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Published: Saturday, Nov. 16 2013 10:35 p.m. MST

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Alpine, UT

Mike Kramer is a class guy.

Spanish Fork, UT

"Hine" in Swahili means "called back for penalty." Adam must lead the nation in yards gained but negated by penalty.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

First, I am a Cougar supporter. But really, do you need to report on this type of game. There were so many meaningful games on TV yesterday that this type of game hardly deserves to be mentioned. What type of team schedules this type of game in November? This should be at the front end of the season, not in November. While the season is over for the Cougars, this type of game does not reflect well on a program that once was known nation wide. True, the game next week is the type of match-up we should be seeing this time of year. Many of my friends from the East coast that would watch a BYU game any day of the week, continually ask what has happened to the program and who is making up this schedule. They no longer watch. Is it time we really look at the AD position and the head coaching position of this team?

River Falls, WI

RE: The Deuce

"What type of team schedules this type of game in November?"

Answer: smart ones. BYU scheduled a gimme sandwiched between what they believed would be their two most difficult games this season (Wisconsin and Notre Dame). And playing bad teams is not something that only independents who have difficulty filling a schedule do. Yesterday Alabama played 4-6 Miss St., Ohio State played 3-7 Illinois, Oklahoma played 1-9 Iowa State, and Wisconsin played 4-6 Indiana. True those games were all in-conference, but BYU doesn't have that luxury. I personally love that BYU got to rest up for a difficult road game while also giving back-ups and deserving Seniors an opportunity to log in a few minutes.

Saint George, UT

@ "the deuce"


This is what journalists and reporters do. They report on games - every game. If you want to read about other "meaningful games", by all means, please do. Is there someone preventing you from doing so?

What kind of team schedules this type of game in November? Oh, I don't know, a newly independent team that has had ASU, UH, UW, and WSU cancel games. A D-II game is the easiest to pickup on short notice. Plus, when you have injured players at the end of the season, a game like this between WI & ND is strategic.

When you don't belong to a conference, you have to figure out every game, every year. Norte Dame has the luxury of ongoing rivalries with various schools. They have very little scheduling to do. BYU's AD has his work cut out for him. Other teams in conferences are, you know, busy playing conference games in November.

Your entire comment is quite ignorant of the whole process. You should spend less energy being critical. Redirect that energy on finding out why it is the way it is.

Pro Tip: start on the inter webs...

Centerville, UT

@The Deuce

They are playing under the 'Golden Dome' in late November. That's something that didn't even happen during the Lavell Edwards era. (Not to mention the fact that they played one of the top Big Ten teams in November already.)

Springville, UT

Deuce, what kind of teams schedule games like this in November? Um, let's see, Alabama scheduling the all-powerful Chattanooga Tigers on Nov. 23. And then there is LSU scheduling the Furman Paladins on Oct. 26. I guess maybe Georgia's game against the mighty Appalachian State Mountaineers is much more worthy of a November game.

In other words, Tom Holmoe has done an incredible job of scheduling this year. We will have played at two storied stadiums and have a gimme game to get some practice and to then let the backups get some playing time in front of the home fans. Was it a fantastic game? No, but we got a win and are 7-3 heading into the last two regular season games. I'll take that.

Reno, NV

Yeah, Deuce, your many "friends from the East" who "no longer watch" BYU football because of "this schedule" apparently didn't actually look at the schedule. I recently moved from the East and when I was there, independence plus ESPN and BYUtv got me more involved in BYU football than I had been for years. This has already been one of the best schedules in years, and they haven't even played Notre Dame yet.

Lewisburg, PA

I agree with what so many are saying. I am glad that Senior night came when it did and against Idaho State. The seniors needed it, the team needed it and so did the fans. Now they are geared up for N.D. They had tough weather and that had a big impact on both sides trying to throw the ball. I remember my days, 30 some odd years ago, through in the in frozen rain and snow. Grip is tough and my accuracy decreased by a long shot. Hopefully we will have none of that in south Bend, but the lake causes so much bad weather, it is only hope at this point. The boys are ready and hungry and N.D. has shown that they can be beaten when they lease expect it. Thank you Pitt. Go Cougs, us fans will be there yelling along side the Irish fans.

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