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Published: Friday, Nov. 22 2013 7:05 p.m. MST

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salt lake city, utah

Best* teams. *Logan was pretty good too. Until running into an official's itchy fingers and USHAA's spongy, unpredictably flimsy spine.

Provo, UT

Correction: Logan was a pretty good player. East and Timpview are teams.

Cache, UT

plebian. It is over for Logan. Move on.

Holladay, UT

"Best* teams. *Logan was pretty good too. Until running into an official's itchy fingers and USHAA's spongy, unpredictably flimsy spine."

You're right. Nobody should ever be punished for bad sportsmanship, especially if it involves kicking at another player.


I have a feeling that missed extra point by east is going to come back and bite them. Pure domination by East so far however.

Walnut Creek , CA

this is sam from walnut creek ca. i was qb at east in late 90's go leopards!!

Prep Fan 89
Draper, UT

It's comical to me to see so many on here say "Logan got what they deserved" as your knee jerk response. But many of you are the same people that defended East last year when they should have forfeited their way out of the playoffs. Gotta love it.

salt lake city, utah

Hey. Sure, what the Logan kid did was CLEARLY unsportsmanlike. Oh, wait. No it wasn't, it could be interpreted to be. And, yes, that is exactly the point I'm making. I'm not really over it, because it wasn't flagrant. The whole thing is petty.

On the other hand...minute left in the half:

East looks like a complete team. But dare I say, as good as they are, East is underwhelming. With all that speed and size, I really don't feel like East is matching Timpview's discipline, heart or hustle. Almost like East is just going to hope TV wears down under East's sheer athleticism.

Timpview is relying on Covey-Van Leewan, all the way, every other play. So far, seems like a solid plan. Also, TV defense is playing hearts out. Except for a couple missed assignments, they are holding their own.

Corvallis, OR

Supporting Timpview, my little brother #62 and cousins #17 and #90 all the way from Corvallis! Let's go T-Birds, TAKE STATE!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Supporting East! From Bloomington, Indiana (Go Hoosiers!)

Auntie Tafi
Mesa, AZ

Watching our nephew and cheering for our nephew, Gabe Reid, from Mesa, AZ! GET EM TIMPVIEW:))

Holladay, UT

Logan fans still upset about the "Right Call". Neilson is a great QB but what he did was un sportsman like and selfish. Oly was every bit as good a team as Logan and they proved it on the field. I kinda think the Neilson boy had a little bit of "I can do no wrong" view of him self. Understandable but still not the right attitude when leading a football team. There ain't no "I" in team!

I was watching the young Mr. Neilson in an interview after a hard fought victory this year and instead of letting his son, who played great by the way, have the spotlight his father jumped in the middle of the interview and kissed him right on the face and then proceeded to yell "Neilson" into the camera. After that it was clear where he got is inflated sense of confidence. It was also after that I started hoping Logan lost.

Bottom line is this. Even if Logan beat Oly there is no way they could hang with Timpview more or less East. The right teams are in the championship and I am pulling for Timpview.

Go T-Birds

provo, UT

Taylor and Robbie Larson In Minnesota airport, GO TBIRDS

Tooele, UT

What an amazing sack by Gabe Reid to clinch the title!

Sandy, UT

Did I just see a 5'7 150 lb qb embarrass this highly regarded East team? Yep

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

WILSON! #62... another State Championship, add another ring to the family collection!

logan, UT

That was coach Favero who said "Nelson" not his dad.

Saratoga Springs, UT


If it was "flagrant" as you say, then it was unsportsmanlike. You can't defend it. The kid is a hot head and it cost his teammates an opportunity at the title. If Logan was all that good as you claim, they would have beat Olympus. But they didn't, better luck next year.

Black & White


Old news..., get over it!

logan, UT

What a game that Timpview team is pretty dang good. That's how you fight to the bitter end. Great job by both teams and a great year. Lets hope the rest of the games are the same in intensity and fight.

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