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Published: Monday, Nov. 18 2013 9:20 p.m. MST

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Tokyo, Japan

Im thinking we will be lucky to get 15...but this is what i expected...we'll lose a ton of games....and if we dont get a top 3 pick...that would be sad...Im still think that the coaching staff could have done more...to develop this kids...Favors and Kanter still raw...im pretty sure Hayward would bolt....or cost utah a huge contract that would get our hands tied when re-signing the other players...i think Kanter needs to stretch it out and shoot from 15-18 range...i know he loves it inside...but i think he'll be more effective...by doing that...and maybe tailor his game to Kevin Love....grab rebounds and be a threat from range and down low...Hayward is a good utility player but not a star at this point...Favors is developing...but really needs a lot of work....the entire team is a work in progress....it'll take 3-5 years to smell playoffs again...

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

JAZZ fan(s)...

Do not give up on this team.

You can witness a record in the making...game by game.

This group of players might set the record for the most inept team in NBA History.

I have the JAZZ at 12 and 70 at seasons end.

Not an NBA record for a full season of futility (72-73 76ers 9-73), but definitely the UTAH JAZZ record (79-80 24-58) .

However, if things do not change, the NBA record might be in jeopardy as well.

Stay tuned...

(Or is it buckle-up?)

San Mateo, CA

Disgraceful loss at home. Jazz very rarely used to give away home games this easy in all my years of watching. Where is the energy and pride? We can get the #1 pick for the next 3 years, but I doubt the result will be that much different. As I have said all along with the current coaching staff even if we get an all-star team here..the most we can except is making it to playoffs. What we have now is a very talented bunch which is not being used optimally. Please, please bring back Sloan on an interim basis...even just this yr (until a long term coach is found) and I feel he will get them to play .500 ball the rest of the way. I was and never will be a fan of playing for draft picks!!!

Roy, UT

Karl & John used to bore me to death with their repetitive pick & roll play, but they were professional in that they ran the successful play over and over again until the defense could stop it, forced the D into changing their focus and then the offense took advantage yet another way.......today when the Jazz have something good,like Haywood taking size advantage down low to post up, they do it once, score on it, then do not go back to it again. My question is WHY? I see this as the reason they lose so many games. The Jazz do not have the discipline and work ethic to run the plays that work, they shoot poorly because they do not realize their limitations and go to their strengths.

Provo, UT

Go Warriors!

American Fork, UT

Wiggins, randle or Parker? Or will the commish make sure Cleveland gets the overall number 1pick again? Boston has 3 lottery picks correct?

Bastrop, TX

It's difficult to watch a bunch of kids making mistake after mistake out there...I try to convince myself that this is the first stage of the growing process, that I have to be patient; but I fail to see how the "growth" is going to occur if the mistakes continue and there is no one correcting them.
This team needs a coach who studies film and makes constructive adjustments from what the film indicates are problems.
This team needs a coach who will tell Kanter to stop bringing the ball down for that quick dribble in the paint.....He's been doing it ever since he got here.
This team needs a coach who will tell Hayward to stop flinging those long cross-court passes. They give a defender time to get under the ball and intercept it
This team needs a coach who will designate who is to shoot three point shots....Anyone can reach the basket from beyond the arc, but if it doesn't go in, it doesn't count.
This team needs a coach who will go along with the youth program Lindsey has set up.
This team needs a coach!!

W-Ton, Uk

The only bright spark for me was that our best play was AGAIN when we had an actual PG playing (Garrett). The rest is well disappointing, I'm pleased for Marvin but he is taking mins away from the guys who need to develop.

What on earth happened to Kanter's "Big Al" moves ? Right now he seems happy with that jumper ONLY.

With a bit of luck Trey's return can push us a bit closer to resembling a NBA team again....

Then again coach Ty is still, well.... Coach.....

sandy, ut

Another steller showing by all the players, coaches, and owners of the jazz. I saw Greg Miller just sit there content on the sidelines. He has allowed an acceptance of losing into the Utah Jazz organization, something Larry would have never done. He has stuck with a coach that hasn't earned his keep. He has kept players that are borderline d-league players. Looking good jazz.

West Jordan, UT

Congratulations Greg Miller, Dennis Lindsay, Kevin O'Connor and the rest of the Jazz management. You have successfully put together the worst team in the NBA and most likely in Jazz history.

