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Published: Monday, Nov. 18 2013 6:20 p.m. MST

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Riverton, UT

Hmm, wondering if anyone has paid any attention to the House hearings this morning with Henry Chao.

From National Review: "A chief official responsible for building the federal health-insurance exchange revealed that as much as 70 percent of the system still needs to be built. Henry Chao, the deputy chief information officer for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, told a House subcommittee that the administration still needs to construct the payment systems and other 'back office' functions, which constitute 60 to 70 percent of the system." (video at NRO).

60 to 70%? They need to construct the payment system? That would mean that zero people have actually paid for their plans and probably why Obama and HHS included plans that were in "shopping carts" with their enrollment numbers.


Bungalow, Obama knew: "'The president received regular briefings on various aspects of implementing the [Affordable Care Act], including the recommendations from this review and the steps that CMS, HHS and others had taken to address those recommendations,' press secretary Jay Carney said of a McKinsey report that House Republicans provided to news outlet"--Politico

Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

Why go through all of this for only a one year delay in these plans being cancelled? The lie would still be a lie next year.

People only focus on what happens to the individual market. I would like to see the media report on what effect this law is having on the employer group plans. Those plans "arent available" as they were before either. Lots of deceit in this law, just like always when goverment makes us promises.

Cedar Hills, UT

one of the rules of engineering is not to waste time on a bad design. There comes a point where you cut your losses - scrap the whole thing and swallow your pride and start over. Get some new perspective and fresh ideas. Some things just can't be fixed and instead of spinning your tires in the mud going nowhere it is best to just stop the car - get out and walk. Obamacare - in every imaginable way is a nightmarish tragedy. The law is rotten and so is the web site. The web site is in MUCH better shape than the law and "might" be able to be fixed at least to the point where you can use it. The law will never work. The time - money - effort wasted trying to fix the law could be spent brain storming on a new law that actually DOES fix healthcare in America.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Every public policy debate should begin with three questions:
Should we?
Can we?

ACA has never been settled on the first question: SHOULD our government regulate medical care? Over half of America has never been sold on the idea in the first place. It was a tough sell to Congress, failed three times, and was finally passed using bribes, procedural tricks and a last-minute push.

Can we? Well, apparently not. Washington has note been very effective at carrying out policies, and this one is HUGE.

Riverton, UT

Bungalow, yes, let's get the facts straight. From CNN 6/25/12, "'Obamacare': The word that defined the health care debate":

"That month, a record -- which was broken a few months later -- was set for the number of times 'Obamacare' had been uttered in Congressional speeches: 272 times, according to an analysis by the Sunlight Foundation.

That analysis showed the word has been used nearly 3,000 times since its debut as a phrase on Capitol Hill in July 2009.

The word was first put in print in March 2007, according to The New York Times, when health care lobbyist Jeanne Schulte Scott penned it in a health industry journal."

"We will soon see a 'Giuliani-care' and 'Obama-care' to go along with 'McCain-care,' 'Edwards-care,' and a totally revamped and remodeled 'Hillary-care' from the 1990s,' she wrote."

In the same article: "So part of the Affordable Care Act health care reform, also known as 'Obamacare,' " he said at a town hall meeting in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. "I have no problem with folks saying 'Obama cares.' I do care. If the other side wants to be the folks who don't care, that's fine with me."

Exton, PA

Apparently in Obama's childhood, he never learned the nursery rhyme "Humpty-Dumpty". King Obama will never be able to put back together this Humpty Dumpty that has fallen, ne men.

Saratoga Springs, UT

@bungalow - Who really cares about the name.

My facts are straight. Also, Obama during the debates completely accepted the term "ObamaCare", and it was given the name but it is his. It has his name on it, his changes, etc. thus the name. And for all that, that is all you have. Figured as much.

Centerville, UT

"Unscrambling an omelet"
I remember sleeping over at a friend's house and in the morning my friend's mom tried to make omelets for us. It was horribly burned and tasted awful. There was no unscrambling that either. Today, Barack Obama is my friend's mother and his 'omelet' is good for nothing and should be cast into the garbage. Nobody asked if I wanted an omelet. I don't and certainly not a burned one.

