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Published: Saturday, Nov. 16 2013 9:15 p.m. MST

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Logan, UT

State of Football in Utah:

Utah - "I love the Pac-12, it's such a great conference! We will compete in it sooner than later."
What they're really thinking, "I don't like losing to Pac 12 teams any more than Mountain West teams."
Hopes - They will find a respectable place in the Pac 12.
Fears - Things will never improve and they will be the perennial cellar dweller.

BYU - "Remember 1984? We are the best program in the state like always. I love independence because now we are just like Notre Dame."
What they're really thinking, "I wish we were in the Pac-12 so freaking bad."
Hopes - They will get invited to the Pac-12 or Big 12
Fears - They will stay independent and NEVER win a championship EVER again.

USU - What we're saying, "The Mountain West is great. With Chuckie healthy, we maybe could have won it. We will get it next year"
What we're really thinking - "(see above)"
Hopes - We now have the best chance in the state of getting to a BCS game, we better do it next year with Chuckie.
Fears - We lose our AD, President, and Coach and drop back to obscurity.


"Utah fans claim they are better because of their hard schedule."

No, Utah is better than BYU because:

1)BYU has, by far, the most embarrassing loss.

2)Utah has, by far, the most impressive win.

3)The two teams played each other. Utah beat BYU again, as they do every year.

Funny/witty screen name
Orem, UT

wait, so you dont count houston as a BCS automatic qualifier school?? thats funny because thats what most of the country says about utah. "3 years and we will be headed to a rose bowl" should be utah's tag line.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

@Horrible Stumper - your post is just incredible. Utah started the landslide by leaving. BYU had already been fighting to get out of the awful mtn TV problem. Had BYU stayed the mtn TV would have survived and would still be limiting BYU. And had Utah stayed nothing would have changed. TCU was still going to leave the MWC. Adding Boise State would have helped but not enough to force way into the BCS before playoff talk started. So not much would have changed had BYU stayed. And Utah made it clear where their allegiance was, they left BYU behind. So get the full historical background before making silly statements that the MWC would be this huge powerhouse.

I feel badly for Utah, they're obviously in over their heads. But let's hope they make the best of it; I fear an Arizona-like PAC existence for the U. And to have been soooo bad at QB for so long hasn't helped either. Losing Wilson hurts the chances of making a bowl this year.

And good for BYU for making the best of its situation. They're getting quality wins vs big conf opponents, let's hope it continues.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

@truthsandwich - BYU still has a chance at a marquee win, vs ND in South Bend. Utah won't make a bowl game by just relying on the 'we beat Stanford' argument.

West of I15, UT

@cincyred13..."BYU would not be struggling as bad as Utah is this year. BYU would have beaten Arizona, USC, Weber State, Utah State, Washington State and Colorado. They would have lost to Oregon and Stanford. Oregon State, Arizona State, and UCLA would have been toss ups. BYU would at least have 6 wins but I'd estimate 7 to 8."

LOL...The cougies are lucky they didn't face this schedule or they would be 2-10 only wins weber and colorado. I know what you're thinking we already beat utah st. With a healthy chuckie Keaton for 4 quarters Utah state wins that game.



"BYU still has a chance at a marquee win, vs ND in South Bend"

Really? Sagarin, the system every byu fan swears by, has Notre Dame ranked 42.

Utah is ranked 26.

But Utah is a horrible team and Notre Dame would be a "marquee win"? Gotcha.

Highland, UT


Notre Dame has an actual name brand, utah does not. It is kinda like utah "fans", yourself for instance, that claim playing any team in the pac12, no matter how bad a team it is, is somehow more prestigious than playing a non bcs team no matter how good that team may be. It's standard utah "fan" hypocrisy, and it is laughably embarrassing for that mid tier commuter school.

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