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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 19 2013 3:50 p.m. MST

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Christopher B
Ogden, UT

Where are all the offers from teams trying to Jimmer?

Surely tons of other teams must be waiting in line ready to offer first round picks in exchange for first round pick, and best byu player of the last 30 years Jimmer Fredette right?

Free Jimmer!

meridian, idaho

I wish the Jazz would make a more to pick him up. He's a far better shooting than any player on the JAZZ.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

Isn't it sad when a fan base has so few players actually playing in NBA and NFL games that we get an update each time one of them gets on the field/court

Powerhouse national programs do not do that.

If you want people to believe you are a powerhouse national program, act like it.

No Ute fan wants to know each time Andrew Bogut or Andre Miller scores a bucket, or each time Steve Smith makes a catch in the NFL.


@Christopher B

As a Utah fan I would like Jimmer to be successful just as I would want to see Andrew Bogut start kicking butt. Do you dislike BYU that much that you criticize their players as well?

Salt Lake City, UT

You can know that a school and fan base have a following when the great and mighty C.B. comments multiple times on every article published on said school. Validation starts with a C and ends with a B. He just cannot leave BYU alone.

I think that Davies is doing a great job! Let's hope that Jimmer gets freed here.

Overton, NV

Obviously, somebody wants to know what's up with Jimmer, since he was the first to post about the article. Not to mention, he then posted again 30 minutes later to become the third commenter as well. Obsessed much?

Roy, UT

Jimmer (misspelled?) can add excitement to a team because he is bold, shoots a good percentage when allowed 8 shots or more. Jazz need a leader as well, a point guard. Jimmer would both shoot and play point better than Alec Burks is currently doing. The Jazz are winning the reace to getting the 1st draft pick, if the players don't totally lose confidence I'll be surprised.

el guapito
Provo, UT

The dislike is strong in a certain individual and his/her many aliases.

American Fork, UT

@Christopher B

When I hear her comments about Jimmer and all things BYU, it seems as though she has no knowledge or comprehension of sports... Especially when it comes to football and basketball.

Jimmer is a fantastic shooter and certainly will get picked up in free agency. JJ Reddick was in a similar situation - so a player that can shoot will absolutely find a home in the NBA. No one in their right minds would think Sacramento is a good situation for anyone.

Instead of worrying about all things BYU, I might recommend she worry about the Utes - both football and basketball are looking really bad right now.

As far as Davies getting playing time - I love it!!!

Play Nice
Herriman, UT

I actually appreciate the updates on local players and their careers. Thanks Deseret News. Keep it up for those of us who appreciate it. Those who don't really shouldn't spend so much time on these types of articles. I might ask prior commenters, who is acting like what here?

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Whitney (writer of the article),
No, it's not a big deal, but Davies was not a center at BYU. Even the BYU Cougars website has him listed only as a forward rather than as a forward/center.

Missouri loves BYU
Lebanon, MO

@ Chris B....

"If you want people to believe you are a powerhouse program act like it..."

BYU is acting like it.... That is why they scheduled Stanford on the road, Iowa state, and Texas on the road as part of their early season slate. Clearly they have a goal of competing in the NCAA tournament.

Utah on the other hand plays only one road game and apart from BYU And Boise St. fills the schedule with teams like Katherine college. Never heard of them you say.... That is because this is the first year they have even had a basketball team. Some other teams St. Katherine plays... Walla Walla University and Multnomah University.... Clearly the Utes know that the only way they are going to find wins is play teams that an average church team could beat. As you say Chris..."If you want people to believe you are a powerhouse program act like it." Utah is acting like a JV team at at junior college. Jimmer could beat Utah all by himself...

Virginians for BYU
Lebanon, MO

Here is story to put Jimmer in perspective. My wife has no interest in sports. If you asked her to name one current NFL, MLB or NBA player. She might be able to name 1...Jimmer. (Ok, she would throw out Michael Jordan and Ty Detmer as well not realizing they retired years ago.) I am sure you get the picture....

Several years ago as I was watching a BYU basketball game, my wife was getting the kids ready for bed. As the game was nearing halftime my wife asked me for some help. She then commented that she had not been able to watch any part of the game and was afraid she would miss the whole game without some help.... My wife was actually asking for help so she could watch sports. Holy Friggen cow!!! Jimmer was so much fun to watch that even my wife who never pays any attention at all to sports wanted to watch the games. She watched nearly every game that season. If Jimmer can make my wife complain about not being able to watch sports, he had to have been playing at a whole new level of Awesome.

Sandy, UT

Someone please tell me Chris must be joking about this nfl claim? Anyone?

You can always tell when Chris actually has a point, the byu fans have no good reply. I highly doubt there is a single basketball program that thinks so highly of themselves that gives weekly updates on how their nba alum are doing, especially when they are doing so little. Chris talks a lot of nonsense and his predictions are terrible, but he is SPOT on here!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

People, how many times can we (real Ute fans) tell you to ignore Chris B? IGNORE Chris B!!!

Good for Davies, I'm on record several times now as saying I like his game and thought he stood a decent chance at sticking with a team right for him. It seems the 76ers may be that team.

Good for Bogut and Miller, always nice to see them play well. Bogut was on target to be much better than he is until he had some horrific injuries.

As for Jimmer, I still think it would be fun to see him prove the naysayers wrong. Not sure it will happen, but we can all hope.

My only question, why isn't there an update in this article on Lillard? He's seeing more success (currently) than any of the others mentioned (20 pts and 6 assists). Weber State fans, stand up!

Saint George, UT

Here's your synopsis of every single sports article on the DNews every single day:

Chris B. and his multiple alter egos grab the first 4 or 5 posts within 3 minutes of the article posting. He cannot contain himself and must incessantly compare everything to BYU and slam BYU with all he's got.

BYU fans then think he either 1) officially represents the U and is the spokesperson for Kyle Whittingham, Coach K, and Dr. Hill or 2) represents and speaks for the entire Utah fan base so then they spend the next 20 comments talking about how stupid Utah is or Utah fans are based off what he said.

It's really getting old. By the time I get home from work to read the articles it has all already debased to the point where I don't want to comment because it would be like trying to have a serious discussion with a room full of 5 year olds. I'm sure this won't get posted but I had to get it off my chest.

Lincoln City, OR

I find it somewhere between "'AMAZING and Laughable" that a ute fan would even want to come on this board and talk about Basketball... In fact, based on the pictures I saw of games at the HC last year in the DN I had thought that maybe utah gave up Hoops altogether.

The fact is chis that both BYU and Utah have 2 players in the NBA... One of the two schools NBA players came out of colleges in 2011 and 2013, while the other school has 2 players that was drafted in 99'... Ouch...

Cottonwood, CA

Is utah a powerhouse national program right now?

O-town, UT


I totally agree with your assessment. I pull for the success of all the state of Utah players. You may remember me doing a "Lillard Watch" while the D-News did a "Jimmer Watch". Lillard's success speaks for itself with his Rookie of the Year title last year. He will be a star for years to come. Hopefully the D-News can get on board and post an article about him every now and then. If not, you can always look to the credible sources and media.


Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

Now that we are in a bcs we will have tons of teams waiting in line ready to offer first round picks in exchange for first round picks of our players now.

Go Utes!

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