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Published: Monday, Nov. 18 2013 6:20 p.m. MST

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Centerville, UT

Obama does not work or live in the real world. His presidency is a joke, and cannot end soon enough.

WHY does congress allow Obama to write and change law at a whim? What Obama does is not legal! Someone should challenge Obamacare before the Supreme Court again because I doubt it will stand.

Centerville, UT

The whole plan is crumbling under the weight of its own arrogance and short-sightedness. Wipe the slate clean and lets do something that really does make healthcare more affordable.

high school fan
Huntington, UT

This is not now one has it ever been about healthcare, this is about control and how better to control someone but through their health.

American Patriot
Eagle Mountain, UT

The ACA (Obamacare as it's known) is an abject failure and obviously was never designed to work in the first place. It was designed to burden the American citizens while forcing a move to a single payer plan which we do not want. Obama and his administration have not done one thing to help this nation. Rather, it has brought this nation to the edge of collapse.

Obama has been caught in his lies and we, the American people, have had enough of this nonsense. Let's dump the ACA and go back to what we all had which was working just fine.

Salt Lake City, UT

@American Patriot
"Let's dump the ACA and go back to what we all had which was working just fine"

I don't care what you think about the ACA but what we had was definitely not working well. The US was spending 17.5% of GDP on healthcare and healthcare costs were increasing faster than inflation, while other nations were getting comparable results for 8-12% of GDP. Despite spending all that, unlike those other nations we had 10% of people without any insurance at all.

Joan Watson

First you can - then you cant, then you can - muddled confusion! Has anyone, including the president and his advisors read the so called 'Affordable Health Care' either before or after its implementation?

American Patriot
Eagle Mountain, UT

atl 134...At this point I figure you are out numbered by those who know the truth of the matter by at least a hundred million (and counting) or more that have just lost their insurance. Anything before this corrupt piece of garbage became 'law' was better than the present ACA fiasco. This is insanity at its best and the majority of Americans - the ones that will pay out the nose for this joke of a plan - are being hurt the most. The TRUTH is that the ACA, or anything like it, is bad news for America and its citizens.

sunamn, IN

This is a time to file a lawsuit, although Obama care was ruled a tax, it has been changed, not by congress, but by the executive branch, if not challenged, the precendent is most chilling-good bye constitution.

Merritt Island, Fl

Correct. I wish the President had just stayed the course until the web site was fixed. Many States have been successful in signing up uninsured people. This change also opened the door for abuse, like canceling policies grandfathered by the ACA and substituting over priced policies outside the Exchange pricing.
The medical system is technically good, but the means by which it is dispensed (money) is a major problem. A one night stay in a local for profit hospital was $69,000. Why? I was paying into a fund to pay for uninsured showing up at the Emergency Room. My message here if you hate the ACA: if you break an arm, need heart surgery find a DIY book.
If the ACA does wither, then a Single Payer System is in the future. This is the only Industrialized Country that depend on Employer based insurance. The concept was to attract highly qualified people, now employees are merely disposable chattel. Long past any usefulness.

Springville, UT

It seems to me that no matter what this President does, he will be viciously attacked by the ill-informed, bad faith, pile-on, destroy at all cost sycophants. The clamor for change, he gives it to them, then the complain even louder.

In reflecting on this overblown controversy, once the rollout issues get ironed out and enrollments happen (and there are months yet before the deadline, and we know people wait until near the deadline), all of this will be forgotten. The ludicrous rhetoric is not because critics care about the American people. It's only to advance their own particular interests. Yes, there have been website problems. Yes, website problems, nothing more. But to elevate this to a national crisis is a sign of bad faith. I'm beginning to think this country is really screwed up, and not because of the President.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

The Republican's are brain dead if they go along with delaying anything on Obama Care at this point.

This law was delayed until now because the Democrats are boiling frogs. Things are going so poorly that the frogs are ready to hop out of the pot. Any delay just turns down the heat.

Obama delayed the employer mandate for a year because he did not want 93 million angry voters just before the 2014 election. Obama had no authority to do this. None, Nata Zip!

