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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 19 2013 3:30 p.m. MST

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Cheyenne, WY

Sb nations predictions of the Utes in the Advocare bowl is almost impossible.
The SEC will not get ten teams in bowls, but that bowl is contractually obligated to invite teams from the Sun-Belt or the MAC to replace the other conferences.

Hyrum, UT

@ Chris B:

Yes, as you said... playing in a power conference is tough. And Utah is proving they don't belong, having beaten only 1 conference opponent a year, and consistently contending for title of conference Cellar Dweller.

And, as you said, Whittingham has proven he can beat some good teams. He's also proven he can lose to very mediocre teams who themselves have lost to division II college teams. So, it all appears to average out... wouldn't you say.

In all reallity, Chris (and this is a legitimate question), what good does it do a team to beat a ranked team one week and then lose badly to a very average team the next?
Because Utah keeps doing that, their Sagarin ranking has dropped to 5 places behind BYU's (21 to 26). And that is the most comprehensive ranking service in the country.

Yes, you can find some non-meaningful statistic that Kyle has over Bronco. But overall, in the things that actually count to true football pundits (you've proven you are NOT one with your extreme bias), BYU is consistently ranked better than Utah. It's a fact. However, Utah was better on September 21st.

el guapito
Provo, UT

How is Chrissy allowed to jump from the article's topic of bowl game projections? Some things just really puzzle me.....

But as the oft repeated off topic issue has already been raised and allowed, perhaps I MAY be permitted to add several observations.

1. Perpetual bottom dwellers in the next best conference ever will always play their bowl game in September.

2 Whit does have wins in the games referenced above. It is highly likely that he will soon have something else Bronco doesn't have: A PINK SLIP.

Southern, UT


Hey at least Utah can beat a ranked school. Although I'm not a Utah fan we all know that's a fact. USU can beat less than mediocure teams in the WAC 2.0 but can't beat the big teams. I'll take a big win over a small time win any day.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The best thing that could happen to the Utes would be to lose to WSU this Saturday so they can avoid embarrassing themselves with anymore of this silly bowl speculation.

Hyrum, UT

@ Christopher B:

Please explain to all of us why BYU and USU should be jealous of the Utes, as you stated.

- Is it because Utah has the only losing record of the 3 teams? Nope!
- Is it because Utah will be the only 1 of the 3 to sit home again during bowl season? Nope!
- Is it because Utah might once again be the cellar dweller in their conference? Nope!
- Is it because every single national poll currently has BYU ranked higher than Utah? Nope!

As you can see, Chris, there is not a single, solitary reason for either BYU or USU to be jealous of all the angst and commotion on the hill. Therefore, neither team is. Not even in the slightest.
Sorry if the truth hurts. But those are the facts... something you seldom seem to deal with.
But if it helps to make you feel any better, by all means please carry on with your out-of-place LOL's.

Frisco, TX

When will the most frequent ute commenter realize that 12 games determine the success of a season, not a single game. This commenter will continue to extol to superiority of beating Stanford and BYU this season, without understanding the lackluster results of a 6-6 or 5-7 season.

Utah's win over Stanford this year is no bigger than BYU's win over Oklahoma in 2009. Oklahoma would have been a Top 10 program if Bradford hadn't been injured, and Bradford played most of the game against the Cougs.

I'm predicting BYU will play a very good Washington team in December.

I'm also predicting the Utes will go 1 - 1 in their last two games and spend December bowling against 10 pins. Even if the Utes beat WSU, which is unlikely, I don't think a 6-6 Ute team will get an invite, especially since the PAC will not send a team to the NC game.

The PAC will finish the BCS era as the only AQ conference not to win a BCS title.

Loud Loiterer
Sandy, UT

Why is STANG commenting? Doesn't your powderpuff FCS season end in November? Leave the post-season discussion to those who will actually be attending. Congrats are in order for the Aggies and Cougars. I wish both teams the best of luck in their respective bowl appearances. I'd like to see the Utes get back in the bowling season, but until they can play with any semblance of consistency (like TATORS pointed out), perhaps Chris B. should keep his comments relevant.

Gilbert, AZ


"The PAC will finish the BCS era as the only AQ conference not to win a BCS title."

Shockingly, BYU won as many BCS championships as the entire "conference of champions" COMBINED!

Phoenix, AZ

Congrats Utah! I see some projections have you guys going to a bowl game! Oh wait...it's Utah STATE. My bad!

Phoenix, AZ


I guess you say that because USC had to vacate 2004, right? Yeah, that's pretty much crazy isn't it? And since the BSC was started in 1998, Here is a breakdown by Conference how many times they played for the title.

SEC - 10 (with 9 wins)
Big 12 - 7 (with 2 wins)
ACC - 3 (with 1 win)
Big 10 - 3 (with 1 win)
Big East - 3 (with 1 win)
PAC 12 - 3 (with 0 wins)
Notre Dame - 1 (with 0 wins)

Dang, that puts things into perspective. I'm embarrassed, as a Devils fan, that the PAC 12 has less wins in the BCS championship game than a Big East Conference that is no longer a football conference.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

Do byu fans want another chance at Utah in a bowl game? It's very likely, as the bowl committee knows that a byu/Utah matchup would sell a lot of tickets.

