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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 19 2013 5:50 p.m. MST

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USS Enterprise, UT

To "LDS Liberal" since when are Universities supposed to be "fair and balanced"? Right now most universities are heavily biased towards liberalism. Are you saying that you want to have about 22% of all college profesors fired and replaced with conservatives? Read "College Faculties A Most Liberal Lot, Study Finds" in the Washington Post. They find that 72% of professors are liberals. So, to make things balanced we should fire at least 22% of them and replace them with conservatives.

Is that what you really want? Or are really using the whole "fair and balanced" argument as a shield so that you can further indoctrinate college kids with liberal ideology?

Bakersfield, CA

Let see the argument is both bushes lied about Iraq. If anyone can openly say the removing Saddam Hussein was a bad thing they are either naive or not a student of true history. When Dictator Manual Noriega was removed from Panama I did not hear much from the liberals and Democrat's they thought it was a good thing. What was his crime, killing his enemies, drug trafficking and extortion. When Saddam Hussein was removed his crimes were using WMD poison gas against his own people the northern Kurds. People were tortured and imprisoned and killed for political reasons and although the Sunnis were the minority the Shiites the majority were persecuted for their religious beliefs. Anyone that beliefs that Iraq held or could hold Iran in check is living in a fantasy world. Anyone that believes that the US should stand by and let dangerous Dictators destroy world peace is sadly mistaken. Unfortunately peace must be fought and some must die for. If anyone believes that peace comes without death or sacrifice history does not support this thinking. Everyone commenting on this web site are free because someone fought and died for them please enjoy your Freedom

Salt Lake City, UT

There's something obnoxious about Noonan's statement that President Obama is "confident, very confident, very, very confident." Sure the president has a confident demeanor, but I wouldn't go so far as to repeat the words "confident" and "very" three times each.

President Reagan was also extremely confident and he was praised for it; Obama not so much. In other words, when white men are confident, they're confident; when black men are confident, they're uppity.

kitchener, 00

Are there still people who think Bush didn't lie about the WMD? I don't think there are many outside of conservative enclaves. The intelligence simply wasn't there, as evidenced by the fact that many of the U.S.'s most trusted allies took a pass on the Iraqi misadventure, and that no WMDs were found. Don't you think that, if Iraq had such weapons, it would have used them against the invading U.S. troops?
President Bush was certainly an intellectual lightweight, but, like Mr. Romney, his eye was always on the bottom line: the almighty dollar. So what if a few hundred thousand people die? Is there an opportunity to make a profit?
President Obama is not the super-hero his most ardent fans believe him to be, but when I think of the two people he ran against - John McCain and Mitt Romney - I'm SO glad he's in the White House.
Why doesn't BYU invite Hillary Clinton so speak there? Or Elizabeth Warren?

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

It is shameful that only 1500 students were present. I'm disappointed in the university leadership and faculty.

Kearns, UT

King's Court, Bush hasn't been the president for 6 years. Was Colin Powell a liar when he outlined the intelligence to the U.N? Were the inteligence people in France, England, Canada, Russia, etc all lying when they said that there were WMD's (documented usage by the way) in Iraq? Get off of your Ted Kennedy liberal talking points high horse.

Remember Nancy Pelosi famously said, "We have to pass it to know what's in it." That is how Obama and company work. No working with the other side. No compromise. No input.

I'm going to watch Noonan's speech when it shows up on BYUTV. I watched George Will's. It was awesome. I'm sure that her's will be also.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I am always amazed, but never surprised, at how poorly informed liberals are. They make up facts, tell them to each other until they all think they are true. There is no point discussing errors in the many liberal comments. Liberals won't or can't listen to the truth. There is no doubt that President Bush could have done some things better as we can say of all of us. The sad thing is that as our country is slipping down the drain, we have to drag up old worn out babble about the past rather than deal with the future. I only wish I lived a bit closer so I could have heard her speech.

Kearns, UT

Context Uteology, context. What Brigham Young said about race 150 years ago reflected the times that he lived in. In his day, is comments were mainstream. Quit pulling stuff out of the dark place and spouting them as truth. Kinda like the "100,000 Iraqis dead". Where did you get that number? You get your tinfoil hat off. Unfortunately war kills people and sometimes innocent people are killed. Our military generally didn't go out head hunting in Iraq.

I guess you are all for the firebombing of Dresden and Tokyo during WW II, eh? I'd say that in those two raids, way more innocent civilians were killed by our military than in Iraq. Does the fact that Roosevelt and Truman were in charge at the time make any moral difference? At the time, the decision to bomb those two cities to hasten the end of the war seemed to be the right thing. As was dropping the two A-Bombs on Japan. Through the moral perspective of 2013, they don't appear to be right. Through the moral perspective of a world war in 1945 they were right.


Riverton, UT

It is funny to me that people on the left say people on the right are Kool-Aid drinkers, when they have heard that line used so many times by the left wing media that I don't think they know what it means. It means to repeat something from a main stream source (like the left wing media) without doing the research on your own to find out the truth of a statement. Like all of the materials needed to create WMDs found but not reported by the left so they can make themselves look like the good guys. Now someone who thinks for themselves looks at the facts about a President who came right out and said that he may have mis-spoke when he said that you could keep your plan. In other words, "I told you a lie to pass this bill".

