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Published: Saturday, Nov. 23 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

The most accurate take on this subject can be found in Pat Bagley's political cartoon in the Op/Ed section in today's Salt Lake Tribune. It's spot-on.

Murray, UT

Roland Kayser -

Making up your own numbers is not honest or helpful.

I easily found 38 Bush nominees that were blocked procedurally by democrats. There were 2 judge seats open for Bush's entire presidency, 8 years, because democrats wouldn't take up the names or they filibustered them.

The nuclear option is 2 things:
1. a massive power grab by democrats
2. a distraction from the democrat disaster called the ACA.

I will say it again. During the 1930's Hitler enacted massive social programs and garnered power to "The Party" in small steps, claiming it was necessary for the good of the country.
Anyone else creeped out yet?

Salt Lake City, UT

Obama's had 80 blocked in 5 years vs the 38 I will assume you accurately claim Bush had in 8 years. What part of "spike in filibusters" wasn't getting through?

"Anyone else creeped out yet?"

No, because Hitler played on nationalist fervor. The Republicans have the market cornered on that (anti-immigrant, the idea of whites losing power to minorities, and the frequent assertions that they are the true america, the real patriots).

Salt Lake City, UT

Which is not to say that Republicans are like Hitler, because they aren't Hitlereither (just obstructionists who want to damage the US economy for political gain).

Murray, UT

More statistical deception from the left.

Obama has already nominated more judges than Bush did in his whole 8 years. No surprise that he has more rejections.

Over 70% of the judges Obama has nominated have been confirmed! It's not like they couldn't get any judges approved. The problem is not that qualified judges don't get confirmed. The far left activists are the only ones being rejected.

The nuclear option is just a democrat power grab. To you leftists, do you want the republicans to have that much power? But then, in Germany, one party stayed in power, so maybe you don't think you have to worry as long as you are in that party.

Salt Lake City, UT

" but rather is an issue regarding the complete disregard for American precedent and constitutional checks on the presidency." Constitutionally the senate can set its own rules. That's just what it did.

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