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Published: Monday, Nov. 25 2013 10:30 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Spokane Ute

It's "Sagarin", not "Saragin".

Regardless, Bronco has finished ahead of Kyle in record and ranking in 5 of the last 8 seasons, and stands on the cusp of making it 6 of the last 9.

Mission Viejo, CA

@Chris B

Way to go again. You're a genius at distorting the records and efforts of college athletes. We get that you hate BYU. I don't think you care about Utah, except as a foil against BYU.

I've never cared about Utah's record, and still don't. But you've got me looking at the Utah scores and chuckling, thinking of yet another egg cracked on your face. I take equal joy in each BYU win because I know it pains you greatly.

That is the definition of Schadenfreude, joy in the misery of others. I love it when you come on these boards to whine and dissemble.

As for you true Utah fans,, I feel your pain. But afterall, it is just a game. There is always next year.


All this arguing is hilarious. I love college football and am a BYU fan but the passion of fans can be ridiculous.

The fact is college football is not an object sport, it is a subject sport. As such anybody can carve out a way to put their team in the best light as possible. Reduce the scope of inquiry enough and you can make your team better than any other team in some form or fashion. Let's all just admit the fact that we don't really know which team is better because we don't have a good objective line to draw. Is it the game between them? Is it the overall season? Is it the schedule? Is it past history? I don't know.

Any statistics professor would tell you that no college football team plays a statistically significant sample of the other college football teams to say that one is objectively the best.

And in many ways that is the beauty of college football, it allows for lots of discussion. So discuss away but lets not kid ourselves into believing that any one of us can objectively say which is better than the other.

Iowa City, IA

Chris B:
Your use of only end of the season rankings as a metric for quality wins is flawed as pointed out by both BYU9293 and myself for the reasons given in previous posts (The generally true principle that ranked teams fall in the rankings when they lose).
It is also a flaw to base a quality win only on the end of season rankings because the quality of many teams is not static. Suppose Team A beats Team B at mid-season while Team B is ranked, and subsequently Team B loses its star quarterback to injury for the season, resulting in a weakened team and additional losses. Was the Team A win over Team B a quality win or not? Such scenarios are not uncommon.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Thank you for the correction; I'm sure everyone was struggling with the meaning of my post......sheesh! How have they done head to head? Do tell.

Ogden, UT

"They dreamed of playing in the Rose Bowl and laughing at BYU languishing in mediocrity. Well, they can still laugh at BYU thanks to Utah's four-game winning streak over the Cougars"

Come on give me a break. Is there a DNews writer who isn't a BYU or USU grad or who doesn't have the worlds biggest grudge against the Utes? Sports media in this state is a joke. No rational Utah fan "dreamed of playing in the Rose Bowl" definately not in it's first 3 seasons. As far as laughing at BYU, yeah we Utah fans still do that. As bottom feeder we still manage to take them to the woodshed. And personally I couldn't care less. That game was fun but it's getting ridiculous lately. The media, the fans, the universities, it's all getting to be way too much. I would love a complete halt of that game.

Point of the article: Both BYU and Utah just aren't that good. I could just as soon fly to the moon than watch the Y play in the NCG and Utah in the Rose.

Sandy, UT

Welcome back to Provo coach W!! Take the D for a couple of years and then take over for Bronco where you belong.

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