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Published: Saturday, Nov. 16 2013 5:40 p.m. MST

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Manti, UT

While accidents happen and missionaries do lose there lives on missions it is comforting that they are looked after. And that when needed the miracle is there. Very happy the Air Force Sargent followed the promptings of the spirit that day.

Jennifer Grigg
Springville, UT

Thank you for covering this story. My daughter leaves the MTC for Cebu on Monday and we needed to see and hear more details. Great journalism, writing and photos. They will tell this story for a long time.

utah cornhusker

I was in manila for my mission years ago. We had typhoons but nothing to this extent. My Love and prayers go out to the missionaries as well as the people of the philippines. God bless those wonderful people and the missionaries.

Salt Lake City, UT

What is the status of the Mission President and Philippine missionaries (only the U.S. and foreigners were airlifted)?

Florissant, MO

What an amazing story, this would make for a good movie, not one for profit, but one to inspire and remind us that the Lord knows us and hears our prayers. I pray for all those who have suffered from this disaster that they will find peace and comfort. I loved seeing the smiles on the faces of these missionaries. They are 18-21 years old and have gone through a horrific experience, yet they are not letting it destroy their happiness.

Away from Utah
Lakewood, WA

Dido on all of these comments. My daughter is leaving for her mission on Monday as well to the Legaskpi mission. Our prayers are with all of our fellow brothers and sisters in the Philippines and for all of our missionaries that they will be strengthened by the Lord in this crisis.

Walla Walla, WA

BrentBot, all 204 missionaries were taken to the Manila MTC where they were received with open arms and open hearts. My daughter is currently in the MTC in Manila and she helped coordinate the clothing donation effort to help ALL the missionaries who had lost everything, not just the Americans and/or foreigners.

What an incredible experience and what faith. I cannot even imagine.

South Jordan, Utah

Wow! Thank you for highlighting this experience. Suddenly don't have much to complain about today.


It's good to hear they are all alive and safe, wonderful news from a part of the world engulfed in so much bad news.

Portage, MI

What an amazing story. I hope they will receive counseling, as well, to help them with this traumatic experience. Prayers and hymns are absolutely necessary, but the value of mental health counseling is a blessing that will help them to cope with the post-traumatic effects of their experience, as well.

New to Utah

Thankyou for an inspiring story that details courage, ingenuity, resourcefulness and being guided by the spirit. Having served a mission in the Philippines and having as lifelong friends a Filipino family who lived in the Tacloban area. I read this story with keen interest. The family I knew had eight children,six I believed served missions.I hope the casualties of this monster typhoon are less than expected and we have further reports of miraculous survival of the Filipino people.

Louise-Marie LeBlanc
Stratford, 00

My son Philippe served a mission in the Philippines in 2009-2011 and I have come to love the people from that country. Philipppe has talked so much about their courage, their humility and the love they have for the missionaries. My heart is with them. I am not surprised by the words of Sister Smith because I have heard the same from my son. I know he wishes he could be there to help and just as yesterday he was telling me that part of him stayed over there. I pray for all those who are working hard to help and I know that Heavenly Father is with them and hear their prayers. Lets all unite in prayers for the Filipinos and for the missionaries so the Gospel may continue to be taught and hearts may be healed.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

My daughter is serving in the Angeles mission where a lot of these missionaries are being reassigned. They will be a huge asset to the mission I am sure. God bless the the Filipino people as they try and recover from this tragedy.

Payson, UT

Although so many have lost so much, millions of prayers have been answered. I am thrilled that the LDS missionaries were spared, and my heart goes out to those poor people who have lost loved ones and homes, work places, even whole neighborhoods. I plead that we all remember to give what we can hopefully that the survivors might eventually have even a better place in which to live. Our prayers are still needed to make that happen.

corpus christi, TX

I have been through one hurricane, two tornadoes, and two earthquakes.

In 2004 my wife dropped me off at work. We had forgotten to pray and I mentioned that but as we looked around us we were surrounded by people and cars in the parking lot. I said we needed to pray and so we endured the embarrassment and did so.

That afternoon my wife was sitting in the parking lot waiting for me when she had the feeling she should go inside. A few minutes later a tornado hit, driving boards and limbs through all three driver's side windows of our minivan. Normally my wife would have some of our six children with her but she decided to leave them home that day.

If she and the children had been in the car they might have been killed. A car next to our minivan was turned upside down when we came out of the building - a testament to the power of the twister.

Whenever I am tempted to not pray... I remember that fall day in 2004.


These are great pictures and a wonderful article. Thanks! I believe the one photo is of Elder S. Joseph Carlson giving a hug to Elder Ethan Carling, and not Elder Wyatt Crockett as reported. Glad they are all safe.

Gonzales, LA

wow what wonderful testimony builders these stories are, and I wish to thank you and your parents for trusting in the Lord and you going on missions, the world needs to have the gospel and I recall many times in the Book of Mormon as well as the Bible the wonderful stories of being protect because you obeyed and were on the Lords mission. I also read where some of our Missionaries gave their lives in the Lords service, May you parents know for sure that they are preaching in the Spirit world and the Lord needs them there also. No matter where we go or what happens the Lord is there for us and if we can just remember to trust in him and his judgments all will be well, we are stewards over these Spirits and the Lord desires us to remember they are his children and when he desires to bring them back we should rejoice and may we do so. If you have pains of sorrow and hurt go to the Temple and seek answers they are there and so is the comforting of a loving Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ

Buffalo, IA

We lived at Clark Air Base/Angeles City many years ago. The Filipino people are wonderful. I pray they come through this horrific storm with increased faith in our Heavenly Father. I know he is with them and hearing their prayers.

Logan, UT

Excellent article, Jesse!!! The pacing and the info were perfect to bring emotion and a bit of suspense to the read. I'd love to read more of your work from out there!

South Jordan, UT

@ArlaMo I was touched by your message and with all the other comments as well. Our grandson is presently in the Manila MTC also. He was there when the 70+ displaced missionaries flew into Manila, were transported to the MTC, and heard their stories first hand. He has felt the spirit of giving some of his prized possessions to those missionaries who had nothing but the clothes on their backs! It has been an incredible experience for him as an 18-year old young man.

I remember thinking how slightly disappointed we were in October that he did not get to have the great Provo MTC experience that our other family members have just had. Now, we know that the Manila MTC is where he is supposed to be. It has been life-changing for him! God bless all these amazing young missionaries everywhere as they go forth to serve the Lord!

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