fairly well played....I thought Corbin was going to blow it early in the fourth quarter when he started his substituting.....There was that one time when Lucas dribbled away the entire shot clock and turned the ball over, and Corbin didn't pull him. Fact is, Lucas should never see the floor. Garrett is a better point guard.

Trey Burke is all they said he was, and he's only going to get better.

Ivins, UT

I'm not saying Hayward isn't a nice player and I gave hem credit for that nice assist to Evans late in the game. But I'm glad the Jazz didn't try to overpay to resign him because he is not worth as much as his agent thinks he is. You label it a "shooting slump" but fact his all year he has been sloppy in turning the ball over and missing a lot of shots late in the game when we need a score. If he is the go to guy I just hope he gets more consistent, otherwise I don't think he has played that roll well so far.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Good win. Its great to see they took advantage of a poor offensive road team. Can't miss on opportunities like that.

Remember three games ago we made a 3rd quarter run with Evans on the floor and Corbin pulls him and puts in Favors? Well, that was the end of that run and as usual we folded up in the fourth.

Last night Corbin pulls the same stupidity. Evans is playing great and the team goes on a run...again (coincidence??? I don't think so). Of course Corbin in his infinite wisdom pulls Evans and puts Favors back in the game. Instantly we lose our lead and we are down two. Favors misses freethrows and commits and offensive foul (turnover) and fouls out. Lucky for us this forces Corbins hand and Evans returns to the court....and we all know the outcome of the game.

I hate that it might be true but I have been talking about it and observing the trend for weeks. Favors has been out during most of our 3rd quarter runs/mini-comebacks during all these losses. Whenever Evans is in there we are getting better effort EVERY possession vs Favors intermittent efforts.

sandy, ut

One thing is clear... Rudy Gobert needs more time on the court, and he is better then Enes Kanter on defense - and it isn't even close. His offense isn't good, but he hustles and he rebounds. He makes things happen. Gordon Hayward needs to find his shot fast.

The Final Word
Alpine, UT

Favors ought to be embarrassed. He is more athletic and taller than Boozer. Early in the game Boozer backs him down and scores around him like he's not even there. I understand Booz has a nice post game that has made him successful but I thought it was very telling what happened on the other end.

We go down the floor on offense next possession and throw the ball into Favors in the post. Boozer is guarding Favors one on one about 7 feet from the basket. There is no double team. The taller Favors has the defensive doormat guarding him one-on-one one step from the basket and he passes it back out.

That is just embarrassing. There is not a single chance in this stratosphere that Boozer can block Favors if he were to just take his time & float a little baby hook up over Boozer off the glass. Nope Favors lacks intensity, killer instinct, and any shred of confidence. Given this is his fourth year in this league you can't be acting like a rookie down on the block.

That sequence had sissy written all over it. Embarrassing to the Jazz to say the least.

Salt Lake City, UT


Hayward will be fine if Corbin will figure out that Gordon is not a primary ball-handler. Corbin is hurting Gordon's play and the team by running so many plays through him. I suspect the Burks play will improve as he handles the ball less. Trey Burke is going to have to pick up his game, and be the primary ball-handler, Corbin willing.

No reason to trash Hayward. He is what he is, and Corbin needs to figure out Hayward's skill set. I'm amazed that Ty still doesn't have a handle on what the players' strengths and weaknesses are, and game plan accordingly.

Ogden, UT

It has to be obvious to everyone that John Lucas is not a good point guard. For the life of me I can't figure out why is is backing up Trey Burke. Even my kids were saying, "Who is this Lucas guy? He is terrible"

My response was, "He is a one year Rent a Payer". Surely the Jazz don't see him in the rebuilding future.

Lets sit the Rent a players on the bench. I for one think that Garrett should not be a rent a player, he should be the solid back up to Burke getting 12 to 15 minutes per game this season.


I love my CAPS LOCK membership!!!!

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

The BULLS were playing their 4th game in 5 days on the road.

The BULLS had lost three in a row prior to last nights game.

They were ripe for the taking.

The PELICANS had lost two on the road before losing to the JAZZ.

They were ripe for the taking.

Connect the dots.

The JAZZ only need 10 more wins to exceed my expectations.

Will #3 come at the expense, of some team, coming in on the last game, of a roadie, harboring a losing streak?

Stay tuned.

Ogden, UT

Does anyone but me see that using the pick and roll at end of quarters or shot clock is sometimes a BAD thing? With the defensive at such a disadvantage with referees blowing hand check whistles, wouldn't it be better to just clear out and go 1 on 1.

NBA players can't go 1 on 1? Ridiculous.

When calling for the pick and roll all the Jazz are doing is calling for an extra defender and essentially inviting a double team.

Start at half court, get good momentum, Go 1 on 1 with 4 players low and pull up for the 15 footer as your defender is backpedling. Simple, millionaires should be able to perfect this easy basic move. We all know this move, Jordan did it against Russell, there was no Pick and roll on that shot. He went 1 on 1.

Well except for Gordon Hayward, everytime he crosses over going 1 on 1 he gets his pocket picked.

Gordon needs to be more like a Kyle Korver/JJ Redick type where he comes off screens and shoots, or stays in the corner and shoots when other defenders collapse on Trey going 1 on 1 of course, without the stupid pick and roll.

Go Jazz!!!!

Layton, Utah

On to the Finals yayyyy

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

I will be glad when Corbin, Lucas and Lowe are nothing but a faint memory of how bad we used to be. Garrett should be the back up point guard and it's obvious. The ball movement happens when he is in the game. JLIII or Jello doesn't get team mates good shoots, he doesn't even pass, he only shoots and seldom "makes". He's just in the way being out there. I think he hurts the development of players that should matter.

Tokyo, Japan

@Americanvet and gehelmke

Im not sure if you have read Gordon Hayward's pre-draft scouting report on some sites...but Draftexpress has it spot on...his second year at butler...he had one of the worst shooting slumps...i think it ran the entire year...this is why some scounts question Hayward's shooting coming into the draft...also...Hayward has always been too giving with the ball...which raises questions if he could be a number 1 guy...and right now...he is a good 2-3 utility player...i am not knocking Hayward in anyway shape or form...since he is my favorite player on the team...its just that the slump is like what he had in Butler...and i hope he gets off it...i think the staff needs a shooting coach for him...Chris Mullin would be an ideal off-season teacher for Hayward...and i hope Hayward reaches out to him....if he became like Chris Mullin...the Jazz would be deadly...but right now...he throws a lot of bricks...enough to build a condo...

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