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Published: Saturday, Nov. 16 2013 9:15 p.m. MST

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Highland, UT

@silent lurker

Fail lol.

BYU is 3-3 against "bcs" teams, utah is the team with only 1 bcs win, 1-6. Just saying stuff doesn't make it true but thank you for that post, I got a really good laugh out of it.

Highland, UT


"Ask other Pac 12 teams and fans of teams who have struggled in the Pac 12 if they'd like to drop out and move to independence or the WAC or the MWC."

Why? I wouldn't expect any of you to give a truthful answer. Go ahead and keep the brave face with the trembling lip.

Aurora, CO

Utah in the PAC-10.2 is starting to remind me of the old Mountain West team that always was a sub-.500 team but would find a way every year to pull off a bind side big upset victory at home.

Stanford looked past the Utes and that was a mistake. Just because they are cellar dwellers doesn't mean that they can't come up and bite a bowl bound team.

Congratulations Utah for being the Wyoming of the PAC-10.2.

Hopefully, the Utes can pull out a victory over Colorado at home so the won't be totally buried in last place and be dropped to New Mexico status.


How long are you going to thump your chest about being in the PAC 12? Look yes, you have beaten BYU 4 times in a row. You deserve all the credit for that, but streaks happen. From the late 70's to the early 90's BYU dominated the U. Streaks happen. What is the U going to turn to when they next lose to BYU (because yes it will happen at some point, streaks also end)
If Utah really had become a better program than BYU I think they would be doing much better in the PAC12. That would tend to say that they had developed into something more. But the fact that they aren't seems to say that they are in the same boat as BYU, just in a different ocean. I would say that BYU has just as good a chance to beat a team in the PAcc that Utah does. Which means a shot any given Saturday they could beat anyone, but week in and week out it would be rough. I don't envy the U, it's tough. But please the fact that you keep losing says you're not that much better.


continued from my other comment.

And I'm not a BYU who would sit here and say oh yea of course we would be dominating in the PAC. I know it would be tough for BYU to play in the PAC 12. But please enough with the "we're better only because we're in the PAC" comments. You haven't proven anything in the PAC which says to me that BYU and Utah are still roughly equal in terms of where they stand on the college football landscape. They only difference is that Utah's conference has an auto-bid to the rose bowl...a bowl that we'll be more of an awesome exhibition game once the playoff kicks in...(don't get me wrong it would be a great exhibition game to play in but the playoff will rule all starting next year)

Springville, UT


Winning out and going 6-6 and no bowl invitation would be the ultimate slap in the face.

Not sure Whit could survive that.

Salt Lake City, UT

Whit needs to go. The guy depends too heavily on defense to win the day while his offense suffers. The Utes keep trying to do the same thing over and over again hoping the result will be different. That is the pure definition of insanity.

JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

With all the posts from BYU fans you'd think this was an article about BYU. The kick'em when there down sense of (non)sportsmanship shows the real character of the Cougar fan base. Remember what goes around comes around. . . can you say 1 - 25?

Utah has played what Sagarin says is the # 1 toughest schedule in 2013. Other services rank the SOS for the Utes @ 3, 5 or 7.

Where's the independent "toughest schedule in history" for BYU. . . ranked anywhere fro 29 to 49th toughest.

No matter how fanatic these BYU posters are they could never say with a straight face that BYU could beat Stanford this year. Notre Dame 42 BYU 17 next week

Richmond, VA


"I wouldn't change it back to playing small ball in the MWC--or being the mid major independent, for all the jello in Provo. Ask other Pac 12 teams and fans of teams who have struggled in the Pac 12 if they'd like to drop out and move to independence or the WAC or the MWC."

