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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 19 2013 5:50 p.m. MST

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Jemez Springs, NM

Peggy Noonan has bad taste in pols.

Fort Benning, GA

Kings Court,

I don't get your statement about how Bush lied about WMDs? Are you saying that he blatently knew they did not exist in Iraq, but pulled the wool over the entire country, government, UN and media? That is what I understand the meaning of a lie is.

Being an officer in the Army and have deployed on multiple occasions myself, WMDs existed in Iraq. First, we know (for a fact) they were used on the Iranians, Kurds and our own soldiers (in Desert Storm). Second, EOD, ordinance and chemical specialists found traces of WMDs all over Iraq without actually finding the objects themselves. Most of these were transferred to Syria who has been currently using them. From the information I've have seen and what I have been around, WMDs existed in Iraq. I'm pretty sure they were #1 on Saddam's list of things to move when the stirrings of war began.

Don't spout your personal beliefs as fact. Some of us have first hand experience.

Syracuse, UT

@ Kings Court

Do you not remember the dead Kurds in the North part of Iraq? The world was full of pictures of the dead. Mothers holding babies, little children, etc. etc. etc. What more proof do you need? The UN went in there and confirmed that it was chemical weapons that killed them. Why does the world keep saying there were no WMD's? There was, it was proven and yet people say they did not have them. That is like saying the Holocaust did not happen because you did not see it, or you were not there.

The left and all those who believe that we did not need to go into Iraq just don't want to admit that they had WMD's and saying it just will not change history just because you don't like it.

Freeland, WA

Again, I see the people of Utah on their soap box putting down our president and following it up with what they think is an educated answer. This cannot be done if you're wearing blinders. George W. was the worst president we ever had in history and put our country in shambles. President Obama has been given the dirty task of cleaning up his mess and there have been some positive changes in the economy, the deficit, and equal rights. Yet these accomplishments are dismissed because our President is a democrat, and yes, he is black. This is 2013, not 1945.

Layton, UT

Kings Court:

I thought the liberal persecution complex was reserved for OWS rallies and MSNBC? They are probably also your best bet for validation of your claims and sympathetic ears.

Springville, UT

How much more partisan could this Washington insider be before an audience and institution that is equally as partisan?

I seem to remember that to my knowledge, and I've been around for quite a few Presidents, this one never had the opposition party come out and publicly vow to ensure his failure. They handed him the worst mess since the Great Depression and fought every idea and proposal backed by the President, even those ideas that the GOP itself proposed. The shame of the past five years isn't the President, it is the Republican Party that gives not one whit about the interests of the country and its people.

Peggy's beloved Bush literally left the country in a mess, and her party was determined to keep it that way. If the partisan institution loves that, then so be it, but like my Grandfather felt about Hoover, I feel about Bush, and I never want to return to that. I just wish the GOP would govern rather than try to ruin then country.

The Solution
Dayton, OH

I don't know if Pres. Obama lied about his ACA plan. It is very possible that he didn't know what was in it. He didn't write it. That is the problem with presidents today, they are like quarterbacks in that they take way too much credit, for better or for worse. Obama had certain criteria that he wanted his bill to include: no denial for pre-existing conditions, no erroneous premium increases, no fraudulent plans that do inadequately cover a person once something happes, and access to health care for all, especially the lowest classes. All that sounds great, but how do you implement it?

Well if you are Pres. Obama, you hire your trusted lawyers and experienced law makers to construe the 11,000 page bill. Do you think Obama read all that? You cannot fund all those wonderful things from thin air. Something had to give. Most likely, Pres. Obama truly believed all the things he said about his ACA at the time he said them. I'm sure there are more nuggets he doesn't know about. He still is accountable for the mess.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Sorry fokes, but there was no threat of WMDs from Iraq and over 4,500 Americans and 100,000 Iraqs died becuase of it:

Intelligence Committee found in 2008 that his administration "misrepresented the intelligence and the threat from Iraq".

Press Release of Intelligence Committee
Senate Intelligence Committee Unveils Final Phase II Reports on Prewar Iraq Intelligence

Two Bipartisan Reports Detail Administration Misstatements on Prewar Iraq Intelligence, and Inappropriate Intelligence Activities by Pentagon Policy Office

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Solution
Dayton, OH

One more thing. Lying about something is different than being wrong about something. Even if Pres. Bush was wrong about WMDs in Iraq (which is not definitive), he wasn't lying about it. Just like Pres. Obama being wrong about his ACA law, doesn't automatically make him a liar. However, both lying and being wrong can lead to the same devastating consequences.

With that said, there were plenty of reasons to pursue Sadam Hussein, who was an enemy of our country and freedom. He funded several terrorist organizations to assist them in attacking us. He was an evil dictator and committed several crimes against humanity. Capturing him and turning him over to his own country for trial was the right thing to do.

There were plenty of other mistakes that Pres. Bush made, but Sadam Hussein was not one of them.

