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Published: Saturday, Nov. 23 2013 12:35 a.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

As it happens, Bingham and Lehi played three common opponents: Riverton, Herriman and Lone Peak. So why not compare the two running backs' performances against the three common opponents. Using stats from this web-site.

Nichols - 491 yds, 62 carries, 7.9 yds/carry, 7 TD's
Calton - 516 yds, 90 carries, 5.7 yds/carry, 6 TD's

Nichols wins in TD's and yds/carry, where he was 40% more effective. Calton did gain 27 more yards (with an extra 28 carries), but he was playing these three games till the horn sounded while Nichols spent the 4th quarter against LP and Riverton sitting on the bench drinking gatorade.

No need to argue about the rest of the schedule when these three common opponents make the case.

South Jordan, UT

And there were some interesting comments on Jordan and Alta.

As for Alta's record, they lost four games to teams playing in 5A and 4A championship games last Friday, one team that lost at RES the week before and a NJ team.

Jordan lost four games to three teams playing in 5A and 4A championship games last Friday and two games to CA teams.

In this case, records don't tell the whole story. No intelligent remarks can be made about their records without addressing the strength of schedule.

Alta was a good team (18 other 5A teams couldn't get to the quarterfinals) and Jordan was better than good (22 other 5A teams couldn't get to the semifinals).

Layton, Utah

Then lets hear what best and biggest teams this kid from Lehi played against.

T-birds to win
Provo / Utah, UT

As far as running backs go, they are both very good. One other thing to consider in analyzing these two running backs is the fact that Binghams offensive line is soo much better than Lehi's. Had Calton had that O-line in front of him,who knows what he could have done. I still to this day believe Barry Sanders is the Greatest Running Back I have ever seen play the game, and he done that with a horrible offensive line at Detroit, and I'm a Dallas fan, but you have to respect great players regardless of the teams they play for.

Layton, Utah

@T-birds to win
I agree, Got to see Barry live in San Francisco before he hung it up and it was a shame to see him get dominated because they stunk so bad, but for me Walter Payton is the greatest RB to every play the game.

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