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Published: Thursday, Nov. 21 2013 10:05 a.m. MST

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West Bountiful, UT

But he will claim he is innocent and blame somebody.

West Jordan, UT

It's about time! I really hope he does resign and let the state move on.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

If, as rumored, he asks for a deal with no criminal prosecution, isn't that, in itself, an admission of criminal activity?

Salt Lake City, UT

He should have resigned long ago because it is the right thing to do. Now, his resignation will be seen as bowing to political pressure and an attempt to head off potential prosecution, a much less noble reason to quit. But then, he has shown no class up to now, so no one should be surprised when he cites some bogus reason for stepping down, rather than confess that he broke the law and does not deserve to be the top law enforcement officer of the state.

Farmington, UT

Since when is speculation "news?" And why won't you reveal your sources? This seems to parallel the whole thing about Mr. Swallow.

Arm of Orion
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Toosmart they probably won't reveal their sources out of professional courtesy.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT


It's happening. The sources are not bogus, UNLIKE Mr. Swallow's behavior, and subsequent stonewalling of the investigation.


not to cut him any slack, but how many elected officials would have there job if everything came out about them?

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

I can think of a president, vice president, former speaker of the house and a senate majority leader that should resign for their crimes. At minimum.

It would be nice if we had more elected criminals resign.

Salt Lake City, UT

Imagine the time and resources this case has wasted. Horrible.

Farmington, UT

Deal cutting is an economic decision, not one born of justice. Would, I wonder, Mr. Swallow allow this same type of deal for the ordinary person or are these types of kid-glove treatments reserved for the influential and well-healed only? Are the prosecutors just wishing to save a difficult day at the office so they offered this deal? The public deserves better, by the way.

2 bit
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Oh well... one less character flawed politician for the DMN and the Trib to write about. What are they going to write about now? There are plenty like him around.

This usually turns into a tit-for-tat "you took down one of ours we'll take down one of yours" things. So expect the next one to be a Democrat. Both papers will have lots of room to fill.

I thought he would be gone in the next election... but it sounds from the article like he eventually saw the writing on the wall and did the right thing by leaving office.

I've always thought he was a weasel (even before these recent revelations). I just thought he deserved the same due process we all deserve (so I disagreed with the people calling for impeachment, prison time for misdemeanor offenses, etc). I have no problem with him stepping down. I have a problem with people who think political rivalries give them the right to throw people in jail who have done nothing warranting jail time, mainly because they hate anybody from the other party.

Cache, UT

If he committed a crime, resigning shouldn't absolve him of any responsibility for it.

non believer

For someone who has proclaimed their innocence over and over, this is a very surprising move!

George F
Salt Lake , UT

Will he still be allowed to implicate others or as part of the plea will he be required to stay quiet. I think there could be other politicians who may have some things to worry about.

Provo, UT

These kinds of people and shenanigans are why I no longer consider myself a Republican - I didn't leave the Party; the Grand Ol' Party left me!

No One Of Consequence
West Jordan, UT

Resignation to avoid prosecution does not constitute an admission of guilt. It's cheaper and easier than defending against charges, innocent or guilty.

Not good for a political future - an acquittal makes for a better resume than a plea bargain. But there is a future in the private sector for an attorney who knows when to cut a deal and walk away.

Woodland Hills, UT

I think Mr. Swallow should take a long trip with the Shurtleff's, preferably out of Utah.


I would be interested to see what would happen with Shurtleff if some of his misdeeds become public information. Would he be granted a deal as well?
It's too bad the republican party doesn't do a better job of vetting their candidates. There was plenty of this information out there about Swallow before he was selected to be the republican candidate, why didn't anyone say anything about it then?

Poplar Grove, UT

So if Swallow was illegally elected, and he resigns, the GOP just gets to appoint a new AG? If the election was illegal the results should be voided and there should be a special election to fill the seat, it shouldn't matter if the illegally elected person steps down or not.

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