Saint Louis, MO

The Wall Street Journal looks at life from a fiscal perspective. The NYT is a socialist front. Republicans are fiscally sound. Democrats have become Marxist. It is up to labor to fix this. Sixty percent of the 2010 census were labor oriented European immigrant stock. The idea of the far left is to restructure society to do away with the fiscally sound because they have the money and power. Religion is also considered to be "the opiate of the people" and sexist and racist. This all started 50 years ago with the murder of a "labor" president.

clearfield, UT

I've never been the biggest fan of Noonen, and now that I know she wrote the phrase "kinder, gentler nation". Yuck. Bush the first looked wimpy to begin with and I know the Democrats were seething with anger that they had another 4 years of Reagan to put up with, which was the reason the senior Bush won anyway, on the promise of 4 more years of Reagan. He of course blew that with the going back on "no new taxes". Anyway, I find it interesting that she sees Obama as "very very confident". Really? Just how confident is a politician who many times in his career does not even vote, but says "present"? And his presidency has looked anything but confident. I really don't think Ms Noonen has much to offer, and never have. Were I a politician, she would be last on my list of speech writers. And I'm a conservative Republican.

clearfield, UT


Really Now? At least if some leftist/lib showed up at BYU, he/she would not be shouted down and run off campus as so many conservatives are at many of Americas big universities . Tolerance anyone? We know who has it and who doesn't. The left would rather not even hear a conservative view point, probably because it might actually make them re- think their ideology. Of course they couldn't say so until they graduated because their grades would be punished by the liberal professors for not toeing the PC line.

Douglas, GA

I think you all need to exam is who owns the paper Peggy Noonan writes for.

Centerville, UT

Kings Court,

Imagine you are US president. US and numerous world intelligence agencies report Saddam has WMD. Saddam used WMD in the 80's against the Iranians, and the Kurds in the 90's. He has played a game with UN inspectors for a decade. He is a threat in the Middle East.

Would you believe the numerous intelligence reports? Or would you believe the agencies were lying. If you reported to Congress & the American people that Saddam had WMD would that make you a liar, when the world, the intelligence communities, and a majority in Congress (had similar intelligence reports) believed Saddam had WMD?

Democrats like to accuse Bush of Lying. He didn't lie, he was mistaken. But he made a decision based upon intelligence reports.

This is all history.

We currently have a president that out-right lied. He knew he was lying, and yet he did it, straight-faced. Are Democrats, and yourself (you report to not be a Democrat) really going to rationalize Obama's lies because Bush led to war against Iraq? We get it, Bush was mistaken. He didn't lie.

Current reality: our president out-right lied. Do you trust him? If not...

kitchener, 00

Let's remember that, the day before the election, Peggy Noonan predicted a Romney victory based, in part, on the number of Romney yard signs she'd seen in Florida. You can check out her pearls of wisdom online; I tried to add the link, but was unable to do so.
And regarding WMD, many of the U.S. closest allies refused to get involved, because they knew the 'intelligence' had been falsified. Iraq was completely destabilized, with hundreds of thousands of people driven from their homes, so Mr. Bush could steal that country's oil. Bush and many of his closest advisors were all former oil company executives, who used the highest office in the U.S. to attempt to further enrich themselves. That's the GOP model; Mr. Romney tried the same thing. Had he been elected, he and his very wealthy cronies would have become even richer, while the rest of the country suffered.

Charlotte, NC

There is an enormous difference between being wrong about something and lying.

Being wrong is saying something you believe to be true but it turns out to be wrong when more information becomes available. Bush was wrong about WMDs in Iraq.

Lying is when you know what you are saying is untrue at the time you are saying it. We now know that Obama lied about everybody being able to keep their doctors and their insurance in order to get the health care bill passed and to get reelected.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Kings Court: You are completely mistaken. The WMD reports were completely based on CIA analysis as well as consensus among many intelligence agencies around the world including the British, the Russians and the Egyptians. All of these, as well as others, concluded that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destructions. Bitter opponents of GWB always make the claim he lied. They refuse to acknowledge the truth about this issue.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Kings Court: Once again, you are mistaken and apparently drinking the koolaid. Fast and Furious did NOT start during the Bush Administration. There was another program that the Obama Administration likes to claim was the start of Fast and Furious but it was nothing like it and had controls placed on it. You really need to get yourself better informed and stop watching MSNBC

Orem, UT

I like reading about the inside of national politics. I think she was very nice to the Clintons and Obama, which is how it should be in this sort of forum. From people that I've met who served in the White House they all talked about how much GW and W loved their family and truly cared about this great land we call the United States. They also talked about how Reagan was truly a very good man as well.

While Clinton was very good at what he did. Former aids have quietly said that he was a moral derelict and that Secret Service agents really wondered if he was worth saving in the event of a assignation attempt and that Hillary was very mean to the staff and to Bill. She was also kind to Obama, most just call him arrogant and weak.

As for the WMD thing, lets just say that I've met many OIF veterans who saw them, saw hard evidence or saw them moved to Syria and other places. Even Clinton gave several speeches that he was out to get them.

salt lake city, utah

"US leaders (including Democrats in congress) voted to go to war as nearly a decade of sanctions were not working."

Seriously, not working. They had crushed the country and the economy. They killed tens of thousands of Iraquiis. We knew this, and at the same time we didn't have one shred of evidence that he had WMD's. We suspected.

Then Cheney and the CIA went to work and did in fact concoct lies. The yellow cake, the aluminum tubes, all lies. Yes they were told the truth and lied. It's uncertain and probably always will be what Bush knew. It's clear however that he should have known because down the line they knew.

We can talk about your Obama distortions later but you don't get to re-write Bush history.

BTW, while we're talking about lies and saints, anyone remember Iran Contra where Regan committed treason and then lied about it?

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