MemoFromA Demo

I'd like to see someone take this issue to court for breach of contract. Here's where I'm coming from:

A contractual agreement is comprised of three parts: 1) An offer, 2) An acceptance, and 3) Consideration. Obama asked me to vote for him by promising that I can keep my insurance policy AND my rates would not go up (Offer). I believed him and the many other Democrats that pledged the same. I agreed to the terms. (Acceptance). So relying upon the terms of the Offer, I voted twice for Barrack Obama as President (Consideration).

If I had known that Obama and Congress were lying to me, I would not have given Obama my vote. But since he made a contract with me and the American citizens, I expect that he keeps his promises: -- that I can keep my policy, and -- that my rates won't go up. In fact, Obama promised that the average American will save $2,500 a year. I would like to see someone press this in court!

... And to you other Democrats, quit putting political partisanship over principle. Obama made us a promise! Don't let him walk all over us.

Tremonton, UT

Obamacare is a giant income redistribution scheme from the beginning. Compiled in secret, no hearings held, passed literally at midnight on Christmas eve 2009 and rammed down America's throat using procedural gimmicks with only Democrats voting for it and every Republican against. Obama never sought Republican input and shut them out. So many Democrats voted like lemmings using DNC talking points and now are horrified to learn how it's all unravelling.

Repeal this abomination. Restore freedom. Pass Health Savings Accounts and empower the people; not the bureaucrats!

FIre the IRS "enforcers" under Obamacare.

Mcallen, TX

May our Obama supporters get what they voted for.

Pointing fingers at Bush, Republicans, or the Tea Party, won't fix this, and is a sign of weakness.

This one is on me-----Obama, a few days ago.

Brigham City, UT

We have had national health care for the last 60 years, Mr. Obama wants people to start paying for it, that is conservative. No more free riders. Follow the Bible and you will be blessed, religious people live longer. Proverbs 3:8 "It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to the bones."

Salt Lake City, UT

"What is the name of the plan?"-- H.R.3121 - American Health Care Reform Act of 2013

"How many pages?" 191

Sponsored by David Roe, TN on 9/17/13

It is still in committee, but it doesn't really matter if it passes. Harry Reid wouldn't bring it up for a vote anyways.'

Few points:

So 1) This is NOT legislation. It sounds like, this has not even passed the Republican House.

So, once again, how can something be a 'solution', when it is not even brought to a vote….by the people who are supposed to be supporting an 'alternative'.

It's 2013 people. Where are the solutions?

2) It's 2013.

If the only time your party looks for solutions…

is when someone ELSE has one…

you have no solutions.

3rd. Bush had x8 years to fix this problem and the 'solution' is still in it's infancy in Obama's 2nd term?

How was my claim that the GOP has zero solutions, been proven 'wrong' in this case? :)

Murray, UT


The term Obamacare was around long before Mitt Romney said it. Get your facts straight!


Immediate fix in five easy steps.

1. Get the government out of the healthcare industry.
2. Get the government out of the healthcare industry.
3. Get the government out of the healthcare industry.
4. Get the government out of the healthcare industry.
5. Get the government out of the healthcare industry.

Asking the federal government to fix the healthcare-related problems of the U.S. is like asking an arsonist to put out a fire he started. The only long-term solution is to stop the arsonist from starting fires.



The definition of legislation:

1. The act or process of legislating; lawmaking.
2. A proposed or enacted law or group of laws.

So, yes, HR 3121 does fall under "legislation" as it is a proposed law.

Only in your little liberal bubble does legislation=solutions.

But, if you really want legislation, any of the repeal bills passed by the House Obamacare are looking more likely every day as the only solution to this mess.

Cedar Hills, UT

there is no "fix" other than complete repeal. The law is un-sustainable and un-workable. This is what happens when you pass the bill before you read the bill. Sort of like taking a rugged dirt road in your 4WD before you even know where it leads. It may lead to a dead end where you can't even turn around without rolling over into a deep canyon. Should have looked at the topo map BEFORE you took the road. Too late to FIX things once you get to the end of the road. The only solution is to BACK UP all the way to the main road and then go in a different direction (hopefully this time looking at a map) and using some common sense.

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