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Published: Monday, Nov. 18 2013 6:40 p.m. MST

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Frisco, TX

Why do U only look at November schedule? Let's also look at December schedule.

2012 December schedule
Utah - Bye

2013 December schedule
BYU vs Washington (according to most predictions)
Utah - Bye (according to most predictions)

U 90
Corona, CA

Staythecourse & BeSmart,

The point of my post was to point out the dreadful teams BYU plays every November. I'm not disputing there is an occasional decent team thrown in the mix.

It's interesting to see how quiet BYU fans are after the predictable loss to Utah each year, and then how confident they become on these threads after the Y beats up on it's annual feast of cupcakes in November. Heck, duckhunter goes from hiding out in Tulsa in September to setting a record number of posts on Utah articles in November. While Colorado and Washington St. are not world beaters, they're certainly nowhere near as dreadful as Hawaii, Idaho, Idaho State, New Mexico State etc. If you want to talks SOS, Utah #1, BYU #24.

There's no disputing that BYU has had a much easier schedule over the past 3 years, but by the end of November Y fans have forgotten this little fact in addition to the annual loss to the Utes. But hey, none of that really matters right, Y fans obsessed with all things Utah should flood the Ute threads after those impressive November wins over teams like Idaho State.

U 90
Corona, CA


In case you didn't catch on, I was explaining why some BYU "fans" become so over confident in November that they step up the smack talk despite the fact that the Y owns a weaker schedule and a loss to the Utes. If you want to talk broader schedules, then lets looks at the season to date... Utah #1, BYU #24.

By the way, do you have any 2014 basketball predictions for us... say like Carlino, Haws and Mika averaging 70 pts per game?

Rez Road
Shiprock, NM

@ Duck hunter
It seems like everything you say is opinion. I can handle that. I don't read it as fact.

Springville, UT

A walk on QB as your plan 'B' and two redshirts is not much of contingency plan is it after 3 years?

Utes deserve this mess as much as they love their coaches for setting up this dismal QB scenario for the third year in a row.

Yes, no one can predict a Qb's demise or injuries but being in a position to have to burn a redshirt is one thing, having a walk on QB is another.

Maybe Schulz will do Ok, maybe he will survive, maybe the redshirt won't have to be used but being in this position is preventable and good grief, it's not like this hasn't happened before.

I guess you guys like this stuff huh? Or is it that you just hate to be reminded of the insanity of having to deal with this another season?

It is a coaching mess in and of itself, separate from the other messes.

Highland, UT

I am really enjoying this thread, especially the way I've got u 90 so "frantic and emotional" LOL!

ute "fans" please tell me why utah will ever be consistently better than they currently are? Other than you really, really want them to be what is it that makes you actually think they will be?

Like I said they will occasionally have decent years but what is it about the university of utah that is going to attract recruits over just about any other school in the conference other than maybe wsu and colorado? And honestly most would probably prefer Boulder and its closeness to denver over slc.

I know that the truth of this is almost to hard for you to bear, I know that you guys really, really want to be good. I understand you think that kids are just dying to come and freeze half the year in a racially homogenous state just because you happen to be a "fan" and really, really want them to. But it just isn't reality. Sorry.

U 90
Corona, CA


Ute fans like the QB mess about as much as BYU fans like Virginia fiasco or annual guaranteed loss to Utah. How's that view from your glass house?

Springville, UT



"...Please enlighten us all on how Wilson suffering a concussion and finding out he had a pre-existing medical issue, has anything at all to do with coaching."

Leave to a Ute with reading comprehension problems to twist my comments into something they are not.

Please enlighten us all where I mention anything about Wilson's medical condition to poor coaching.

The article was about burning a redshirt and my 'keen' observation that your team has a QB backup problem that seems to perpetuate itself from season to season to season.


Cottonwood Heights, UT


Sorry but it's you that has the comprehension issues. You've still failed to explain how Wilson's previously unknown pre-existing head trauma relates to poor coaching.

Outside of a few BYU fans, the rest of the world seems to understand that sometimes you're simply dealt a bad hand.

