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Published: Thursday, Nov. 21 2013 7:15 a.m. MST

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Wilf 55

If, as Bishop Wester says, "marriage between one man and one woman is sacred and the fundamental unit of society", then why does the Catholic Church forbid priests, monks, and nuns to marry?

Alexandria, VA

Churches absolutely have their right to the public square, but only as churches, not as far as "for profit" businesses owned by a church. "For profit" church owned companies have to abide by the same rules as everyone else.

American Fork, UT

But the assertions and self proclaimed importance of the church are theirs alone, of their manufacture, and we have every right in the larger public sphere to pigeon hole it into the same place every other self aggrandizing organisation that wants to impose their veneer over our individual rights.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

What? Nothing about amnesty?


Hutterite - Can I use your statement to "pidgeon hole" organizations I do not agree with? Since I believe that GLAAD, GLSEN, and other gay rights groups are "self-aggrandizing" do I get to dismiss them as you have religion? Gay rights groups are imposing their veneer over my individual rights.

What makes your position right and mine wrong?

Here, UT

Jesus gave you two core principles: (1) Love god, (2) love your fellow men and treat them as you would be treated.

Discrimination does not meet this principle.
Denying others the right to choose how their body is used does not meet this principle.

Salt Lake City, UT

"the right to choose how their body is used…." is fine unless in involves another human, as in a viable fetus, or when it imposes a burden on society. People who abuse themselves with drugs, obesity, smoking and other "personal life styles" still demand that society take care of the complications. Those who object to helmet laws are unaware that 63% of medical expenses, according to the CDC, for those injured while not wearing a helmet are borne by society in general. The biker motto "Let those who ride decide," should be generalized to "Let those who pay have a say."


Ranch - Jesus also made is clear that we must "deny" ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him. The rich young ruler turned away from Christ because he could not give up his worldly posessions. To deny oneself means to place God's Will above our own. This is not a teaching that is popular today.

To love God, we must be obedient to His commandments. This includes the Law of Chastity and the sanctity of the powers or procreation. Do you show love for your parents by disobeying them?

God gave us the right to choose. I do not agree with restricting anyone's ability to choose. But I reserve that right for myself as well. If I choose to worship God, I should be able to do that without discrimination as well.

spring street

what exactly are the forcing you to do redwings? offer the same public accommodations afforded to any other member of our society? Churches in the US have always been shielded from having to make accommodations. Churches can still deny to marry black or interracial couples if they so please. If they choose to venture into the civil society and beyond their ecclesiastical duties they are required to follow the same laws as anyone else in terms of public accommodation laws.

J. S.
Houston, TX

This bishop can speak all he wants. nobody, no government will stop him. but on the other hand, nobody has the obligation to accept his idea, and public policy does not need his approval.

Two Rivers, WI

We are sadly living in a time where the public sphere is shrinking and our fundamental religious liberty is threatened more than ever. Fortunately, the Catholic Church is speaking with a strong and united voice to defend faith and freedom, and carrying out the mission of Jesus to seek social justice. It's an exciting time to be Catholic as Pope Francis is transforming the church with a new evangelical zeal to edify the body of Christ.

The Scientist
Provo, UT

“The right to life and the dignity of the human person”

Death is a natural part of life; the right to life must come with the right to die with dignity, to have the dignity and right to control your own body (including reasonably terminating an unwanted pregnancy), and the dignity afforded by advances in stem cell research.

“The paramount importance of the family, including the view that marriage between one man and one woman is ‘sacred’".

Nobody is arguing the “sacredness” of marriage; rather, we are arguing the legal status of marriage equality. We have long since moved past basing our legal system on religious superstitions.

“we should be able to follow our conscience.” – but not at the expense of other’s civil rights.

“Options for the poor and vulnerable…those who are marginalized, to unborn children, to victims of injustice and oppression.”

Religion have exploited the poor and vulnerable and oppressed others with civil injustice.

“Solidarity… we are our brother’s keepers.” – unless you are not a believer or are one of the “icky” sinners!

Casey See

Those who argue that that requiring organizations to provide birth control and abortion services through their insurance in the name of equality and or preventing discrimination miss what I believe is an important fact. Why should tax payers or organizations be forced to pay money to fund services that would allow someone to conveniently remove the consequences of their actions?

The idea that people should be accountable for their actions with regard to procreative powers many say is discrimination. Instead those that espouse this concept believe that procreative urges are so great that people cannot really control themselves, or be expected to control themselves until marriage and ready for children.

This is a very slippery slope. 50 - 60 years ago, pregnancy out of wedlock was a shameful thing. Today it is celebrated or aborted. No big deal. The young lady's long term mental well being is not considered. Also the young man has lost all respect for women. Instead the opposite sex is seen as an object to satisfy both of their immediate desires.

Today it is adultery, tomorrow another commandment will be thrown under the bus of progress. Killing newborn babies as sacrifices? perhaps?

slc, UT

@casey See

why should my tax dollars go to pay for anyone to do anything I do not personally agree with or personally engage in? Oh thats right it is part of being in a civil society were we decide that we will pay for these things because it serves a greater social good. In the case of contraception we as a society have an interest in advocating protection to protect the larger community from communicable disease and the far higher cost of treating these illness and dealing with the collateral fallout. We need look no further then the long time failure to do so in Africa and the countless orphans left behind that have to be cared for.

Bountiful, UT

I agree with this article, though I didn't think I would.

What no church has the right to do is to force its unique beliefs on people. These include no birth control, no blood transfusions, no shopping on Sunday etc.

Here, UT

@Hemlock & RedWings;

Apparently the DN moderators won't let me answer you honestly, even though the reply was civil, on topic and had nothing offensive in it.

@Casey See;

Why should my tax dollars go towards funding services that I disagree with; like the LDS missionary program. The LDS take a tax deduction for the money sent to support their broods on their missions which means that the rest of us have to subsidize a program we disagree with. Oh, and as for "controlling sexual urges", until you are willing to remain celibate forever, don't you dare require it of anybody else.

Allen, TX

Wilf 55: RE: Marriage - I can't speak to the priests in the Catholic Church, but when Nuns take their vows, they believe they are married to Jesus Christ.

Florien Wineriter
Cottonwood Heights, UT

All organizations have the right to express opinions and topractice their principles within their organizations but I don't believe they have the right to impose their beliefs and practices on the secular community. For example the Jewish practice of circumsion, Chistian babtism, and religious marriage ceremonies.

Bountiful, UT


Nuns are married to Jesus? This is a marriage that leaves them unfulfilled. People need and are meant to have physical relations. A relationship with God isn't enough for people. Men need women, women need men. God visited with and conversed with Adam in the Garden of Eden. Yet God recognized this relationship as not being enough. God said it is not Good that man be alone, he then provided a woman for Adam so they could keep each other company.

Salt Lake City, UT

Your God.

Not mine.

Know the difference before you attempt to force your beliefs…

upon others.

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