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Published: Saturday, Nov. 16 2013 9:15 p.m. MST

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Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

At least we won byu again and that means we are better even though we lose and we are also more prestegous because we are bcs even though we lose.

Go utes!

Draper, UT

One thing I just can't figure out. Utah beat BYU so the only logical conclusion is that the U is "By Far" the best team in the state. And Utah beat Stanford, yet everyone in the sporting universe agrees that Stanford is better than Utah. How could a team that lost to another team be considered better? Could it be that the overall accomplishments of a team during the season are what measure the quality of a team, and not an individual game?

SEC Rules
Seminole, FL

"You are now entering PAC 12 Country" Gotta love that billboard.

Should say..."You are now entering Fantasy Football Country"

West of I15, UT

@thomasjefferson...."The purpose of playing is winning. More losses than wins equals being losers."

Couldn't agree with you more...4 in row, 9 of 12 and overall domination of the series with the cougies....As you said more losses than wins equals "losers". So I agree with you that would make the cougies "Losers"

Littleton, CO

@JoCo Ute

"With all the posts from BYU fans you'd think this was an article about BYU. The kick'em when there down sense of (non)sportsmanship shows the real character of the Cougar fan base. Remember what goes around comes around. . . can you say 1 - 25?"

HA! Good one, JoCo. Talk about 'projection'! I LOVE the unspoken implication of "UTE fans would never exhibit such poor sportsmanship" or "UTE fans would NEVER kick a rival while they're down" only to be followed by (and I realize, you just can't help yourself) a reference to the HEIGHT of ute kick-em-while-they're-downism by referring to the 1-25 BYU basketball season. Perfect! Just another example of how toxic this rivalry has become and another reason may BYU fans wouldn't mind seeing it come to an end. A win over Notre Dame this week (with them next coming to Provo) would make that series a GREAT replacement for the former utah rivalry....

Kearns, UT

"The Utes are better than their record". Yea right. Keep dreaming. This is a lousy Ute team, overmatched in every way in the Pac 12. They will never be contenders. They and the Y, ought to think about forming a new conference with TCU, Boise State, Air Force, Utah State, San Diego State, Fresno State, Colorado State, and for patsies New Mexico, UNLV, and Wyoming. They'd get a good TV deal and would be a great conference. Call it the Big Rockies Conference. At least then the Utes might have a chance.

Kearns, UT

Now for a comment that the Ute fans may agree with. Great win Saturday by the Y over a high school team that Bingham might be able to beat. How's that? What are the Ute fans going to say about the Y if the Y beats Notre Dame? After all ND is currently 7-3 and beat Arizona State and USC.

Kearns, UT

Joe Co Ute. How about the Utes 1-10 (1975/76). I remember that year well.

Syracuse, ut

Talking smack about BYU playing ISU is kind of dumb, especially when the Utes open their season, Thursday, 08/28/2014 against the Idaho State Bengals at RES. Just a thought.



BYU would not be struggling as bad as Utah is this year. BYU would have beaten Arizona, USC, Weber State, Utah State, Washington State and Colorado. They would have lost to Oregon and Stanford. Oregon State, Arizona State, and UCLA would have been toss ups. BYU would at least have 6 wins but I'd estimate 7 to 8. I hope the Utes win out and I hope they start becoming competitive but enough is enough. No matter how close they have come they are still losing. As for the BYU comment, when will it dawn on some people that the only reason BYU has not been invited to a BCS conference is because they will not play on Sunday?

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Chris B:
We're all getting tired of the whiney SOS excuses. Congratulations for playing the toughest schedule in the country. BYUs SOS is 10, that's right 10...and we're 7-3


What source rates BYU's schedule at #10?

As of today you have played ONE ranked, that qualifies as a top 10 schedule? Imagine if BYU played FIVE ranked teams? Since you haven't beat a Big 5 final ranked team since 1996 I can only assume you would be 0-5 maybe 1-4.

According to Sagarin your schedule is #24 and you are ranked #21 just 5 spots ahead of #26 Utah.

