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Published: Thursday, Nov. 21 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Bastrop, TX

Trey Burke had a very nice debut...Jeremy Evans had a very nice return to action.....but the story from that game was, Whatever Happened to Gordon Hayward???
In my long lifetime, I have played a lot of basketball, I have coached a lot of basketball, and I have watched a lot of basketball both in person and on TV....and I have NEVER before seen such an abysmal shooting performance in a live game.....not at any level. When one considers that his only made shot was a layup, it only increasesthe wonder.
The kid didn't play a bad floor game....He had a career high 11 assists....but his shooting was awful.....Something's wrong there.

sandy, ut

Burke looked ok.... Hayward looked like a player we should only pay mid-level money to. Another quality game by a quality group of youngsters.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Alec Burks head is about to implode. You can see he is a mental mess. He overdribbles and turns the ball over almost every time he touches it. Its painful to watch.

Haywards shooting so far this season is absolutely horrible and last night he one-upped himself setting a Jazz franchise record for shooting futility. Great.

What is fascinating is that he just kept settling for outside jumpers. He hardly got to the free throw line. Real quality scorers know that easy baskets or getting to the line is the only way to get points on rough nights like last night. Instead he just kept jacking them up from outside. How is that gamble for a bigger contract treating you now Hayward? Your horrible season FG% just got even worse.

Evans and Burke both looked good.

Don't worry though I am sure Corbin will get into Burkes head soon too and ruin his ability to just play.

You look at Kanters horrific Al Jefferson reincarnated pick and roll defense, Favors complete disappearing act for large portions of the game, and Haywards poor play and it all adds up to players getting worse not better.

Fire Corbin now!


Jazz Source. Promise to change the offense too? If we get a new coach do we get a new offense. What will they run for a bunch of twenty year olds? Please not Jerry Sloan, same offense, same players. I'm afraid starting over with these kids will mess them up worse, if that's possible. At least Jerry would bench Hayward and Burks for the rest of the year, just like he did the young players he worked with. Even D Will rode the pine his rookie year for the first several months, and that was after posting a great first game of the season. I'm afraid the real problem is the Jazz are trying to make orange juice out of lemons. Wrong players in a system that doesn't bode well unless you are a all star point guard and a all star power forward.

Layton, UT

Jazz should hire Matt Harpring as the new head Coach.

St. George, UT

Ha Ha Ha this guy ^^^^ Matt Harpring? Seriously?

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