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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 20 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

"The biggest loser in all this, however, seems to be the notion that big government can solve problems better than the private sector." Well, that depends on the problem. Big problems require big solutions. Health care is a big, big problem. Now, medicare is quite well run both itself and the supplementary private plans which go with it. You may note that medicare is run by the federal government. Before medicare, health care for seniors was a big, big problem. They were dying in poverty before their time - I know this for a fact because I witnessed it. Before medicare the only effective health care for the elderly was provided by the VA for vets (also big bad government).

I begged the Obama people, though they never listened to me (it was practically impossible to get the White House to listen) to extend medicare to all. That would have worked, only requiring a re-scaling of current systems. Instead to accommodate the private insurance business we got Obamacare. Obamacare does not establish the government won't work, but it shows the White House chose the wrong option.

Salt Lake City, UT

" but the lack of a profit incentive, together with politics...generally get in the way of efficiencies." Profit incentive is the reason may senior care centers give lousy care. And of course the most efficient care for seniors would be to have them die at 70 years or less. That's efficiency I don't want. Health care doesn't belong in the for profit system.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

The failure of ObamaCare is a prime example of why the Federal Government was authorized to only handle seventeen duties by the Constitution. The Founding Fathers had just fought a bloody war with a "top heavy" government in England, a government that thought that it had the right to dictate to people worldwide. England learned that its sphere of influence did not extend into America. Perhaps Mr. Obama will soon realize that his sphere of influence does not extend past the Oval Office when he ventures far beyond the limits imposed on his office by the Constitution. Although he thinks differently, he has no authority to legislate or to pick and choose which parts of a law he will enforce or the time table that he will use to fully implement legislation that he signed into law.

Although the news media has not reported faithfully on his every action as President, what it has reported shows that his every attempt at making business decisions has failed, from the seizing of two car companies to spending hundreds of millions of dollars on Solyndra to spending even more hundreds of millions on a failed website.

Hayden, ID

The only difference between a citizen and a subject is the size of the government.

Ogden, UT

Incompetance abounds in the Government. A huge chunk of it is at the very top. A billion here, a trillion there so what. Oh but his credentials were(now get this) a community organizer.

Far East USA, SC

Again with the all-or-nothing thinking.

Govt is not all bad or all good. There needs to be a balance.

Unfortunately, the thinking lately from some is to shut down the EPA and shut down the FDA.
(but the minute something IS shut down, they scream bloody murder)

That would work great if Corporations have not shown us time and time again that they will do extremely unscrupulous things in the name of profit.

That is mostly why health care costs have skyrocketed.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, the war In Iraq and melt down of the private banking sector prove that.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, and government should not control liquor sales, marijuana sales and gambling in Utah.

salt lake city, utah

"One of his basic philosophies was that government, despite the misgivings of his opponents, could solve problems and make life better for Americans.

So much for that." Then you go on to talk about the website? Really?

Try talking to the millions who now can't be dropped because of pre-existing conditions, or the millions who now will qualify for Medicaid, or how about the hundreds of millions who won't immediately be affected at all by the law but who's future could with one layoff include all of the above.

Enough of this it wasn't bi-partisan nonsense. It was a Republican idea in the first place and Republicans still objected to it. Then Mitch McConnell made the mistake of openly saying they would stop everything Obama tried. In addition Republicans had killed health care reform for 70 years.

There was no way to have a bipartisan bill because there was not an ounce of Republican support for health care reform.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

I predict that ACA will work well. The underlying principles are sound, combining free market competition with strong public standards to prevent inequities and unnecessary human suffering. Anyone who has seen the tragedy that is the Primary Hospital ER knows that our former system was a major injustice.

salt lake city, UT

Take a second and think what our society would look like without social security, medicare and food stamps. If that's hard to imagine, travel south to Mexico City and walk the slums. A civilized society needs goverment for the betterment of all.

Cedar Hills, UT

president Ronald Reagan’s “nine most terrifying words” seem to resonate most: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Today the terrifying words have been downgraded even more to "We are from the government and we are here to take over".

It's hard to be a liberal these days. The entire premise of liberalism is built on the sandy foundation of Obamacare - the grand socialist wealth redistribution scam. The scam was sold on top of a Mount Everest pile of lies and deceit starting with the way it first passed congress with democrats being "bought off" with tax payer money and then never ever reading the bill before passing it. "If you like your plan you can keep your plan" which is the latest lie .. perhaps the worst of all. This is outright fraud. Now we see Barack attempting to exempt his BIG union bosses from the law. Government in America is destroying America - very simply put. It will have to come from the good grass roots citizens to put a stop to this progressive melt down. Are there enough left?