Horrible Stumper
Hyrum, UT

I have read a lot of BYU vs UofU comments yesterday and today. It is amazing how much animosity there is between the fans. Utes claim they are better because they have the #1 hardest schedule and they play in a "power" conference. BYU claims they are better because they actually have some wins, albeit not against any "power" conferences, and they are better because Utah is the bottom of the barrel in the PAC 12. I tell you what, if I was a BYU or Utah fan I would be upset because of what the administrators of these two schools have done to you. With the dissolution of the Big East, if Utah and BYU had stayed in the MWC, the MWC would now be a AQ for the BCS Bowls. With them in the MWC it is a far better conference than what replaced the Big East. Both would still win some games, and be considered the strongest schools in the league, with the possible exception of Boise State. No one really knows what will happen next year, but both teams would have benefitted by staying in the Mt. West. Both of you fell prey to arrogance.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Highland, UT

@silent lurker

Fail lol.

BYU is 3-3 against "bcs" teams, utah is the team with only 1 bcs win, 1-6. Just saying stuff doesn't make it true but thank you for that post, I got a really good laugh out of it.


Houston is a CUSA team, they do NOT have BCS talent and next year they won't even have BCS status. Go ahead and count that has an accomplishment if you like but no one else does.

BYU is 2-3 vs Big 5 teams, the combined record for those teams is 27-25 (52%).
Utah is 1-6 vs similar teams, combined record 53-18 (75%).

You can't tell the difference?

East Salt Lake City, Utah

SEC Rules

Seminole, FL

"You are now entering PAC 12 Country" Gotta love that billboard.

Should say..."You are now entering Fantasy Football Country"


It does if you turn around and go down south.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


byu/UCLA would have been a tossup?


Arizona STate and UCLA would handle byu easily.

Oregon State would be a tossup.

On Utah's schedule, byu would have beaten Weber, Colorado, and Utah State.

Arizona, Washington State, Oregon State would be tossups.

Stanford, Oregon, UCLA, Arizona State, and USC would all be losses.

byu's schedule only includes ONE team currently ranked(Wisconson)

And you lost.

No reason to believe byu could beat Arizona State and UCLA if they were beaten relatively easily by Wisconsin.

And no, Sunday play was NOT the reason on conference wants you. If Notre Dame had a sunday rule , conferences would bend over backwards to STILL get Notre DAme, and could easily arrange the schedule to not give them Sunday games.


Cheyenne, WY

Travis Wilson is done for the season.
Sorry to hear about such a devastating injury.
Scary that it was diagnosed so quickly as a season ender.
Hopeully there are no long term effects.

Guessing who win games is funny but it is an exercise in futility.
Nobody knows how either team would have done playing the other schedule.
Ignorance is the only principle displayed in such remarks.
To say why or why BYU hasn't received an invite to a different conference is just as incognizant as the prior argument.
Lets use some intelligence in our remarks.

Serenity Now
Highland, UT

To Silent Lurker,

I love the kiddie table analogy when comparing Utah's PAC 12 affiliation with BYU's independence, not because it's accurate, but because it reveals so much about the bruised egos of Utah fans and the hollowness of their arguments about why the food tastes better in the dining room. It's all about who they hang out with rather than what they accomplish.

And did you ever notice that the 17-year-old kids who graduate from the kiddie table to the adult table have no clue what the adults are talking about? I'm afraid Utah will forever be a 17-year-old with a booster seat at the adult table, but never trustworthy enough to be provided a knife or fork to go with its plastic spoon.

Holladay, UT

Strength of Schedule means nothing if you are always losing.

Cedar Hills, UT

@Horrible Stumper

Very naive post on your part. While winning is important...money is much more important and the money the U gets through their Pac12 affiliation is many times greater than the money they would receive through any new conference affiliation with the schools you named. Even though the U received just a 50% share of Pac12 money last year (even that figure is far greater than what they would receive through your "fantasy conference" - even going to a BCS game), they receive a 75% share this year and for all future years will receive a full share.

Highland, UT


"While winning is important...money is much more important"

Boy that must really get you utah "fans" through those long bowless December nights. LOL!

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