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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 20 2013 10:55 p.m. MST

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A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

I am 100% AGAINST smoking marijuana, but if something in a canabis plant can truly/actually be used to help with seizures in children?....THAT, I am all for.

What makes something "good" or "bad" is its consequences.

enough already
cache valley, UT

THC in the strain they use for this is super low and the CBD is higher where in the cannabis that people use to get high has high amounts of THC and super low amounts of CBD
man do some research you will be questioning everything they told you!!

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Deep Space 9, Ut
3:26 p.m. Nov. 21, 2013


The "Supplements" you are thinking about are just vitamins.
The law says they include much more.

St. John's Wort -- used for depression
Gingko Balboa -- used to focus attention, aid memory and treat Alzheimer’s
Peppermint -- steeped in a tea, is used to sooth stomach
Saw Palmetto -- used for Prostate inflammation
Cranberry Juice -- for Urinary tract infections?

and let's not forgot the #1 best selling drug of all time --
CAFFEINE -- alertness; found in coffee, soda pop, energy drinks, and chocolate.

BTW --
Brigham Young had a motto for the State of Deseret.
Do you know what it was?
"Mind Your Own Business".
words to live by.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "enough already" if the issue is CBD based drugs, again, why do we need to legalize anything new? I can go to Amazon and order hemp seed oils that contain CBD and have them shipped to my house. As I asked before, what is different about what these people want legalized and the currently legal?

So again, what is really going on here? What is it that people really want to legalize?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

USS Enterprise, UT

So again, what is really going on here? What is it that people really want to legalize?

9:14 a.m. Nov. 22, 2013


Ya, Red -- what is really going on here?

As a self-proclaimed Freedom fighter,
get the Federal Government our of our lives,
where in the Constitutionalist does it say "X"...

What is it that people like you insist on keeping it ILLEGAL?

If it does no harm,
If it doesn't make you "High",
The proof is on you and your ilk to justify why it needs to be kept and remain illegal.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "LDS Liberal" you missed my last post. If I can already buy hemp seed oil legally, and that hemp seed oil contains the CBD that they claim fixes all sorts of problems, why do they need cannabis to be legalized? If it is the THC that is the active ingredient, again, that is legal.

People already have access to the supplement that they want. So, unless they are looking to legally get high, there is no point in legalizing anything new.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

USS Enterprise, UT

Answer the question Red --

If it doesn't get you "high",
and can't be changed or modified to make you "high",

then WHY do you insist it be illegal?

Loveland, CO

PGVikingDad, It can take the people of a state decades to decide that is is more important to help the sick than it is to punish the stoners, and Utah has a long way to go. Please move to Colorado now to protect your son's health from further declines. We have a vibrant LDS communities throughout the state, and Medical Cannabis Centers in many communities. Cannabis has been a legal medicine in Colorado for more than a decade, and so far it has worked out OK. The job market is good, and unemployment is low. Please come.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "LDS Liberal" I am not insisting that it be illegal, I don't know where you get that idea from. If it is a valid medication, it should go through the FDA, just like every other medication to be made legal.

If it is just an herbal remedy, then why do we have to legalize anything. You can already get hemp seed oil legally through Amazon, so what is really wanted.

You can already legally purchase what they are asking for, so what is it that these people really want?

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