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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 20 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

'Are you aware that more American soldiers have died in the first 5 years Obama has been President than the whole 8 years Bush was President?'

Did Obama start the Iraq war x7 years before he was elected President?

Or did George W. Bush?

Salt Lake City, UT

"Did he intentionally lie?"


Wayne, no one can "lie" UN-intentionally.

One can unintentionally and unknowingly say something that is false. But, Part of the definition of lying is to knowingly and thus intentionally, convey a falsehood.

We now have abundant proof that the flaws with both the web site and Obamacare itself were known many months in advance of the actual "roll-out" date. It is inconceivable that Obama, the Chief Executive Officer of the entire government, was unaware of this. Even if his audacious hopefulness compelled him to paint the rosiest scenario of the impending "roll-out", there is no chance the completely inevitable cancellation of millions of current healthcare plans was not only known but actually designed.

Not only is Obama a serial and flagrant liar, something most people nowadays consider a given for any politician, the entire administration is being run, more and more, as a criminal enterprise.

BUT, it is WE, the people, the electorate, who put them in power and it is WE who can and **must** replace them, for our own sake and that of our descendants.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

How did Democrats changing the locks and locking Republicans out show how committed they were to Bi-Partisanship (even if they didn't discuss ObamaCare in the meeting)?

The minute Obama was elected... Democrats started shunning Republicans and locking them out. Exactly HOW does that show their concern for bi-partisanship?

IF Obama is a leader.. and he promised to END partisan politics in Washington during his campaign... Shouldn't he have said something to Reid and Pelosi and demanded they open the doors and be bi-partisan?

Shouldn't the President have INSISTED that Republicans be allowed to participate in legislation instead of being locked out because he didn't need any of their votes to quickly pass the Democrat agenda?

Can anyone name ONE THING Obama has done to sponsor bi-partisanship in Washington....

Murray, UT

2 Bits

"Can anyone name ONE THING Obama has done to sponsor bi-partisanship in Washington...."

Don't hold your breath. We have been waiting 5 years since his promise bring the nation together, and so far he says and does only what divides, in an attempt to dominate, abusively/illegally as needed.

the old switcharoo
mesa, AZ

Right. So death panels, threats of socialism, communism, riots in the streets, he's on the way to take your guns so hurry and buy more for him to - take? I don't see the rationale unless you know your lying.

So I figure the right is lying about Obama lying again. Little story called, Chicken Little.

Just because I know it causes a Pavlovian reaction, Benghazi!

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