But be careful what you guys ask for, do you really want to set a new NCAA record for first team EVER to lose to their rivals 5 times in 4 years?

The funny part too is that even with a horrible year that Utah has had, we're still in position potentially to go the byu bowl.


A bad year for Utah gets as good of a bowl as an 11-1 year for byu.


Yes, I do love my Pac 12 membership!

Big Sky Fan
Ogden, UT


How long will it take for you to understand this one simple basic concept.

It doesn't do you any good to have a membership if you don't use that membership!!!!

How has that elite membership benefited the might utes? Being a member doesn't mean you're a winner.

I know lots of people who are members of country clubs but they can't hit a golf ball straight or make a 2 foot putt.

I know lots of people who are members to a gym but are still fat and unhealthy.

Get over your membership already, nobody cares you are a member. Use that membership to get you somewhere.

Ya know like Whit is doing, that membership is going to give him a lot of free time in Hawaii next fall!!!

Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B.
It is highly unlikely that Utah will go to the fight hunger bowl.
If they had a larger fan base maybe, but Washington would sell a lot more tickets over Utah.
Utah even if they hit 6-6 will probably not go to a bowl. The one news outlet that has them in a bowl (Advocare bowl) did not study the contracts a MAC school has to go.
If Utah makes it to 6-6 (that is a big if) the fight hunger bowl would probably choose Oregon State, Washington, and Arizona over the U. They simply have larger fan bases and more name recognition.
Utah-BYU would sell tickets, but probably not nearly as many as BYU-Washington or BYU-Arizona.
Also they have to worry about TV ratings and Washington has the 14th + 75th largest tv market. Arizona #12.
ESPN owns the broadcasting rights and makes their money on advertising ESPN will push for a big market team when available.
I would say Utah BYU playing in a bowl game a 1% chance.
As a person who cheers for the Utes realistically I think it is less than a 10% chance they have a bowl.

Gilbert, AZ


Yes, I too love your Pac 12 membership!

ZERO conference championships in any sport
ZERO conference winning seasons in football
ZERO conference winning seasons in basketball

Yes, your Utes are fulfilling their role very well as perennial conference punching bags.

Football: 4-5, 3-6, 1-6 = 8-17 overall
Basketball: 3-15, 5-13 = 8-28 overall

Despite your always humorous attempts to cherry-pick occasional highlights, bottom line since joining the PAC:

Football/Basketball Combined: 16-45(26%)

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah's win over Stanford this year is no bigger than BYU's win over Oklahoma in 2009. Oklahoma would have been a Top 10 program if Bradford hadn't been injured, and Bradford played most of the game against the Cougs.


Only in your head is the Stanford win comparable to overrated win over OU.

Bradford played only the first half, BYU 7 OU 10. The second half:

"A mediocre performance by his backup, a questionable decision by coach Bob Stoops and a late meltdown by OU's defense let Max Hall and the 20th-ranked Cougars pull out a 14-13 victory"


BYU has a chance to prove it's worth at Notre Dame.

Utah has the chance to save its season @Washington and then Colorado @RES.

Southern, UT

Actually my team has a good chance to make it into the playoffs. Some people think I would prefer a loss in the PAC12 then a W in the WAC 2.0 and that's not true. I'll take a win anywhere like we got a few years ago against WAC 2.0 school UNLV. So some people are wrong on all accounts. Including what my name really is.

Salt Lake City, UT

Spin it however you want, Chris... except in maybe the head-to-head contests, not one Cougar or Aggie fan is jealous of U this season.

No bowl game for U = PAC laughing stock

Winning in the Mountain West (the conference U were successful in) is loads better than losing in the PAC 10.2.

Deal with it.

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD


"Utah has the chance to save its season @Washington and then Colorado @RES."

You call yourself a member of the PAC 12 and don't even know the difference between Washington and Washington State?

Frankly, if I was a Utah fan, I wouldn't have any confidence at all that the Utes can beat either of those teams.

Utah barely beat WSU in OT the last time U played in Pullman and this team is much improved. You lost to a 10-loss Colorado team the last time you played them in RES, and barely beat the Buffaloes in Boulder last season.

At best, Utah has about a 30% chance of playing in a bowl this season.

btw, the BYU-Oklahoma game was tied 7-7 when Bradford left the game after the 2nd-to-last play of the 1st half, and Max Hall was outperforming Sam Bradford.

Bradford was knocked out of the game because BYU was getting to him on almost every play. The play that knocked Bradford out was the 2nd straight clean hard hit on Bradford.

BYU outplayed and outcoached Oklahoma; it's as simple as that.

Ogden, UT

Hoping the Aggies travel to Vegas or San Diego this year for a bowl game....nothing against Boise, it's a great city, but two years of the potato bowl is enough for me. My starch intake from eating at the potato bar was enough to last all year.

Here's hoping for some place warm!!

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