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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 19 2013 6:05 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, Utah

We wish it wasn't so, but the sad truth is, as the conference has gotten better, the Utes have gotten worse - 4-5, 3-6, 1-6. Most realistic fans knew that Utah probably blew its best chance to make a statement in the PAC when the Utes were embarrassed at home by a 10-loss Colorado team that hadn't won a road game in four years.

Utah fans are simply going to have to get used to the fact that the Utes will always be a middle of the PAC or bottom dweller in the conference, with little hope of ever challenging the big boys for a conference championship.

Once in awhile, the Utes will spring an upset on an upper echelon team like Stanford, but for the most part, they'll be fighting Washington State and Colorado for table scraps.

Good luck at Pullman.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Keeo dreaming murph the cougars will be bowling and your utes can go bowling ...at the local lanes!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Finish strong; winning the last two and possibly going to a bowl game would be nice. Utah was pretty close to having a good season, and actually pretty close to having a worse season. The game at WSU will be a good matchup.



I hate to see the Utes struggle like they have this year. I'm pulling for them to win out and get an invite to the Fight Hunger Bowl and see which Utah team will prevail with a second meeting. This could make the Cougars season special and could ease their previous 4 losses to Utah. Go Utes but Go faster and Cougs.

Hyrum, UT

Spokene Ute is completely right. This season had both close wins and losses that could've made the season much better or worse. A lot of excitement as well as frustrations. Perhaps things overall have a way of balancing out.

It will tell a lot about the chararcter of this team in how they respond over the next 2 weekends. By winning out, they can still reach one of the original goals... to qualify for, and go to a bowl game. As such, it's still possible to end things on a fairly high note. As bad as things have been lately, that would still make this season more successful than last one.

Good luck, Utes.


3 out of 4 comments are cougar fans? I would like any team in the country to replace their starting QB and see how that works out for them. 5 years of bad luck at the QB position has gotten Utah here. Misses on recrtuits like Brown and Eubanks has gotten them here. Injuries have plagued Utah this year, but Utah will bounce back win out and go to a bowl game.

GO Utes!

West Jordan, UT

If the Utes can't beat WSU and Colorado then Kyle has to go. I worry about this program. The PAC 12 isn't the best conference in the country. SEC the Big Ten, and maybe the ACC are a step above (in my opinion) and the Utes are at the bottom. We heard about how great their last two recruiting classes have been and they are getting worse not better. That translates to coaching. Kyle is not the answer and apparently neither is Dennis Erickson. Dennis needs to retire and Kyle needs to move on. Any other coach would have been on the hot seat after last year. Why does Kyle get a pass. Being in a big time conference demands a big time coach.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

BigUtahFan, nice excuse. When you have 2 guaranteed 'top tier' PAC QBs on your team, as proclaimed by your coach, don't come crying that Wilson's unfortunate situation is the reason your team can't win on the road as yet another season swirls down the toilet for your elite program. Three years in a row Ute fans have been telling us to mark down their arrival at the Rose Bowl and for 3 years in a row the pipe dream has gone up in flames. Not that U ever stood a snowball's chance in Phoenix of making the Rose Bowl in the first place.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

The PAC 12 is the 2nd best conference in the county, ahead of the Big 10 and ACC. The non-conference record, and having 9 or possibly 10 team bowl eligible confirms that. Any rating system out there confirms tha PAC 12 as the #2 conference. The conference fared well against the SEC. WSU lost at Auburn 28-21 and Oregon blew out Tennessee. That's not an excuse for Utah, but it's the truth. I'm extremely frustrated with Whittingham too, but I have to give him one more season. Who would Utah get in his place? He's earned another season, if by nothing else, the 2008-2009 season.

Thanks Man; nice post. Hope all is well.

Most of the comments from BYU fans appear fairly accurate and positive. Nothing wrong with that. IMO

Just Smiling

Real Bass you are quite a work. Comparing apples to oranges. Qualifying for a bowl with a season of playing only one currently top 25 team (which BYU lost) while Utah had to play 5 currently top 25 teams is a cheap comparrison. The PAC-12 conference is the #1 conference in the nation. It's tough and yet Utah has been close often. Even playing Notre Dame is no big deal this year. Nothing in the top 25 there either. Could BYU beat Arizona, Arizona State, Stanford, USC, UCLA, Oregon or even Oregon State? I am sure not. They can't even beat Utah.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

I know that Coach Whit is a good coach and moving up from the MWC to PAC12 was a huge jump! I think he should be given two more years to see how the better recruiting will help, but if they continue to be in the bottom of the conference and no wins over TDS to distract the faithful then it will be time to part ways and go in a different direction!!! When Coach Whit does leave he will make either a great head coach or DC somewhere else and Utah better hope it is not at another PAC12 school or BYU!!!

