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Published: Sunday, Nov. 17 2013 5:15 p.m. MST

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Should be a fun game to watch, go Cougars!

Frisco, TX

I really like our chances against ND this year. On paper and film we look like we match up well with them. I'm hoping Hadley is back. I really think his run stopping up the middle would have helped against Wisconsin. And I'm hoping Hill got all of his interceptions out of the way against ISU. Multiple mistakes and we'll leave South Bend thinking what could have been, but a solid game should result in a W.

Looking more and more like we'll get USC in the bowl game. They have improved dramatically since Kiffin hit the road.


This is going to be the bellweather for BYU this year. BYU wants to play with the big boys. They seriously over matched against Wisconson. It will be interesting to see how they match up against a Notre Dame team that has not lived up to expectations.

Phoenix, AZ


Over matched isn't loosing by a touchdown and a field goal, overmatched is loosing by at least three touchdowns (or more).

New Haven, CT

Attended in South Bend last year. Those fans were nothing but class. They also had high football IQ. Funniest part was when several fans turned to us and said "you guys are the best team we've faced so far, if you actually had a QB that could make basic passes, you'd be up by 14. Well, we have a real QB this year...

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

BYU needs to win this game - hopefully by 2 touchdowns or more. A loss here and the season goes from good to mediocre.

Fruit Heights, Utah

Two cuations here. First BYU too many times has a tough time beating teams with winning records (except whent they play Utah who seem to beat BYU regardless of Utah's record). Secondly history proves that BYU can seldom beat a team in the top 25, luckily for BYU only one of those two woes have to be overcome this time. Lets hope they can "git er done" this time.

west jordan , UT

I am hopeful that BYU will bring their A game and win this one, but to be realist this could end as a loss. If BYU win this one it will be huge no matter how you cut it. BYU would win aganist a very respected football team and it would win on CBS, so many across the nation would see this win. It would put a natinal spot light on BYU and be a factor with getting better recuits that want to not just play in a good program, but play with a national crowd.

Sorry Utah, but right now with the way things are in your program, yes you get to be in the pac 12, but on a team that is currently lossing and is not on national TV like BYU is. That does tend to be on players minds when they are thinking of which school to commit too.
If players are concerned with the honor code then that says a lot there too.


GO Utah, get a bowl this year.

Danbury, CT

I'd give us a fighting chance if we didn't have Anae calling the plays. He has no imagination and gets stuck in ruts of 3 in a row up the middle. The only deception play in the book is play-action, otherwise, you can guess what he will call in a series. Taysom is still streaky, Hoffman catches (at most) 2 or 3 a game and Apo never really shows up. I love the work ethic of Williams, Ridley and our defense, but our O-line and half of the receivers are never in the game. Overall, there's just no intensity in our Offense.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

As always I am optimistic the Cougars can get the "W" this Saturday. Hill will not forget the two interceptions last Saturday and will not repeat those same mistakes against ND.

The Cougar D will come up big on Saturday.

BYU 31
ND 17

Visalia, CA

Tom, it was actually three, but who is counting.

Everyone has to admit that Taysom is a decent threat with both his arm and a massive threat on the ground. ND will prepare for that. However, our O-Line simply needs to create the holes and play their pulls and we will do well enough on offense to win.

Defense is another issue. We need to take care of the pass offense. This QB is one of the best one we will have faced this season (per their QBR). Equivelant to O'Korn at Houston.

We need to stop his pass and force them to run and tighten the box. If we do that there is no doubt the Cougs win this one.

Iowa City, IA

Hill can improve his game and the offense dramatically if he will take lessons from Ammon Olsen and how to carry out the ride and read part of the O. Olsen is helping the O line get big time blocks because he does it so well.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

BYU will bring it this year and will win. Van Noy will want this one, badly. Hill will run like crazy and then have time to throw. Williams will run run run.

Interesting there's no ChrisB comments here, he must sense a victory also.

I was disappointed the Utes couldn't finish it vs Oregon, they held tough for awhile.

Captain L
Provo, UT

To me how Taysom plays will determine if we win or not, if he can have a good day with high completion percentage we'll move the ball and score enough to win. I think Williams will play well but how well may depend on how well Hill passes and doesn't allow ND to pack the box. I love Taysoms potential but he still needs to improve and his inconsistency causes problems. I hope the O line can eliminate the penalties, if they can Hill should have a good day both passing and running. Go Cougs,

Cedar Hills, UT

BYU hung with Wisconsin and I suspect they will hang with ND at the South Bend. These are really tough places to play for any team. The key is not to turn the ball over. Hill may be a bit star struck at South Bend. At the end of the day it is really a good thing to keep this sort of scheduling going forward with these big teams. So long as the Y plays tough - earns respect - and keeps it close then one of these years they may run the table and win all of these games which will propel them possibly into the top 10. My prediction for the ND game is similar to Wisconsin ... ND 27 BYU 23.

Mission Viejo, CA

BYU could win this one. But it will take a great game.

Wonder who'll be in the Fight Hunger Bowl. USC is out, they'll get Holiday or something. Stanford, Oregon, and UCLA will be in bigger bowls. So Washington or Oregon State is my guess. Both tough, but my Huskies are so undisciplined I don't think they'll get there. I think they are the most penalized team in the NCAA. Cost them Stanford and UCLA games. But Price and Sankey are awesome. They could beat BYU.

Oregon State, I guess. They could beat BYU, too. I think the Huskies would be tougher, but Mannion would be hard to stop.

Utah rematch is out. Their offense stinks. Too bad for them. I would have loved to see them play BYU again.

tucson, AZ

I watched ND beat ASU on a neutral field and they looked good in doing it. I think BYU has the tools to beat ND it really is just a matter of if they play like they can and not pull a Virginia or Utah type performance. They have all the motivation in the world to do so between the opponent the location, the time of year and record impact , playing on a national TV venue with the exposure factor and the desir to beat a well known opponent under all these circumstances should be all the motivation to prove themselves that the cougars should need. I know one thing for sure that Kyle Van Noy will show up to play , I just hope his teammates follow suit and bring their A game. GO COUGARS !!

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

We will crush Notre Dame since we usually pound BCS caliber schools.

Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

Can anyone tell me what happened to the Safety who transferred from Notre Dame to BYU in Sept or October this year? THey made a big deal of him being immediately eligible to play. I thought there were enough opportunities at safety and cornerback to have him play if he was capable.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"...If BYU win this one it will be huge no matter how you cut it. BYU would win aganist a very respected football team and it would win on CBS...".


Saturdays game is on NBC.

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