My, my! Ain't that the height of prideful arrongance! You're only 3 yrs into the Pac 12 with a record that non in Ute Nation is proud of and you're now looking down your nose to the WAC and MWC that your team and BYU competed in for years? You act as if you dominated those conferences when you were there too! You hate to admit and refuse to acknowledge all of BYU's achievements and ridicule them as Waciish and mid major! How arrogant and pathetic! You were part of the competition, weren't you? So you owned BYU 4 yrs in a row. BYU owned you in the 80's and 90's. And for your program's and coach's sakes and honor, I hope you win your last two games!

Good luck!!!

Taylorsville, UT


"BYU is 3-3 against "bcs" teams"

That is a great accomplishment, especially since BYU has only played 5 BCS teams (Virginia, Texas, Utah, Georgia Tech. and Wisconsin). Record: 2-3.

"Just saying stuff doesn't make it true."

Virginia Beach, Va

I follow the Cougars but BYU fans should refrain from coming down on the Utes. The Pac 12 plays great football and Utah beat BYU head to head again. I like KW and hope he turns it around.

Charlotte, NC

Team A beats Team B but fans of Team B are deliriously happy whenever Team A loses, making their loss to Team A even worse.

Now that is true hatred.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


Houston is from a BCS league.

Utah is a far better team than they were last year. The problem is that all the competition that was even with Utah last year has also improved. If Utah hadn't improved they would only have beaten Weber State. Up next is Washington State on the road. Washington State is by far the most improved team in the conference considering how bad they have been. If they beat the Utes they become bowl eligible. They took down Arizona on the road and the Utes face them on the road. Utah has got to win that game and the one against Colorado (who has the bye to prepare for the Utes) in order to get to a bowl. I am not counting Utah out till they have seven losses or in till they have six wins AND an invite. I am hoping the Utes get to six and a bowl wants them. There only looks to be three open bowls (and ten teams vying for them). Get the wins and lobby hard for a bowl trop to New Mexico.


I need to point out something that is no longer true, in spite of some Ute fans continuing to point to it as justification for having a poor season. The Utes are not playing the hardest schedule in the country. Far from it. Sagarin's SOS for November 16, 2013 has Utah's SOS listed at 26 and BYU at 21. SOS means nothing at the beginning of the season as it's based mostly on opinion rather than the results of played games. As we've seen as games get played, the real strength of teams schedule is based on results, not wishful thinking.

What lost Utah the game against Oregon was their offense not playing well enough to get their defense off the field. As a result, Utah's defense got tired and then Oregon began running away with the game. Get a decent offense and I think Utah can make some noise in the PAC-12.

Finally, Chris B, Utah plays this same ISU next year. Interesting, huh?

Layton, UT

If the University of Utah is smart they will get behind Kyle and the coaching staff. Kyle is a great coach and will do well but needs more than 2 years to get accustomed to the Pac 10+2. Utah is a play or two from being really good. BYU is a play or two and some swagger away from being really good too. We are so blessed to have 3 pretty good D1 teams in this state.
Utah fans, get behind your team, quit being fair weathered and have some patience while they learn to succeed in the PAC.



You read the Sagarin table incorrectly. It indicates that BYU is the 21st best team in the country, and Utah is the 26th best. It rates Utah's SOS as #1, and BYU's as #24.

According to Sagarin, Utah has faced 7 top 30 teams. BYU has faced 3.

I agree with your analysis of the Utah-Oregon game.

Good luck Utes! We need these two wins badly.

Anaheim, CA


Latest BCS/CBS Sports/Sagarin/Composite(72) Rankings

#39/#35/#21/#25 BYU
#52/#50/#26/#46 Utah

Don't expect the Wazoo to roll over for the Utes; Washington State(5-5) will also be fighting to qualify for a bowl.

Taylorsville, UT

@ Duckhunter and Steven S. Jarvis

My apologies in not recognizing Houston as a BCS team. I overlooked the AAC, forgetting it replaced the Big East.


Should never have dropped BYU from the 2014-15 schedules. Needed that automatic annual "W" to go along with the FCS foe!



I agree with everything you said.

The point of my earlier post was to correct a misunderstanding about the two respective school's strength of schedules, nothing else.

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