Go BYU Rise Up!!!

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

"... I’m not saying that I’ll be some sort of a savior."

Imagine the hue and cry from the ute faithful if a Cougar football player had said this.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Just Smiling makes a valid point - if you can't Utah, who can you beat?

Spanish Fork, UT

ATTENTION: This is NOT a negative posting. I'm just curious to know why someone would opt to attend the Univerisity of Utah on a football scholarship. I do understand those who have close ties to the program -- parents attended, they're long time fans, etc. During the great Alex Smith and Brian Johnson string of impressive wins, I can see players west of the Mississippi considering Utah as they joined the PAC 12 with it's road to the Rose Bowl. That I get. But now? I know the excuses about ailments at quarterback, but being at the bottom of the PAC 12 and possibly missing two bowl games in a row -- hasn't that countered the earlier great winning seasons pre-PAC 12?

I also wonder about BYU recruiting. Being independent has meant great exposure, and that can help recruiting, but, if BYU doesn't land in a major conference, will they be able to recruit the 3 O-linemen, 1 D-lineman, and 1 corner that are keeping them from beating Wisconsin and the other upper eschelon teams? I don't think so.

I see the future brighter for BYU than Utah, but not by much.

Salt Lake City, UT

Something to consider, if KW leaves (of his own volition or fired) who are you going to replace him with? Consider Urban Meyer, he came, he got noticed, and he left. This will be your lot without a coach who really want to be here.

We like this place, but keep in mind Salt Lake, Utah, Inter-mountain West, may not be the "promised land" for a lot of talented coaches and staffs and players. Utah could be back to musical coaches.

The U of U was invited to PAC-World to fill out a dance card. Nebraska declined the offer, Salt Lake was the only TV market left. I wish it weren't so, but it is the situation.

I also realize, as a BYU alum, that the cougars would fare little better in the PAC 12 football wars.

Stay with coach Whittingham, you'll do no better IMO. The best way to build into a better program is consistency in coaching. The Utes will improve.

Somewhere the birds are singing, somewhere the children shout,
There is no joy this year in Ute-ville, The mighty Utes have struck out.

holy moly
Herrmian, UT

I think if the BYU/Utah roles were reversed, both teams would fare about the same as the other. The teams are somewhat similar in skill. BYU appears to be improving. They have competed in every game they played. Also, I think Utah is not as bad as everyone thinks they are. They have been in almost every game they played. In many cases, they were leading near the end against perceived better talent.

Even their wins over Utah State and BYU and Stanford were close. They have had some bad luck in regards to injuries at key positions, but with some improvements I think many of the losses this year can be changed to wins next year.

I think the future looks bright for both teams. I doubt either team is going to the new playoffs implemented next year, but as far as entertainment value, I think both teams are high quality.

Funny/witty screen name
Orem, UT

BYU has beat more BCS opponents than u, enough said. keep fighting utah, and good luck. you'll need a lot of it to make a bowl game.

Ogden, UT

@ Big Ute Fan

I TOTALLY agree with you, I can't believe others can't see it either. You are spot on!!!

5 years of bad luck. It's too bad, if not for that bad luck at quarterback, those BYU fans wouldn't be so harsh.

I'm just hoping the string of bad luck ends soon so we can start winning again. It's a fact that we are losing because of bad luck.

I wish those BYU fans were more kind to us on these message board. It's hard when the
"Bad Luck" bug bites you. And it is not Whit's fault at all, it's plain and simple.


Horrible Stumper
Hyrum, UT

I don't believe that you can blame Utah's current woes on the loss of a quarterback. You are not going to get any sympathy from USU. What did Coach Wells do? He took his best quarterback's redshirt from him, coached him up, and sent him out to win some games, and what do you know they are going to a bowl game. If Utah is the "power team" from the "power conference" then they , they claim they are, they should be able to do the same. They must have athletes with equal ability as their PAC 12 peers. So they should coach up their players to compete. Surprisingly they have not won any significantly meaningful football games since Coach A left. So who was the real head coach at the Sugar Bowl?

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

Spokane ute,
Yes the utes have been close many times. If this were horseshoes they would win the national championship.
WSU just re-inked their coach until 2016 so their program is in the upward direction and Utah's is heading in the other direction. I think WSU has the win this weekend. I will be in Martin Stadium cheering on the Crimson Cougs.

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