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Published: Monday, Nov. 18 2013 1:20 p.m. MST

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Iowa State was neck and neck with BYU in the rankings until they beat Michigan but it was at IS's home court. The Cougars need Haws healthy and it helps that the game is at BYU. Nonetheless, it WILL still be a great win!

Go Cougars!

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

If Haws can play the Cougars have a great shot at yet another quality win against a top tier team. They have a size advantage but have a lot of youth up front. Hopefully the guard line can hold down the fort.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Hoiberg is also identified as one of college basketballs top twenty-five coaches.

The Cougars have a big challenge. They need to play HUGE defense, keep turnovers low, and have a healthy Tyler Haws.

Carlino must drive and dish, rather than huck up three-balls!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Please do not rely on the 3 ball in this game. The Cougars need to get back on defense if they want to win this one. Too bad Kaufusi will not be available - even for 5 minutes on defense.

At least this time Haws and company will not be victims of mugging while taking it to the hoop.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Last year Iowa State took it to byu. It looked like an NBA team going against a church ball team. Likely same result this year.

The difference in athleticism is HUGE between these two programs.

Iowa State won by 20 last year. Perhaps byu will keep it to 10-15 this year.

Big Sky Fan
Ogden, UT

@ Chirs B

Um, BYU is a church affiliated school, So you're finally right about one thing, Yes, technically BYU is a church ball team.

I also agree byu has some huge athletic kids (ever seen that true freshman MIKA player?) He is pretty big and athletic.

BYU will win this game, they have great athletes and aren't afraid of a top25 team in Iowa St.

Dave Rose will have them ready for this game. Look for BYU to crack the top 25 soon.

I"m just glad that Chris B predicted Iowa St. Judging from his predictions in football whoever he picks the other team usually wins.

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

Chris B,
No the NBA/Church ball comparison will be when the Cougars invade uteville. BYU by 30.

Saratoga Springs, UT

BYU has the athleticism to compete and beat Iowa State. Jealous that U are only playing cup cakes?

Syracuse, UT

Chris B.

Go troll the Ute stories! Just be grateful that your Utes didn't schedule a real basketball program like ISU or they might set a new record for largest scoring differential - only on the losing side this time.

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

Me thinks that Chris has forgotten the beat down the Cougars gave to his beloved PAC 11+u Stanford at their home just a few day ago. So much for the mighty PAC. When Chris' team has the nerve to play top tier teams then we will talk, until then enjoy your cupcakes.
Oh and I noticed that Stanford got ZERO votes in either poll this week where BYU cracked the top 30. Try as I might I could not see the utes in the top 200. Hmmmmmm.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Chris B:

How's about we have a challenge bet. If BYU beats Iowa State on Wednesday, you will agree to absent yourself from Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune posting about BYU for a full month.

Conversely, if Iowa State beats BYU I will make the same commitment not to post on either site as well.

Do you have the confidence in your comments to accept that challenge? I would like to have a vacation from your comments about BYU for a month and challenge you to accept this friendly wager.

Louisiana Cougar

Missouri loves BYU
Lebanon, MO

C'mon folks, lets remember to not feed the trolls. We all know including the trolls that BYU over the past 5+ years has better recruits, better players, a better team, a better coaching staff, a better national fan base, a better win/loss record , a better head to head record and more national respect. And it isn't even close enough to warrant a discussion.

I expect a great game with Iowa state. Seeems like everyone is playing with a little more excitement this year. I like our chances and I like our team. Lots of reasons to be positive.

Rexburg, ID

No athletes? Well there's Carlino, Haws, Winder, Bartley, Mika...i can go on. I think BYU has a great chance since they're at home and are a better match up this time around against ISU than last year

Salt Lake City, UT

Another selective forgetfulness of BYU's Stanford/pac12 beat down. Better mind your own utes. They have enough troubles of their own. But thanks for keeping up with BYU, the state of Utah's premiere university hoop squad.

Missouri loves BYU
Lebanon, MO

@ Chris...
Let me help you with some math since you seem to struggle with it....I know, it is a UofU thing.
Last year Utah lost to Stanford twice..
first time by 31 points....
second time by 18 points...
averages out to 19 points...(I spotted you the half game.)
So... if losing by 20 points to a team is an indication of a huge difference in atheticism than Utah is way out of their league in the Pac 12. I know. You realy want to be included.... truth hurts.

By the way... The Stanford team that gave Utah a beatdown twice last year is the same team BYU wasn't afraid to schedule on the road and thrashed on a few weeks ago.

Go ahead... Cheer for Iowa State... I want you to be disappointed more than just when BYU beats Utah again....

Lindon, UT

I hope everyone knows that the primary reason for trolls a trolling is nothing more than entertainment at all the responses they get. The best response is plain and simple ignoring. Even negative reinforcement perpetuates a behavior. Please, for the love... stop responding and start ignoring.
Now, back to Bball. ISU had a very impressive win over the weekend and deserve the rank they got today. Normally, that would make me think we had very little shot at winning this game. However, this team has a very different attitude. Heck, even Carlino has played with more control and better decision making--- except this weekend when Rose quickly sat him. Hoping that served as a good reminder he won't forget. The new/RM guys have added an element we didn't have last year and it's very exciting. Looking forward to this one. Go Coug's!!

Frisco, TX

This should be a great game. BYU and Iowa St are both better teams than they were last year. The two things I know for sure that would make it difficult to get a W:

1. if BYU goes 1 for 21 (or whatever it was against CO Mesa) from behind the arc.
2. if Tyler doesn't play or plays poorly because of his injury.

But if BYU plays / shoots like they did in every other game and Tyler has a respectable night, it is likely to be a win for the Cougs.

I expect us to play a smaller line-up, with Collinsworth at the 4 spot, a lot of the game.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

Just wait and see we will win byu this year and byu will lose because we are in a bcs conference and that means we are prestegous .

Go Utes!

Syracuse, UT

I'm a BYU fan but you BYU fans who are so critical of Utah might eat some words this year. Utah is a much better team this year. They'll be a very difficult team to beat.
I noticed Collingsworth went out at the end of the last game hurting. No one has mentions what it was but I wondered if he pulled a muscle in his abdomen area. Do any of you know anything about that. I hope he is well as well as Haws. We need both of them. Carlino is playing better until he decides he has to do it all himself and then he hurts the team.
Go Cougs,

Carthage, MO

GD - Coach Rose said on True Blue last night that Collinsworth would be fine. There's still uncertainty about Haws. Hopefully he'll be cleared to play. If not, it's still a winable game against ISU, but a more difficult get. Haws makes it much more difficult for teams to key on guys like Carlino, Haws, Mika. Without him in the lineup it's more of a challenge. However, Winder, Collinsworth & Bartley did a good job against Colorado Mesa albeit a much weaker team than we'll face tomorrow. Good luck Cougs!

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