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Published: Saturday, Nov. 16 2013 9:50 p.m. MST

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Wow, 1 of 21 in 3 point attempts, that is beyond awful, I hope that kind of shooting is now behind the Cougars! At least BYU was better at free throws than they have been.

On KenPom BYU and Iowa State were ranked right next to each other before Friday night's games, but now BYU is 28th and Iowa State 33rd. After tonight's games they might be right back next to each other.

I think next Wednesday will be the first good test of BYU this season, hopefully BYU can play better than tonight, go Cougars!

West Point , UT

This game was ugly. BYU looked flat, didn't have their legs, and took ill advised shots and made multiple mistakes running the floor. I guess playing at a high pace for three games in less than a week takes it's toll, but BYU will need to be a whole lot better against Iowa State. Good luck Wednesday Cougs!

Lincoln City, OR

BYU looked horrible tonight... I've Never seen worse shooting from the perimeter... Good thing we weren't playing a Division I team... Most would have killed us.

The Bigs rebounded okay but their defensive footwork leaves a lot to be desired... I really like what I see in Mika and this year's version of Austin... Would like to see Sharp get more minutes... And, I'd like to see Worthington learn how to shoot.

Carlino looked really bad... He earned the spotlight in the Stanford game, surrendered it in the Mount St. Mary's game, and was determined to get it back tonight despite the fact that he couldn't hit the ocean with his shot... If the guy is not hitting, he won't pass the ball unless he sees that it will directly result in an assist... He will also force up shots till he starts hitting (no matter how many he misses in the process).

Collinsworth is already better than he was before leaving on his mission... The best playmaker on the team.

I also like what Winder and Bartley are showing so far this year.

Just an off night on a back-to-back.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Colorado Mesa made the Cougars look bad for much of the game.

BYU's talent carried them -- but they won't have that talent advantage against good teams. I am concerned that BYU continues to be unable to guard the three-point line, in addition to the obvious fact that they struggle with shooting from long range.

Austin seems to be coming around and Bartley and Halford were a pleasant surprise. Glad to see Anson Winder and Kyle Collinsworth continue to play well in spots.

North Salt Lake, UT

BYU clearly missed having Haws out there; at times the team looked completely disorganized.

Hyrum, UT

Inspite an off night from long range, the Cougars are 4-0 and averaging 96 points a game. That's better than the Jazz average and with 8 fewer minutes per game than the NBA plays. This should be an extra fun season.

American Fork, UT

Wow, looking at these comments you would think BYU lost this game. Hey they won by 24 points!! Maybe not their best performance, and they may have looked a little tired, but a 24 point win is pretty good, who ever they are playing. I think Coach Rose is a darn good coach. This young team, with no seniors looks pretty good in the first few games,and with the talent they have, I see they are going to get better. They are young and need time to develop. They are going to have some (so called bad games). I just hope all their bad games are 24 point wins!!

Winchester 73
Murray, UT

Carlino is WAY to undisciplined. Makes lots of points, but at the cost of team play. Subtract all his negative plays and in my book he comes up a negative.

Orem, UT


The Cougars weren't making their 3-pointers, but most of the shots were dead on, just a little short, which is a clear sign of tired legs from their 3rd game of the week and their 2nd game of a back-to-back at a high pace.

Throw in the fact that BYU was playing without their leading scorer, plus playing a whole bunch of news players, including four freshmen, and BYU is playing very well.


btw, those constantly criticizing Carlino need to lighten up a little. Sure he plays a little out of control and puts up ill-advised shots at times, but nobody works harder on the floor than Matty - 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, and 1 blocked shot are evidence of Carlino's hustle.

Alpine, UT

Looks like the players slipped into repeated 1 on 5 instead of playing like a team. That kind of play will get them a big loss against Iowa State.

Cedar Hills, UT

No inside game = no championship in March. No championship in the WCC, means no NCAA invite. BYU has great scoring guards, but they have got to get some balance on the inside out game - or they are playing for 2 place. The bigs took a combined 8 shots last night - with 5 touches coming off offensive boards and the rest off fast break. They have got to get some offense going inside or it will bite us in March.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow, the game that I saw on Saturday night must have been different then the one that some of you saw. I did not see an out of control Carlino. I saw a Carlino who made some amazing shots and was clutch at the free throw line, played great defense, and didn't fire up a ton of misses. I saw a BYU team that was stone cold from the three point line and made adjustments scoring almost all of their points in the paint. There were a few missed dunk opportunities, but most of those were on fouls. Collinsworth looks good and Halford looked really good. The announcers were hoping that Halford would start shooting threes, but instead he did most of his scoring by driving into the paint- I can only remember him shooting one or two threes. Winder started out by having several three-point shots go in and out of the basket, by the end his shots looked pretty bad, but his defense looked good. In the first half the cold shooting hurt BYU and Colorado Mesa hit several three point shots in a row until BYU changed to a man defense. The changes on defense.


"No inside game = no championship in March. No championship in the WCC, means no NCAA invite."

I think the WCC can be won without a stellar inside game because there aren't any/many teams in this league with very good big men. There were 7 big men named to the All Conference team (including HM) and only 3 returned. Of those 3, none are on a team really considered to be in competition for the WCC title (Cole Dickerson @ San Francisco, Stacy Davis @ Pepperdine, and Ryan Nicholas @ Portland).

Beyond that, there are enough good games on the non-conference that BYU has a solid chance at an at-large if they play well in Nov/Dec and end up second in the WCC.

St Louis, MO

Carlino's going to make me smash another remote control one of these days. I thought it was difficult to find caffeine on the BYU campus, but the way he plays it appears he has a private stash somewhere. Take a deep breath, Matt . . you don't have to play 105 MPH all the time.

My consolation is that we'll upgrade to Nick Emery in a couple of years. Judging by the way his HS career played out, it appears he's a true PG who is content to run an offense and set up others until it's time to become a scorer.

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