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

To regard government as the problem is an easy out to avoid focusing on a difficult issue. The ACA never would have been enacted had there not been the lack of a comprehensive healthcare program in America. That was the problem.

South Jordan, Utah

Ok. The private sector contractors let us down and the Affordable Care Act isn't all it was sold to us. More importantly however, is the republican party's wholesale failure to work with the democrats to fix and improve the Act, or alternatively to offer a rational alternative.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

The DN editorial continually references FOX NEWS Entertainment.

No problem.

The news arm of the Republican Party is dutifully echoed by the news arm of the Republican Party in UTAH.

Again...No problem.

"...president Ronald Reagan’s “nine most terrifying words” seem to resonate most: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help...”.

In the spirit of pro-republicanism...

President Ronald Reagans' nine most terrifying words...

I'm a REPUBLICAN ICON and I'm here to help.


American Fork, UT

Government is not nearly as often the problem as it is portrayed to be, including in these pages. It's easy, and indeed lazy, to simply disparage government, and thereafter not have to participate in it or propose better solutions. Our society isn't falling apart, we're tearing it apart.

J Thompson

The argument that "Republicans" are to blame is nonsense. Not one Republican voted for ObamaCare. Not one!

The argument that the Federal Level of government should provide healthcare is also false. Personal welfare is not on the list of authorized duties of the Federal Government. If healthcare is offered, it would be a duty of the States or of the people. Even the Supreme Court waltzed around that question by saying that ObamaCare is a tax and that the Federal Government has the power to tax us. They have not ruled on whether the ObamaCare tax is legal or not because it has not been implemented and because lower courts must first rule before the Supreme Court (an appellate court) can rule on the legallity of that tax.

The argument that without ObamaCare millions of Americans would be without healthcare is false. ObamaCare has caused millions of Americans to LOSE their health insurance. It has caused anyone not subsidized by public money to pay much more for less coverage.

ObamaCare was poorly conceived and poorly implemented. No wonder the Democrats would like to blame the Republicans for Obama's folly.


Amen to the title. Anything that government has sole responsibility for, they no longer have to compete with private companies to do things more efficiently, with higher quality, or more thriftiness. There is no thrift in government at all: the annual federal budgets increase by as much as 10% each year no matter the federal revenue. Budgets in the private sector do not work this way, and why? Because they have to get people to buy their stuff and that means people have to want to consume their services. They have to be competitive. They can't just raise taxes to grow their budgets. They have more accountability in their spending, because if they spend into the red, they're out of business. Not so government. We're paying more for less benefit.

If you want to argue that quality suffers in the private sector, you can make the argument that you get what you pay for. There are plenty of government regulations over private industry which may actually help increase safety and quality of life for Americans, but there are many others that just increase the cost of doing business without benefit.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

In my lifetime I've seen instances where government was able to be the solution to the problem, but honestly I've seen instances where government WAS the problem. If you can't acknowledge that... there's no use discussing it with people who think Government can do no wrong.

Every administration has made mistakes. And every government that's ever existed has had problems. When you get the cult-like mentality like seems to surround Barack Obama (and Progressives in general)... no improvement CAN even be discussed, because they feel the need to defend government at all cost and shoot down anybody who brings up anything even SLIGHTLY critical, or that could be improved.

Republicans did the same knee-jerk reaction when Bush was president. It's not a PARTY thing... it's a PARTISAN thing. Partisan cult-like devotion is the problem.

I learned my lesson during the Bush years. I only hope that young people who only started to become politically aware during the Obama years can learn the same lesson before they become totally brainwashed by the partisan coolaid, and become convinced that government is the only solution to their problems.

Government can BE the problem.

clearfield, UT

The ideal of the United States of America is represented by a statue called the Statue of Liberty. Not the Statue of Equality.

When Democrats, especially the liberal kind, get power, they concentrate on trying to use government to bring about equality in America. The result, if allowed, would ultimately bring about government forced equality, at the expense of liberty. If government takes away 100% of a persons work product then they are a slave. If it takes away 50%. They are enslaved to that government for half of their life and work. The big question of the day is how much do we as citizens want to be enslaved to our governments? Having no government would create anarchy, but too much would create tyranny. Where do you draw the line? I say around 20 to 25 percent at most. We Americans should have a great majority of our lives for our own use, and not that of government.

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