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Published: Monday, Nov. 25 2013 10:30 p.m. MST

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Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B
Utah has beaten 1 team that will likely end up being ranked at the end of the year in 4 years.
That is Stanford from this year.
You are bragging about something that has not even happened yet.
Stanford could finish the season losing 3 more games.
They have Notre Dame, ASU, and a bowl game.
Utah State finished ranked 16th
We will see how Stanford does, but if they lose one or two of those they will be no better than Utah State.
Go back to 2009 and BYU has beaten 3 and the Utes 1
4 in you include Oregon State who finished 26th after losing to BYU in a bowl game.
LOL nice argument

Bountiful, UT

Utah collegiate football is going DOWN, DOWn, DOwn, Down, down, dow, do, d,...

Hyrum, UT

@ Chris B:

If "only end of year rankings matter", which are your exact words, then why do you continue making such a big deal of Utah's win over BYU this season? BYU has been nationally ranked better than Utah most of the season and will very likely finish that way too.

You sound totally desperate and just as unbeleivable as your guarantees when you state that BYU beat only a bunch of "nobodies" this year.
How long has a Texas team contending for the Big 12 conference title been considered a nobody?
How long has a 9-2 Houston team been considered a nobody?
How long has Boise State been considered a nobody by anyone else besides you?
Who else in the entire country besides you considers Georgia Tech a nobody?
Why do you consider USU a nobody, seeing as they beat Utah last year and barely lost to them this year in SLC... plus, they are currently leading their conference?

There is apparently some delirium from not going bowling for 2 years in a row. But don't compound the problem by adding a probable case of foot-in-mouth disease.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Utah will NOT go to a bowl game - mark it down.

Syracuse, ut

BYU's biggest problem is they are being man-handled on the line of scrimmage by these BCS quality teams. If they don't fix this for next year, they will be in the same boat. Hill will get better, Anae will hopefully find his groove in playcalling, but my biggest fear is the O-line will continue to get pushed around and the D-line will continue to get blown off the ball. Just watch the Wisconsin and ND game for perfect examples of this. Still a die hard Cougar fan here, looking forward to a good bowl game against Washington (likely).


Greeley, CO

This is a painful and accurate article for both fan bases. We stunk it up this year. All we can say is "We beat you 4 in a row," or "At least we're bowling again." But in the end what we are all saying is "OUCH!" We are all fans. Some are red, some are blue. Let's all be a little kinder to each other since really none of us has anything to brag about this year. Hopefully both teams will do better next year (I really do hate saying that year after year).

Ogden, UT

After watching the BYU Notre Dame game my conclusion is Hill couldn't hit a bus if he was riding on it.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"This turned out to be a pretty typical year for byu: Lose to your rival, beat the nobodies and lose to all the ranked teams you play(end of season rankings are the only rankings that matter and since we're not at end of season our best guess is current rankings)."

Chris B,

Is it better to beat a ranked team, or to BE a ranked team? How many years out of the past 4 years has Utah ended the season ranked higher than BYU?

Serenity Now
Highland, UT

Not the great year Ute and Cougar fans were hoping for, but I don't think either team (or its rabid, unreasonable fan base) should lose hope. The close losses were the only thing separating each team from a much greater year, and both teams have capable, young QBs with bright futures….although Travis Wilson may not be back next year per the reports. With more experience at QB and the offensive line, BYU should have a much better offense next year. Its defensive front 7 will taken a step back, but the secondary should improve with Jordan Johnson and Trent Trammel back.

My only Christmas wish is for Anae to learn some humility, clock management and play-calling skills in the offseason. I loved his up tempo style and development of Taysom HIll, but his play calling at Virginia cost BYU the game (let's pass deep in enemy territory while nursing a lead with a minute left in game!), and his clock management and play calling at Wisconsin and ND didn't help (although BYU didn't deserve to win either game).

Utes goal for the future? Keep Whittingham from leaving.

South Jordan, Utah

BYU needs to recruit better players it's become obvious watching them play against Wisconsin and Notre Dame how much mauling they were getting at the line of scrimmage on both defense and offense.

South Jordan, Utah

BYU's recruiting has to get much much better. The way Notre Dame and Wisconsin push BYU around at the line of scrimmage tells me things of got to change there.

Chris B's psychiatrist
Iowa City, IA

@ChrisB: "This turned out to be a pretty typical year for byu: Lose to your rival, beat the nobodies and lose to all the ranked teams you play (end of season rankings are the only rankings that matter ...)."

Your comment is lacking in logic. First, who is BYU's rival? Certainly not Utah, as BYU and Utah are not in the same conference (as you keep reminding everybody) and they don't even play each other every year in the future. Second, if only end of the season ranking matter in your assessment of a quality wins, it puts BYU (or any other school whose quality wins you are assessing) in a highly biased situation. If BYU wins, the team they beat is likely to fall out of the rankings; if BYU loses-they didn't get a win at all, let alone a quality win. Case in point, if BYU had not blown out Texas, Texas would likely be ranked. Since BYU beat Texas, you consider Texas a "nobody". Thus like many of the points you make, this one makes no sense.

Las Vegas, NV

Bottom line: we suck right now. Consolation: So do the Utes.

Las Vegas, NV

I am happy for the USU fan, Mr. Ways - First name RSLf.

Sparkley Briefs
New York, NY

I miss the comment boards from 5 weeks ago, when BYU was surging and Utah had just beaten Stanford and looked to be moving up. It's been a rough few weeks since then. The games have all been fun to watch this year for both teams, but the results have been pretty much awful. No way to spin it any other way.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

"Utah is the 10th best team in the Pac 12"

Huh? How do you get 10th best team in the Pac when you're tied with Colorado for the 12th best record? (Good thing there aren't 13 teams or you'd probably be 13th) Must be that pipe dream math she's using again.

Speaking of tied for LAST place - the Pillow Fight for the Basement is shaping up to be a real barn burner. YAWN

Orem, UT

All these losses land squarely on the coach's shoulders. Anae does not have the offense prepared. Anae does not get the most he can out of players...I would say they do not play anywhere near inspired football. The defense often plays inspired, but not as often this year.

Think what a great coach gets medium players to give...the players consistently play above themselves...begin to believe they are that good...they become that good. Offensive calls are not creative, it is like the other team knows what is coming...very vanilla.

Sad for the fans. We had some exceptional players, and many very good players, and we did nothing with them.

Spanish fork, UT

Chris B

who has gone to bowl games the past 2 years Byu and Utah state !!!

all that needs to be said

Phoenix, AZ

Hey ChrisB I extend the olive branch! Go take care of Colorado and hold your head up high. Send those seniors out with a W. Utah doesn't belong in the cellar.


If BYU replaced Middle Tennessee State, Idaho State, Georgia Tech and Houston with Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona and Arizona State, UCLA or USC they'd have the same record the Utes have now. Their losses against Virginia, Utah, Notre Dame and Wisconsin showed that the Cougars can not consistently win big games.

Utah should be proud about the 4 game winning streak against the Y. But when you look at the level of talent and the quality of opponents, both teams are fairly equal. I'm saying this as a Utah fan who has gone from optimistic after the Oregon State loss to disappointed after the Washington State game.

For both programs something needs to change. I love Whit, but business is business and his teams aren't taking care of it. If Hill gives him another year and he can't turn it around then find someone who can come in and reinvigorate the program. Look what Rich Rodriguez did at Arizona State this year. Utah has the swagger to attract a rising star in the college coaching ranks. It would also free him up so BYU could have the best coach available to them.

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