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Published: Saturday, Nov. 16 2013 7:45 p.m. MST

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Dammam, Saudi Arabia

"We need to look out for the religious rights and freedoms of all people. When we defend the rights of others, we are also defending our own rights."

Absolutely right. When we stick up for the rights for others we are protecting our rights. If one of us is oppressed then we are all oppressed.

Sumner, WA

Re: cassandove's comment: "In any case, I don't WANT to be accepted by Protestantism; there is nothing that Protestantism can give me that brings me closer to my Heavenly Father or to my Savior."

This is the EXACT attitude that drove my wife out of the LDS Church and into evangelical Christianity. That attitude is pervasive in the LDS Church, and I heard it preached in the LDS pulpit many a Sunday while we were dating. Comically, many of those who utter it - often in the very next breath - complain that "Christians won't accept us, even though we believe the same things they do."

You can't have it both ways, friends. If you believe that Joseph Smith restored the Gospel that utterly disappeared from the earth for 1500 years, and all those creeds and beliefs held during that period (and now) are corrupt and an abomination (as Joseph Smith said), then you ought to stop bellyaching about the fact that Christians take your prophet at his word. They seem to take his words more seriously than you do. Which is another thing that drove my wife out of the LDS church.

Potsdam, 00

Love to see Mormons explaining themselves, so many of them know the scriptures so well,
many want the same thing this article is giving us, peace.

But something is missing here. I wonder if anyone noticed that.

Where did you, oh Mormon Believer, come from in the first place.
Was it conversion ? Did you try out a new road, that you got used to ?
Did you notice your understanding scriptures was an expansion of grace ?

Have you not forgotten, that anyone of a different faith is a child of God,
that needs to grow on its own pace ? How come you cannot take people to see the warm hearted LDS members, but focus on doctrine at first ?
Being an LDS member is never superior; feelings might be super.

You cannot declare the gospel by your mind into people's mind,
they need to find doors to understand Mormons. That is never a discussion on grounds of religion, it is about life.

The topic here is religion, but my topic is more "water/bread" for all men. Not talking it.
We are all children of God. (Atheists and Believers) Case closed.

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