The Republicans and Insurance companies should sue to force Obama to enforce 100% of this unconstitutional mess. Turn the heat up already!

The only change allowed should be repeal and replace.

Salt Lake City, UT

The 'fix' is better, than the alternative.

Which is more of nothing from the Republican party.

Sioux City, IA

"The medical system is technically good, but the means by which it is dispensed (money) is a major problem. A one night stay in a local for profit hospital was $69,000."

Had you said $690 or even $1200 I would have you. But at $69,000 you must have had a lot more going on than just staying in the hospital overnight.

Murray, UT

This president must think he is a god, commanding the world to do his bidding. You would think that after the disastrous roll-out of the ACA, he would realize that he can't just wave his hand and make it so, but he is trying again. He has no clue how many months insurance companies have been working on premium rates and benefits packages, but they started last February. No matter how many times Obama waves his hand, they can't conjure up plans that no longer exist in 6 short weeks.

Community Organizer!!!??? Speeches and rallies don't reduce the cost of health care, and they don't make a good president.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA


I don't know how you missed it but the Republicans do have a solution to this.

1. Allow insurance to be sold across state lines.
2. Legalize real Medical Savings Accounts (MSA's)
3. Move to catastrophic care policies with high deductibles.
4. Require health care providers to post their rates and charge everyone the same price.
5. Do a triage at the ER and send non emergencies to urgent care providers.
6. Those treated at the ER without insurance have to pay the bill unless they are too poor.
7. Malpractice reform. 20% of the nations health care bill goes to malpractice insurance. Another 20% goes to defensive medicine (tests ordered because the doctor may need this if he is sued).
8. Allow a cafeteria approach where the consumer can purchase only the coverage they want.

There is an army of paper pushers at health care providers and insurance companies that needs to do something productive. A policy with a $10,000 deducible for a 50 year old only costs $47 a month. Put what you would otherwise pay in premiums in your MSA and you're covered.

Now stop saying the Republican's don't have a plan.

Brigham City, UT

16,000 Dow Jones today; let us keep going in the same direction we are going. It was 6,500 in March 2009. The rich are being taxed heavily and the economy is growing; things are going well in America.

Draper, UT

The fiasco known as Obamacare is dying under its own weight which, IMO, is more evidence that Senators Cruz and Lee were wrongheaded in their quixotic quest to "defund" it by shutting down the government. There is no question that this country needs some sort of healthcare reform. The ACA has at least gotten everyone's attention, and one can hope that something good will come of it.

South Jordan, UT

So. . . this is a question that I would really love an answer to. Why is it that we could impeach Clinton, whose personal life was a mess, but was actually a fairly decent president, but I don't hear any talk of impeaching Obama. Seriously. Can we not find ANY laws that he has broken? I really don't think I can stand 3 more years of this!

South Jordan, UT


Amigo, no system is perfect the idea of universal healthcare is an ideological idea that at best a system only approaches. So using a utilitarian approach we say how do we get the most people health insurance (and ACA never promised to provide healthcare just insurance--they are different) at the lowest possible cost to society. Now I personally cannot afford insurance. The ACA only made it harder (yes harder!!!) for me, and people like me (part-time employees), to get health insurance. It also made premiums go up on everyone I know that can afford/does have health insurance. So we can conclude like adults that the ACA has led to (1) fewer or at best the same amount of people having health insurance (2) those who do have health insurance are getting it at a higher price. Now...which broken system do you prefer? The argument that any change is progress is silly, because (1) our previous "broken system" is better than most of the world, (2) progress entails improvement (more people, lower cost to society, better services)not legislation (a document that is worthless if it's theory is flawed or incorrectly implemented).

Salt Lake City, UT

'I don't know how you missed it but the Republicans do have a solution to this.'

What is the name of the plan?

How many pages?

When has the GOP tried to legislate that under this admin?

No, no, and no.

x47 attempts to repeal the ACA. Costing Americans over $50 million dollars.

Republicans had x8 years under Bush and accomplished nothing.

Talking points are great.

They are not, a solution.

Know the difference.

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