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Published: Saturday, Nov. 23 2013 9:15 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake, UT

Congratulations to the Pac 12 undefeated Utes! And just remember those who mock the schedule, its better to beat bad teams than lose to good ones. That's what you guys said in football.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, Chris. But please tell me when you are going to schedule some good teams in the preseasobn. Coach K has taken that philosophy to the max. Good luck once you have to start to play good teams like BYU, who by the way is NOT afraid to schedule tough teams.

Ute buster
Salt Lake City, UT

Savannah State? Which high school do they represent?

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

The Utes are on quite a roll beating JV teams:

NAIA Div II - Evergreen State
#296 UC Davis
#326 Grand Canyon
#318 Lamar
#327 Savannah St

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B, I think you've done enough for one day. Thanks though.

The competition isn't great, but the only thing to do at this point is to keep on winning. Ball St. only lost to Butler by one last night so the Red Birds might be a fair test for the Utes.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Ute Buster

...Swing and a miss

Herriman, UT

BYU has to schedule tough teams in the pre season, because they play in a predominantly JV conference, not that any team in that conference did much in the NCAA tourney last year. Great job by the number one ranked, dos and adios.

South Jordan, Utah

5 & 0, best start in years! This team is destined for the post season, heck maybe even the final four! It is great to have Utah basketball back on top!

Orem, UT

There are 350 NCAA Division I men's basketball programs.

This morning, Utah has the 350th-ranked SOS.

When are the Utes going to play a team with a pulse?

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

This ridiculous caterwalling should stop. Utah is an improving team. NOt where they would like to be, but on the upswing each year. BYU should have an excellent year.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ SportsFan

So what? Oklahoma State is 334 and Louisville is 331. In fact the majority of the top 25 has an SOS ranked well over 200. This is how big-time programs operate. Utah's SOS will improve in the coming years, but the simple fact is Utah doesn't have to play a tough pre-season schedule to get respect. Winning in conference will do that just fine. Besides Utah St., no other in-state programs can say that.

South Jordan, Utah

So you are implying Utah is a big-time program because they have a cupcake schedule??? Pleeeeease. Utah has absolutely no national recognition for its basketball. Unlike two other very respected programs in the state.

Orem, UT


LOL at your spin.

Oklahoma State just beat 11th-ranked Memphis. The "best" team Utah has played is 276th-ranked UC Davis.

The simple truth is, Utah hasn't been a big time program since the last remnants of the Majerus era left Utah and the Utes have absolutely no chance whatsoever of getting an at-large berth in the NCAAs by playing the worst pre-season schedule in the entire country.

You're only fooling yourself if you're pinning all of your hopes for an NCAA berth on the Utes winning the PAC 12 tournament.

Layton, UT

Every time that Andre Miller, Andrew Bogut, Steve Smith and Eric Weddle play a game, the U of U gets nationally recognized.

Damian Lillard brings national recognition to Weber state.


Surf is Up
Miami, FL

ekute, not that a former BYU player caught what turned out to be the winning TD in the last superbowl or anything...

But you are right, BYU (by way of its former players) hasn't come up much the last couple of years except when the pundits start talking about national individual honors. At that point they are forced to shut up about the utes because there isn't anything to talk about in that vein.

Layton, UT

"when the pundits start talking about national individual honors"?

I'm saying the aforementioned players bring recognition on national live tv numerous times a week.

Tooele, UT

The strength of schedule is not the best right now. Keep in mind Utah needs this in the process of rebuilding. Utah was close to winning more than they lost last year which was a major step after Boylen blew the program up.

Yeah as a fan, I'd rather see Utah / Utah St, or Weber, etc. But thats not what we have. Utah is playing a similar schedule to many of the PAC12 teams. I think Utah will play plenty of tough teams before this is over in conference. They don't leave pre-season and begin playing in high school gyms on the west coast!

Utah is much much better this year. They will compete and win games they haven't in the past two in the PAC12. Utah will go at least .500 in conference play. They have some very talented players, and its only getting better. Sadly, some of these teams Utah has blown out might of beaten Utah two years ago. So, it's good to see Utah playing at a higher level. The biggest improvement I see, is Delon Wright! This guy has game! He'll play at the next level!

Salt Lake City, Utah


"The strength of schedule is not the best right now..."

A gross understatement - Utah's SOS is the absolute WORST in the entire country.

Mcallen, TX

This gives Utah some momentum, and creates a team winning chemistry.

Smart move.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Utah is much much better this year."

This is sort of like basing Utah's projected football success on how well the Utes played against Weber State.

Based on that 70-7 game, the Utes should have been shoo-ins for the Rose Bowl. Unfortunately, playing "better" against bottom-of-the-barrel competition doesn't always translate into playing "better" against real competition.

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