Provo, UT

Worst team in NBA get use to it. It won't change any time soon. There are no game changers on this roster just a bunch of good to mediocre role players. They aren't even competitive anymore. They made their run after the game was well decided and Golden State had backed off. This is what you Jazz fans wanted. You've got it now live with it. Sloan couldn't make this group winners, no one can. I like to see entitled fans suffer. The state of Utah is loaded with fans who believe they are entitled.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

I do not think we will make it through the season without seeing a coaching change. I was at the game and visited with several long time season ticket holders. The feeling among them is that Corbin is ruining this team and has to go. The are saying the Jazz made a huge error in selecting Corbin over Hornecek. I tend to agree. The point was brought up about how the Jazz players are not even learning basic fundamentals like boxing out for rebounding position, setting a proper screen, how to play team defense, How to run an offensive set and on and on. The overall feeling is that they do not mind the rebuild and the losing to get a good talent in the draft, but not at the cost of proper development of our current future players.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

The GS announcers said it all: "when you can't get an offensive rebound it shows a lack of effort" Is it lack of effort or just ineptness?

Salt Lake City, UT

The young players aren't improving. Compare the first two games to the last 10 or so. Instead, they're getting used to losing. They're barely trying any more, apart from the rookies.
One or two top draft picks aren't going to change this.
It's a disaster.

Layton, UT

I have to disagree with the sourpuss Jazz fans. I think they are learning and getting better. I also do not think it is a bad thing that Willams is playing. We have to have Vets not just for payroll but to show the kids that it is okay. I also am getting tired of Burks playing the PG. Gordon does a better job of running the point than Alec. Garret IMO is doing really well but do not understand why we picked up John he is not a pass first PG like the team and franchise uses.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

The Jazz TV commentary crew should get a raise for their efforts to put valiantly lipstick on this pig night after night.

On second thought, only give the raise to Harpring. The other guy is too annoying.

Ivins, UT

I agree the Jazz are the worst team in the NBA right now but it was expected by everyone that we would be near the bottom so it shouldn't be a shock to anyone. I also think Corbin will probably be shown the door this year and hopefully a coaching change will inspire the troops. However, some of you might be forgetting that the Jazz are a disaster right now at the point guard and that is the biggest problem. Until Trey gets back I hope Corbin will give the bulk of the minutes to Garrett. The team definitely looks better when we have a point guard in there that will drive and distribute the ball. When Burks or Lucas are playing the point we just pass the ball around the perimeter and end up missing most of our outside shots. We have always been an inside - out team and that is still the case with the current crew. Golden State can play outside-in because they have the personnel to do so.

Fair Oaks, CA

Eleven games in and many fair weather fans are expecting the Jazz to be winning more? Give them time to develop. I agree with parts of most of your comments but the panic button can't be pushed already. Perhaps Corbin needs to go but all of this can't be decided this early in the season. It's been painful to watch most games but there are glimmers of great play and progress.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

In the middle of the 3rd quarter "comeback" Curry drives down to our end. Bogut comes out to set the screen on our guard. Kanter sags back 3-4 under the screen instead of making Curry bump out in order to give time for our guard to recover and get over the screen to get on Curry. Curry drifts across and lets his 3 go while unguarded. Swish.

You are over 10 games in and our Center Kanter is allowed to play lousy pick and roll defense when perhaps the best shooter in the NBA has the ball and is setting him up.

So. Our coach did nothing. Kanter continued to play and repeated the mistake over and over. Whenever they needed a shot they just run the same play we get the same horrific defense and the Warriors got more points.

Dumb player? Does he not know how to guard that? Does he not want to bother? Evidently he is allowed to not bother.

Supposedly this team was suppose to concentrate on defense. I see players making little effort with no consequence from their coach. I don't see them stopping anyone and we know defense is effort.

Poor Coaching.


Jazz Source, whom ever plays the off big man in the Jazz offense is going to hurt for offense. When Favors was that guy his game suffered. Kanter played well when given the chance to shoot and the offense ran through him. Now he sets screens, and he is best 15 foot jump shooter they have. His mistakes are from fighting the double team, who do you want to replace him in this small lineup. He gets beat on the pick and roll because he is a 260lb big man that cannot beat a point guard around the top. The real question is who is not rotating behind him when he comes out on the pick and roll. Remember last year Jefferson never even showed on top, and still got beat. I think Kanter is beast, it's the offense. This offense had Karl ruining Thurls game, Boozer ruined AK, Jefferson ruined Millsap, and now Favors is doing it to Kanter. It's not so much the athlete, it's the same offense over and over.

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