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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 20 2013 11:15 a.m. MST

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Springville, UT

So the GOP is all about the nanny state. Who knew?

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

Gee, Why doesn't the State of Utah just flat out ban the sale of Tobacco? What are these Conservative Politicos trying to conserve anyway?

Brer Rabbit
Spanish Fork, UT

Tobacco, alcohol (legal), and marijuana are the gateway drugs to drug addiction. I have no problem with raising the age to buy tobacco products to 21. Mayor Blumberg this week signed an ordinance for New York City raising the age to 21. However, as reported in this article the average age Utah children start using tobacco is 12.6 years old. If this is the case it seems like more enforcement and education may also be helpful. Even though alcohol use becomes legal at age 21 I wouldn't be surprised to see the average age of beginning use close to that of tobacco.

I would also support raising the age of purchasing marijuana to 21. Oops, marijuana sales are already illegal to anyone in Utah, but teenagers probably use as much marijuana as tobacco. Like I said, I have no problem raising the age for tobacco purchase, but those young folks that want it will still get it. For results more enforcement and education is required, not only for tobacco, but alcohol and marijuana, the gateway drugs to hard drug use.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Equire, You don't understand nanny state it is clear.

If the argument was whether there should be any age limit at all to buying tobacco, you could rightly bring in the nanny state argument.

But perhaps you don't know that most liberals support there being a minimum age to buy tobacco. So you don't think that having an age limit of 19 is a nanny state but 21 is?

Care to try again?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

From the very same people who keep trying to tell you they are for getting Government our of our lives.


The Government CAN'T ban trans fatty foods,
but most ironically
CAN ban tobacco for 18-21 year olds.

No wonder Mitt Romney won so many votes here,
Flipping and Flopping seems to be a way of life.


As a life-long conservative I can only say that THIS is where the conservatives becomes hippocritical of each other.

(Real) conservatives wouldn't touch this with a "ten-foot pole". IMHO I say "leave people alone" - if they want to smoke themselves to death, they have that RIGHT. If they want to drink themselves to death (as long as they stay off the road)they have that RIGHT.

The nanny state shouldn't be any part of conservatism. WHENEVER conservatives try to dictate social issues - they come up flat.

HOW can we, as conservatives, be against government mandated healthcare but think its aok to tell adults (they CAN fight for our country BTW)that they CAN'T smoke?

Conservatives SHOULD stay out of the business of trying to be the "health nannies"!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Ironic --
The very next DN article is about Utah's smog problems that effect EVERYONE.

The Utah State Legislature doesn't seem to give a rip about doing anything about that....


So we can send young men and women to war but don't trust them in buying tobacco and alcohol? If they want to raise the age limit that is fine, but then selective service shouldn't be hassling my son to register until he is 21 also. At what age are people adults?

Springville, UT

@ Chris B, no, I stick to my comment. You may want to define it your way. I'll include in the definition Republicans trying to tell adults what they can and can't use. I think tobacco is revolting, but banning it for adults ages 18-20 will do no good whatsoever. It ranks up there with the stupid, insane liquor laws (and I don't drink). It is a total waste of time and effort. It is the government - in this case conservatives - interferring in the lives of a segment of our adult citizens. No, you want an nanny state on the things you want, and will whine about the things you don't want.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

And people wonder and get all offened when I call this "Utah-liban".

This is why...

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

This is truely not a matter of public safety.

If it was,
They would be doing more for the bad air quality that affects each and every man, woman and child, Mormon and Non-Morman alike here in Utah,

and not something that affects what? 0.0087% of the adults 18-21 years old who choose to smoke.

Yes -- this would be a good example of Nanny State.

Salt Lake City, UT

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT
Romney? Changing the tobacco age? Non sequitur comments seem to be your favorite. BTW, the US is so confused by the flip flops on the ACA and the "improper promises," AKA lies, that the WH has given that Romney is looking better and better. Romney would win the election if it were held today, so says a poll in the Washington Post.

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

Simple answer to the problem: raise the age to say, 100.

Salt Lake City, UT

Pass the bill and sign it. It's common sense, good science and excellent public policy.

Murray, UT

How many smokers start at 19? My guess is not that many. We are just forcing smokers to hide for two more years.
The only way to decrease the number of smokers, is to stop them from starting as children.
Raising the age to 21 will not do a thing.
If we cannot stop children from smoking when the legal age is 19, why do we think by raising the legal age to 21, it will change anything.

the truth
Holladay, UT

@LDS Liberal

You are free to move about this country and live in area where the majority share your political, moral, and legal values.

Why isn't the majority allowed here to have the the laws they wish?

That is how this country was designed to be.

A true "Taliban", like the left, wants to enforce their values and morals, and sense of legality on everyone, everywhere.

See the difference.

Lets us have our own corner, our own state or county or city, with our laws, without your incessant criticizing.

There is a BIG difference between the feds dictating to everyone everywhere, and each corner doing what they want within the bounds of the constitution.

It is a good law regardless.

St.George, Utah

Let's now, for a moment, try to imagine the reaction to this proposal had it been promoted by the Democrats.
After what Romney went through with his "Which Romney is here today?" behavior, it is difficult to understand how Republicans have not yet learned their lesson.
Remember now, many of you strongly support government getting out of our lives...... re: the recent trans fat controversy.


News Flash! New York City outlawed the sale of sweetened drinks of volumes over 16 ounces (since overturned by the courts). Let's review additional talibanish, silly laws around the USA - coconut oil, raw, unpasteurized milk in 22 states, sassafras oil (potential carcinogen). We are highly discouraged to consume fried foods because they may cause cancer or be too fatty, or cause hallucinations. Who knew? Utah always gets the blame for stupid alcohol laws (which they are). As it turns out there are many laws around the country that are much tougher than Utah laws. Personally I think they lack common sense, but I digress.

The list goes on and on and on. Now, we do know that tobacco and alcohol products are carcinogens, cause heart disease, lung diseases and many other life threatening health problems, not to mention the many lives lost due to driving under the influence.

If policy makers are sincerely concerned about the peoples health, they would outlaw tobacco, alcohol and now marijuana completely! How the heck can they make raw milk sellers and buyers criminals and keep all these other toxic substances on the market!? it's truly mind boggling!


Oh Boy - here we go again. Wake up people. More gosh darn state government telling us what we can and cannot do. My Gosh, enough is enough.

Cedar City, UT

The Utah Legislators are at it again. They are basically saying that anyone under 21 is half a citizen. A young adult can fight for his country but cannot have the same rights as those he is protecting. In addition we are willing to place another non-enforceable law on the books that will not have one iota affect on whether an 18, 19, or 20 year old smokes or not. Just another feel good law of no substance. These young people will get their smokes whether you place a law or not. You just put them in a position to start breaking stupid laws early on. I am not saying smoking is safe or that anyone should start. I am just saying that this is not the way to have a positive impact. Personal freedom is something that should be protected, even for those under 21 years of age. I thought a Republican led legislator would believe in those

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