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Published: Thursday, Nov. 21 2013 4:10 p.m. MST

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Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT


Sandy, UT

And how long has it been since BYU had a signature win, Miami in the 90's? You can say all you want but its been only 5 years since our last amazing season, and its been 20+ years since yours.

Difference is we're moving on to better things not stuck in lala land. I rather have 6-6 seasons with the kind of opponents we bring into RES instead of beating up on cupcakes after going under or at .500 the first 5 games like BYU.

Keep reading everything UTAH football because we all know why you BYU fans come over to our articles.

And YOUR post is all about BYU?


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Fact: Fresno state replace byu and Fresno is a better program than byU. Just look at the standings.

Beating byU year after year after year just didn't do anything for us. Beating byu isn't seen as a good win(remember how the nation mocked texas for losing to you guys? LOL)

We wont play byU because we don't need to play you. byU needs Utah more than Utah "needs" byu.

We have moved above byu by going undefeated several times in RECENT history, beating up on SEC powerhouse Alabama in a bowl game, earning a Pac 12 invite.

The futher we disassociate ourselves with byU the better. Again, byu is seen a s fun religious program, but not a serious national title contender.

Fresno is better.

West Jordan, UT

@40. cal:

I try not to get into the middle of these things, but how do you justify your comment? We've beaten BYU four years in a row. When does that not constitute beating an easy team? Fear is not the reason Utah is not playing Utah, exposure is. As a Utah fan I found it kind of boring playing three in state schools this year. It's time to switch things up a little, like by adding Michigan. It just makes sense.

U 90
Corona, CA

@Veritas "I hope The U enjoys their new rivals, Grand Canyon University and Colorado"

That can only mean that BYU's new rivals are Idaho state and Mesa, or is it Mt Saint Mary's?

West Jordan, UT

For those who always throw this out there, please explain to us how the U "earned" a PAC 12 invite?

We can safely assume Colorado earned one based on the same criteria because they were invited before you were.

I look forward to your honest response.

It it weren't for certain U fans, I really wouldn't say GO WAZZU Cougs!

But of course... GO BYU Cougs!

Go Utes, CA

To the moderators:
"utesies" is hate speech. It denigrates the Native American tribe for which the school is named. Please make a small effort to be balanced. Do you publish articles that refer to BYU fans/students as "zoobs"? Why is "utesies" more acceptable?

East Salt Lake City, Utah

The OL looked good last week lets hope that trend continues. If so Shulz won't need to make big plays it will be up to our disappointing running game. Since Wazzu is bad against the run I see us running for over 200 yards.

Syracuse, UT

Chris B, I have prepared the Crow.....Know where do you want me to deliver it?

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