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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 20 2013 11:00 p.m. MST

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One Angry Salebarn Worker
Madison, SD

Haws has got to come off the floor. He is a walking turn-over later in the 2nd half.

Logan, UT

Cyclones are getting homered

Omaha, NE

Even after getting homered Iowa State won with whatever was left on the bench.


Free throws...free throws...

White Salmon, WA

Ummm...Tyler Haws needs to realize that attempting a jumper in the face of a 6-7 athlete is much different than doing that against the Portland Pilots. Same old story. BYU is good and beats decent to poor teams. This is Wake Forest and Baylor all over again. The Y competes but doesn't have the horses to close, not even at home in front of 20,000.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

gotta make free throws, and gotta play as a team. too much dribbling, too many wide open shots passed up for difficult shots at the basket. Haw's last shot had 3 guys around him. someone had to be open.

South Jordan, UT

Oh hum, just another loss.


Awful 2nd half by the black and white. The only calls they got right were when the cameras were helping them. Just an example, how is it a foul on you when someone jumps on you? There now that I've said my piece, everyone can get on me about me complaining about the refs, and I can look forward to the next game.

Hope Mika is ok

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

BYU loses. why? failure to double down low, failure to hit key foul shots, down the stretch turnovers, Dirty play by Iowa Sate, and one of the worst refereed games I have ever watched.

Mcallen, TX

A healthy Haws, and Mica would have won the game.

Overton, NV

Disappointing loss. The Cougars had every chance to win this game, but in the end the missed free throws did them in. A few of thoughts:

1) I can't help but think that the thuggishness of Kane hurt BYU more than it hurt his own team. Austin couldn't stop Niang. After Mika left due to hit to the face, Niang was the only guy to score a basket for Iowa St. If Mika was in there, could he have stopped at least one of the three? That might have made all the difference.

2) Too much 1-on-3 (or 4) in the 2nd half. There were several possessions where a Cougar tried to drive, was triple or quadruple teamed, and still tried to force up a shot early in the shot clock. Playing fast is fine, but you still need to make good choices and take good shots. Kick it out! If 3 (or 4) guys are on you, somebody is open!

3) Did I mention free throws? Haws was 7-8. The rest of the team was 5-12. And Winder..he had the chance to tie it. And missed.

Mcallen, TX

Kane should be suspended for the year.

No reason for that kind of foul with a possible long term injury to Mica.

Mesa, AZ

And yes, the ESPNU analyst was totally in the tank for Iowa State, very one-sided. It was a difficult broadcast to listen to, when every comment between possessions was about what the Cyclones needed to be doing. BYU got no credit.

Idaho Falls, ID

The foul on Mika probably the dirtiest play I've seen in college basketball. Dirtier than anything I have seen in Church Ball, even.
Nothing accidental about it. He was looking at Mika's eyes. Wasn't even looking at the ball. Major cheap shot.

Haws' decisions and shot selection near the end there was horrific, but his foul shooting kept us in it. The other guards need to start making better than 50% of their free throws. That's ridiculous. The opportunities were there. The cougars couldn't make free throws and took too many poor shots.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Great defense by Austin on a shorter, younger player. Where was the help underneath if you can't handle it. And yes, how many free throws must we miss year over year.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Haws' last shot was not blocked - the defender clearly hit Haws' shooting arm. Earlier Bartley was on the bottom of the dog pile, and got called for the foul. What?? Yep - pretty tough playing against the officials. Now that I have that taken care of:

BYU missed too many free throws - game over.

Logan, UT

I'm happy with the outcome of this game. BYU needs some humble pie.


Haws is Danny Ainge 30 years removed. Arms and body flying all over the place when there is any contact. Begging for every foul. Just play the game and quit your crying. Great players like you don't need to play the refs and crowd like that.

Great win Cyclones!!!!!!! Even after some of worse calls ever. You finished the game with your JV and still pulled it out.

South Jordan, UT

Just checked the stats. ISU out shot BYU from the floor, the 3 point line and the foul line.

Guess what boys: 12 out of 20 (60%) from the free throw line won't win any games against even mediocre opponents.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

It's MIKA! Kick Kane out for the year? That's ridiculous. There were bad calls both ways.

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