If you really want to say Whittingham has done a poor job with the quarterback situation then by all means point back to the recruiting process from a few years ago. But since then Utah has been busy stocking the cupboard. Utah currently has three young but talented QBs behind Schulz and another talented HS QB committed.

Burning a redshirt is not a matter of bad coaching, it would simply be bad timing. If Travis Wilson would've had this issue after the first two games of the season then "burning" Manning's redshirt season wouldn't have been as big of a deal due to the amount of experience he'd gain from playing most of the year.

So yeah, it's a matter of bad timing and has absolutely nothing to do with bad coaching. But keep spinning for the sake of spinning.


Yeah, BYU has a proven history of all star backups. Matt Berry, Todd Mortensen, and Brett Engemann sure all did a bang-up job shuffling around. And that near record-breaking day Lark had, you didn't even mention that it was against the vaunted New Mexico State defense! And that was before playing so well against San Diego State that coaches were forced to pull him just to set up the Kyle Van Noy show.

How could one compare Brett Ratliff, who couldn't even manage to spend more than 6 years on NFL rosters, to any of them? Or Jon Hays, who could only manage a 2:1 touchdown to interception ratio and a 7-5 record in two half seasons?

See how nicely selective memory works?



We have a backup, and backups for our backup.

Wilson's pre-existing condition is sad, the timing is unfortunate, and your attempt to twist this into a coaching oversight is a pathetic way to deal with the sting of losing to the Utes year after year after year.

Worry about your own coaches, they can't ever seem to beat ours.

You look more desperate than usual.


In the midst of the usual childish back and forth, I would like to ask a sincere question to those of you who are critical of Coach Whittingham for the current quarterback situation:

What should he do if Schulz gets hurt?

Highland, UT


Yea the utes are stellar at qb, top to bottom, have been for the last 5 seasons. Great point.

West Jordan, UT

This team Stinks period. They just can't get it done!

Cheyenne, WY

@ U90
I acknowledged the fact that BYU's schedule has been weaker.
But as someone who cheers for both of these schools it is quite obvious that the U has regressed as the season has continued (I think this is mainly due to injuries) and as they currently stand the odds predictors would probably favor BYU (as has been the case the lat 3 year) Utah is a good team that knows how to dominate the series with BYU.
BYU is 7-3 against the toughest schedule (the coaches claim this 2004 was much tougher) in history and 24th in the nation only 6 teams have more wins than BYU with that tough of schedule. That is very respectable in my opinion. Utah has 4 wins against the toughest schedule in the Nation which is also respectable.
According to Sagarin the strength of schedule and the amount of victories BYU lines up with LSU and Utah lines up closest to Florida.
Both these programs are showing that they are decent programs this year.
To BYU and Utah fans let's be happy with that.

Salt Lake City, UT


BYU's list of backup QBs also includes Marc Wilson, Jim McMahon, Steve Young, Robbie Bosco, Ty Detmer, and Taysom Hill.


Utah has played the number one rated schedule so far this season. Sagerin has Utah ranked 26 in the country. Utah is one of only two teams in the top 50 with a losing record. Florida is the other. Utah is 2-5 versus the top 30. NOBODY except Stanford who has played 6 top 30 teams has played anywhere near the 7 Utah has played. By comparison Ohio State and Florida State have played 1 top 30 team. Alabama has played 3 and byu has played 3.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA


In the BCS standings, which include all of the factors you cited, SOS, wins and losses versus Top 50, as well as a factor you didn't bother to mention, overall record:

#39 BYU(7-3) - computer average 28.75
#52 Utah(4-6) - computer average 52.5

btw, Sagarin ranks BYU's SOS at #24, BETTER than any schedule in Utah's history, prior to this season.

Springville, UT

motorbike / truthsandwich

Reading my comments and attributing Wilson's injuries to poor coaching is your nice little imagination running away. You guys suggested it, not me. LOL

It's sad that Ute fans have to make up stuff for a conversation these days.

Maybe instead of getting frantic and emotional over these QB issues maybe some holiday downtime planning is in order.


Swoop, those were all starters. Yes, of course nearly all starters started their careers as back-ups. Weak comeback.

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