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Published: Friday, Nov. 15 2013 11:05 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Fun game. This Utes team has some terrific young talent. Well done, Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

That's an encouraging result. Two years ago they'd totally lose this game.

Idaho Falls, ID

This schedule won't get u ready to play with the big boys. Don't be kidding yourselves or your fans.

Salt Lake City, UT

You are right about one thing...the Utes have to play with the big boys. I really enjoy the grief that Utah's preseason schedule gives byu fans. I don't understand it, but I do enjoy it.

Look at it this way, Mortoon...Utah's preseason schedule is the same joke that byu's conference schedule is. What's funny though is that byu fans continue to obsess over Utah's schedule completely looking past their own foolish predicament.

I watched and listened to the ESPN crew handling byu's game with Wisconsin game talk about how foolish desperate byu was going independent and how they can't get respectable teams in Provo. Wildly entertaining!

Tell me something, Mortoon, which fans base is being fooled?

The Utes looked great last night and this is one fan who believes they will make some noise this year in our elite conference. Time will tell. What I know is that they have exceptional ball handling skills and play an entertaining and upbeat style of ball. The Utes are really fun to watch.

Go Utes.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Don't kid yourself, your cougs play in the WCC!

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Last season this was a game that would have gotten away from UTAH.

When UC Davis made their run, the UTES answered...

West Point , UT

Utah basketball looking much stronger this year. Even though I'm a BYU fan I thoroughly enjoyed the rick Majerus era of Utah basketball. There are some quality players on this team and they should be fun to watch this year. Good luck utes.

West Jordan, UT

Looking forward to a better basketball season this year.

We Ute fans need to have something to look forward to after watching the football team go into freefall.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Way to go, Utes. Keep it up!

Impressed with the execution, shooting percentage, and depth.

Salt Lake City, UT


Talk about being obsessed. Sounds like you watch all BYU games. We appreciate your support. We're happy to provide you some bowl entertainment during the holiday season.

Richmond, VA


How do you know Montoon is even a Cougar fan? He made a comment that irks you the wrong way and immediately you painted every BYU fan as foolish, obsessed, and desperate? Spare me the tears dude! I'm a Cougar fan that keeps wishing and hoping Utah do better in their conference! There's no joy in most of us true Cougar fans in knowing that you beat us 4 yrs in a row and yet you can't do better than lining the litter box of the PAC 12? Can you just concentrate on supporting your team and stop the hate? Now is when they need that the most! It's a matter of honor and pride! For you your sake and honor, I hope your Utes will give all they got to your last two games! Look, after all the chest pounding and prideful gloating of how tough your schedule is, (no argument from me there) I would be very embarrassed if that's all you hang your hat on! It's not the schedule, it's how you fare with your schedule. Playing with the big boys is not the same as belonging with the big boys!

Salt Lake City, UT

Fun stuff, thebigsamoan. Actually, I'm not the one who "painted every BYU fan as foolish, obsessed, and desperate," ESPN did that during the Wisconsin game. The Des News even ran a story on it. So put your finger pointing in neutral...dude.

As for your allegation that I "hate," save your lectures for your byu friends...dude. If you read my comments on the Ute games you will find that I do, in fact, support my team. For example, look at my first comment on this thread and did so again following my appropriate remarks to Mortoon. What I won't do is ignore the reprehensible accusations from byu fans.

Please know that I generally appreciate your comments on these boards particularly the Utah articles. You are a true sports fan who recognizes the value in all of Utah's teams being successful.

Yet, here you are stating the Utes are "lining the litter box of the PAC 12." What should a Utah fan do with that?

You didn't like what I pointed out to Mortoon? I will point out to you that this thread was upbeat and positive until Mortoon, SSmith, and you joined the discussion.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

We will win byu for sure! Go write it down!

Go Utes!

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