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Published: Sunday, Nov. 17 2013 8:40 p.m. MST

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Highland, UT

@co ute

Nothing you posted changes the fact that utah could win their last two games and still finish 10th, all the rest is possibilities just like the one I posted so your little "dig a little deeper" comment is basically meaningless.

That said the pac12 still only has 7 bowl tie ins and an 8th place utah team would still be on the outisde looking in, they have to hope to finish 7th, which is a very unlikely scenario, to guaranty a bowl spot. While the individual bowls the pac12 is tied into have a pecking order for choice of teams they do not get to choose outside of the top 7 and take an 8th place team instead. That means utah has to hope for an at large invite from a bowl whose tie in didn't qualify, an even more unlikely scenario. If you look at the bowls that might have an opening most are quite distant from here which even lessens the likelihood of utah being invited.

Really a bowl game for utah is a very long shot at this point even if they do qualify but i suppose you never know.

Mesa, AZ

The PAC-12 Conference remains solidly in 2nd place behind the sec in the latest Conference Power Rankings and in fact gained ground on them....The fact that its current 10th place team beat Stanford and played the others to w/in inches of securing victory, excepting solely UO up there in Eugene this last Saturday w/their B.U. QB, not to mention having done so while playing against the currently #1 ranked SOS in the nation, speaks to the overall top-to-bottom strength of our conference and unequivocally would be strongly factored into/considered by any bowl game committee considering extending an invitation to our 6-6 U, should they expectedly win both of their two remaining regular season games and in fact become bowl eligible!

The latest BCS Poll includes 5 of our opponents, which again bodes extremely well for us in this very scenario....Go Utes!

Highland, UT





What Duckhunter said.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I'm hunting Wabbit........

Salt Lake City, Utah


Here is the true scenario:

- The latest BCS Poll has Utah ranked 52nd

- Most of the bowls that might be looking for an at-large team are located over a thousand miles from SLC

- Bowls are all about making money

- Utah fans don't travel particularly well, especially for a 6-6 team

- Before an at-large 6-6 team can be invited, ALL teams with better records have to be invited

Bottom line:

Even if Utah manages to win its last two games, how many bowls would even be interested in inviting an mediocre 6-6 team with a fan base that doesn't travel well to a bowl over 1,000 miles away?

As Duckhunter said, the chances of Utah getting a bowl invitation are extremely remote.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"...the most recent bowl game projections have us slotted into The New Era Pin Stripe Bowl Game against an AAC team!"

Good luck with that, expecting a mediocre team with a fan base that doesn't travel well to get an invite to attend a bowl game almost 2,000 miles away.

Bountiful, UT

Well, the season isn't all bad, you did manage to win the BYU Bowl again this year. That's the only game that REALLY matters to Kyle and his utes anyways.

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