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Bakersfield, CA

When Dictator Manual Noriega was removed from Panama I did not hear much from the liberals and Democrat's they thought it was a good thing.

When Saddam Hussein was removed his crimes were using WMD poison gas against his own people the northern Kurds.

If anyone believes that peace comes without death or sacrifice history does not support this thinking. Everyone commenting on this web site are free because someone fought and died for them please enjoy your Freedom

2:26 p.m. Nov. 20, 2013


1. Saddam Hussein NEVER attacked America. He didn't have WMDs, and he hadn't used chemical weapons on the Kurds on over 13 years.
Do you still feel we were justified attacking, invading and occupying a dictator we put in place, turned rougue on us, who just "haapened" to be sitting on a bunch of Oil?

2. I served in the military under Reagan, and was deployed to Panama TWICE during Noriega.

3. As a veteran, I don't recall ever fighting defending the Constitution, or Freedoms speech, assemble, religion, press, etc.

I spent plenty of time on military boon-doggles fighting for NON-Americans at U.S. tax-payers expense.

NotInMiami, FL

Like her opinions or not (I happen to like many of them), Peggy Noonan is a clear thinker and excellent writer.

Bakersfield, CA

Peggy can't help it. It's the Kool-Aid additives. And all who pick a flavor remain stuck in that ideology, if they never go natural.

I drank the Kool-Aid for over 35 years. I was raised on it, weened to it, knew nothing different. Everyone I loved and respected drank it, so I became addicted. It colored my world-view from religion to politics.

But I discovered that people on all sides of the spectrum who were addicted to a particular flavor, simply espoused the ideals of their flavor.

Growing up LDS/Democrat in L.A.'s '60-'70's was strange. My cohorts gave my "Mormon racism" (their term) a pass because I was an ardent activist. Then they got furious when I questioned their blind allegiance to every immoral ideology simply because it was stamped by our fave KA flavor leaders.

I noted their KA addiction prevented their objectivity. So I made a radical decision to 'try' BYU for a year. Remaining in lockstep with those leading KA Stirrers, I was BWOC...

But switch flavors and you'll lose comprades in either camp. Go natural and you'll be locked out of the tent.

Salt Lake City, UT

She is wrong about one major point. She says that Obama didn't get with the opposing party and get them on his side. The woman clearly remembers only what she wants. How many times did Obama ask for input from Republicans? Republicans fixed their minds on one thing and that was the downfall of Obama. If somebody can't see that, they are blind! They have been frantic to see him fail! There hasn't been anything like it before! Another thing, it isn't over yet. Obamacare isn't history yet. I think, considering just how many people opposed everything he has done, Obama has been a good president. He has had the guts to try and he hasn't let the tea party zealots win! He has also fought for the American people and it is sad that people rip him apart for it. Imagine how much better things could have been if Republicans actually did their part. Republicans are the ones who have failed. Looking back it should be clearer just how little they have done! This woman should run. She wouldn't make any mistakes, would she.


Boy, you've got drink some serious Kool-Aid to use George Bush Jr as an example of bipartisanship. I get a sugar high just thinking about it.

Salt Lake City, UT

RFLASH--nicely said. Obama reached out to Republicans repeatedly. He reached out to Republicans by using a Republican-authored, market-based model for the ACA, which in the Republican mind, makes him a socialist. I have only one comment about that: LOL!

Bakersfield, CA

Context, Flashback? Facts, Flashback, facts.

And BYoung's statements and prohibitions were echoed and acquiesced to by every subsequent leader for the next 133 years. Cultural bias or popular context/usage does not make a practice right. Example: Either the N word is wrong for all, or its disparaging definition and origin still disparages all users.


1- Noonan's obnoxious repetition was meant to emphasize our President's (obnoxious) over-confidence. Not all in "Backo" have forgotten paragraph indention or rhetorical implication for impact. It was an over-statement of the obvious, irrespective of epidural tone.

2- Last time I checked my biology books, confidence/pride/smug upittiness were human characteristics which skip no race, color or creed.

Using your (flawed) logic, anyone who points out Reagan's confidence hates white men.

Registered Independent for over 25 years, I have voted for several Black candidates, all extremely confident (isn't an unconfident politician an oxymoron?), from different parties and platforms. Race never entered my mind: from Alan Keyes to AC, Herman Cain to BHO. It was all about ideology or who could beat that white liberal woman who believes in that vast RWing conspiracy.

salt lake, UT

AS I remember it the President did try to engage the Repubs, but their attitude from the getgo was to defeat Obama in the next election. They were not going to cooperate with anything he tried to do.

Medical Lake, Washington

As I read the article, I thought that the speaker was critical of just about everyone. I think she was trying to point out what could have been better in each presidency, and for that matter, what worked. Then, all of a sudden, we've got a war about WMDs in Iraq and which president lied more than the other.

I dare say that this country has gone from being a Republic vs Democrat mentality to a Citizen vs the government society. More and more, the party labels serve only to function for the purposes of elections - but once in office, its a good 'ole boys club lets see how much money we can extract from the population to ensure our retirement and re-election.

Bakersfield, CA

If only Peggy's audience and the devout posters here would vett their own heritage and history with the same objectivity and tenacity...

Eureka, UT

The article talks about how Noonan showed the weaknesses and flaws of the last 5 presidents and what they didn't learn from their predecessors. The headline though shows the bias so many pander to here in Utah.

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