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Published: Saturday, Nov. 16 2013 12:25 p.m. MST

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Aurora, CO

Win today and prepare for the rest of the season.

This should be a good game to prepare for the next two road games.

Seniors...thanks for great times and hard work and the games you have given us.

Remembering fondly of Todd Christensen one of the most entertaining Cougars of all time.

Cinci Man

I better reduce my expectations a ton. Cougars look mediocre. ISU is exploiting BYU's poor pass defense. Come on Cougs.

Overton, NV

Re: Cinci Man
Um, yeah, they look mediocre. Um...weather, anybody?

But, yeah, Taysom Hill is making some pretty poor decisions so far.

Aurora, CO

Guys, I don't know exactly what you were expecting but field conditions aren't good but even so the scoreboard would say we're doing very good.


I can't believe they've only scored 10 points in the second half. If BYU was a member one of the most Revered and Elite BCS conferences then they would be scoring non-stop.

The score should be 109-10 right now.

Onward and Upward

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

I think Bronco is afraid of any offensive success when BYU is up by more than 3 touchdowns. Heaven forbid the 3rd and 4th string QBs get to throw anything other than a screen play! Oh the horror, BYU might actually score!

Cinci Man

I'm glad BYU finally started to show life, not 30 seconds after I posted above. I doubt this game did much to prepare for Notre Dame next week, but it did give them some reps. ISU was completely outmatched, as expected, but BYU let them stay in the game longer than I expected, until I lowered my expectations. Congratulations Cougars and especially the seniors on Senior Day. For awhile, I felt very senior.

Orem, UT

Cougars took care of business. Kept starters healthy, played everyone, recognized the incredible contributions of their Seniors. Bring on Notre Dame!

Hyrum, UT

Before any ultra-Ute fans hammer BYU for playing a team like Idaho State, they should know that Utah starts their season next year by playing Idaho State.

This game was probably about what most fans could expect... considering the weather conditions.

Overton, NV

The starters were leaving the game in the first half.
Ammon Olson ran the last offensive series of the first for BYU.
Jamaal Williams basically played a quarter.
Hine racked up over 100 yards rushing, then sat while Brown and Lasike took the reps.
Meanwhile, Idaho St. kept their first string in until the very end and still couldn't score without the officials help. (VERY generous spot on a 4th down that came up short, gifting them a shot at a TD, for example.)
This game was never in doubt.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"(VERY generous spot on a 4th down that came up short, gifting them a shot at a TD, for example.)"

Yeah, I noticed that. He obviously came up short, yet the officials clearly spotted the ball about 2 yards past where it should have been, giving them a free first down they certainly did not deserve.

Good game, but I wish I could actually see how the backups play.

newhall, CA

Yep, we sure can be the mediocre team like Idaho. We'll play them again next year and run up the score. In fact, let's play teams like this every weekend, that way we'll be undefeated and qualify for the BCS championship. I would be embarrased for winning this game against a poor opponent.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"...Before any ultra-Ute fans hammer BYU for playing a team like Idaho State, they should know that Utah starts their season next year by playing Idaho State...".

byu and notre dame took the week off to get ready for the independents only championship game next Saturday.

Alpine, UT

I have to wonder how good it is to practice against slower smaller players the week before a big game. You get used to the speed of the people against whom you are playing.

Richmond, VA

Great to come back and see that we won both in football and basketball! Missed both games but it brought a perfect ending to a wonderful day spent in the Temple with our Stake family. DC Temple sessions were packed! Anyhow, hope there will be a rebroadcast of the games later on BYUtv.

On the down side, so sorry to see the Utes lost again. It's looking more and more like my wish will not come true for another chance to play them again this year. I was holding out hope they'll be bowl eligible and be selected to play us in San Fran. Now after hearing how Colorado and Washington State played this weekend, and all the obnoxious pre cockiness (haven't they learned anything from their last game against ASU where they did the same thing before the game was over?) now I'm having serious doubt! Pride precedes the fall! Hello!!! Will those few obnoxious Ute fans ever learned? You're an embarrassment to your team!!!

Hyrum, UT

@ sg:

All bigger programs play a couple of smaller programs each season... almost without exception. Idaho State is actually better than Weber State, who the Utes played earlier. Did you remember to leave a similar comment when that game happened?

@ General:

You can't practice to increase speed. Either a team has it or they don't. It was acually a very positive to be able to have backup players get more real game experience, which is what happened yesterday. Against faster teams like Notre Dame, more substitutions could happen.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Tators

Idaho St. 206
Weber St. 228

Technically you're right.....but does it really matter when the teams and ranked above 200?

Rocket Science
Brigham City, UT

How interesting that the article by Dick Facer on Sept. 7 mentioned: “Travis was amazing. I felt like he was going for the Heisman Trophy,” Anderson said. “He was running, passing — all of that. He looked great.” Interesting that the U "went for it on 4th down" while up 63 - 7 while playing Weber St. Interesting that all was projected as positive for the U's play against Weber ST. All this U talk of a Rose Bowl, a Heisman Trophy etc. when U beat Weber.

Now BYU is the "playground bully" for playing Idaho St even though the second string was in before the half was up.

Orem, UT

Great 7-0 weekend for BYU sports:

Football(1-0), Men's Basketball(2-0), Women's Basketball(1-0), and Women's Volleyball(2-0), plus Women's Soccer(1-0) easily advanced to the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament with a dominating win over Big Sky champion Weber State, and the Men's and Women's Cross Country teams were both invited to compete at Nationals.



Notre Dame beat the USC team that just knocked off Stanford and the Texas team that BYU beat easily would crush Utah.

As for BYU losing to #16/#17 Wisconsin on the road, Kyle is 0-10 versus AP Top 25 teams on the road.

Spanish fork, UT

Great 7-0 weekend for BYU sports

Byu is a very good scholl for sports and education

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