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Published: Friday, Nov. 15 2013 7:10 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

Huntsman was a popular Governor in Utah because the economy was doing well and the legislature continually takes the heat for fiscal discipline. Huntsman showed up and smiled. For those of you who think Huntsman would make a great president, please enlighten us on what difficult issue he took on and succeeded while Governor of Utah?

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

Conservatives are looking for candor. JJ's got none of that.
He was a footnote in the Primary because he would agree with every wishy-washy position out there.
It was no surprise that he ended up in No Labels.
And we all know what the Bible says about things that are neither hot nor cold.

Robert F. Smith
Provo, UT

Governor Jon Huntsman was the only candidate in the last Presidential Election who was of presidential timber. He was the only candidate who was sincere and forthright, and who had good policy proposals. I admired his refusal to adopt the cynical Realpolitik approach to campaigning which characterized his opponents, and which his advisors probably demanded of him. The simple fact is that an honest man cannot become President of the United States. How sad.

Bakersfield, CA

Ha! Every negative description of Huntsman was the superlative of the current golf-preferring Action-Hero (not) incumbent. I liked JJ's aloof statesman snobbery, but he was everything the gossip tome said he was.

And yet... with a Prez Huntsman we would at least get a trifle of fiscal sanity and cessation of the Apology Tour.

Yeah, I'd vote the lesser of two evils. Hill RC will give me morning sickness for any post she takes. It's all unqualified high school drama anyway. Give me a middle-isler over the present mess any day.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"...a lazy, whiny wuss" mmmm I think that is about what I would say about Johny Boy. On second thought I think I would add spoiled rich kid...".


That would be Which Romney.

Glendora, CA

Once again, the GOP is flooded with alpha types, fighting amongst themselves in self-cannibalism mode. Just look back at the last GOP primaries. It's turning into further divides. The Dems were much more united and courteous to each other. In spite of Obama's failures, it looks like Hillary in 2016. LOL.

Patchogue, NY

@ kfbob:

A good leader isn't in the trenches mired in details. He leads. Utah was voted Best Managed State while he was Governor, earning him a 77% landslide re-election. He also has more foreign policy experience than Cruz, Paul, Romney and a few others combined.

Springville, UT

Other than a few liberal "Republicans" and the Deseret News, no one gives Jr any chance of competing for national office (especially POTUS). His views are not consistent with the Republican Party. And no, the Republican Party doesn't NEED to change its views to match Jr's. Nor is it necessary for only the Republicans to reach across the aisle. Ridiculous.

Oh, and Jr is a dirty politician. Thanks for the book.

Just change parties, Jr. You'll be happier and so will we.

Laie, HI

John Huntsman, is not cut for a leader. He has grown up in a wealthy home and was not disciplined. His dad should be ashamed of his words against Mitt Romney. I had a great respect for old Huntsman. I no longer have the same view. He knows pride went to his head and was carried away to say such a lie about Romney. Actions speak more than words. I am thankful that Mr. Huntsman has done so much for the cure of cancer, he should have stick with that and not help his son.

Salt Lake City, UT

I happen to agree. He is a Whiny Wuss.

Whining is a $75,000 surcharge, and fines double for sniveling.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Red Corvette,

Hillary is competent? Tell that to Mr. Stevens.

Springville, UT

I'm not particularly a fan of Huntsman, but the book is gossipy, wrong in many ways, and really won't stand the test of time. I think it will pass.

Salt Lake City, UT

They call him a wuss! does that give any hint about the authors of that book? That is a word we used back in middle school!I haven't read the book, but I am sure I wouldn't take what it has to say seriously.If you consider the Republican party right now, you can see What is going on! The fanatic zealots Attack and call him a wuss because he isn't on the rampage like they are. Because he doesn't feel a need to bash his opponents like they do! They have been doing this with other republican candidates. How can you take people seriously when they are using the word " Wuss"? They wonder why they are doing so poorly! They don't want a good candidate, they want some zealot that can not even rationalize! They have had this attitude towards Obama since he first entered office and they will do it to people within their own party to get them to conform! What kind of person do they want? This is why republicans will lose. They don't want a good candidate, they want a crazy zealot candidate

Salt Lake City, UT

Freeland, WA
Can you name a candidate who hasn't bought their election? Obama has been the champion fund raiser. If Romney had become president there would be a rational economic growth policy that would have provided jobs for minorities rather than safety nets (subsidized welfare class of perpetual Democrat voters). Our current prosperity is based on the Fed printing $85 billion each month and ballooning our sovereign debt towards $20 trillion. That defines shambles.

Agua Dulce, TX

And after all that work the DN did in trashing Huntsman, now they complain he doesn't have a future?

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Third try screen name:
"Conservatives are looking for candor. JJ's got none of that.
It was no surprise that he ended up in No Labels.
And we all know what the Bible says about things that are neither hot nor cold."

Candor? Like Romney's Beliefs before and after the primaries, You know the "I was for it, before I was against it candor?"

"And we all know what the Bible says about things that are neither hot nor cold."
I don't, but I would suspect that you don't get burned and you don't get frozen out, but I'm sure it's a reference to the black and white world of conservative politics of "your for or against", "your my best friend or my worst enemy"
I'm right your wrong, bumper sticker mentality.


The 2012 Republican clown car was such a joy for Democrats. The funniest part was that everyone climbed up on the roof of the car for a little, except Huntsman, the one guy who had a chance of winning the general election. Since then, Republicans may have learned a little, but the complete overhaul they would need to field a winning candidate in 2016 is just not going to happen. Republicans just need to start practicing rude things to say about President Hillary.

Mainstream Republican
Washington, DC

Jon Huntsman, Jr is the most qualified presidential candidate since Eisenhower and he was the candidate most feared by Obama re-election team.

His campaign staff was one of the worst to ever be assembled with the only exception being that of Romney's. In fact, his daughters were better than any of his hired guns.

Huntsman, a man who ran and internationalized a USD 4bn company, Ambassador to China and fluent Mandarin speaker can more than likely win the GOP primary and the presidency.

Huntsman is the only one of the GOP crowd who really stands for the proud traditions set forth by Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Reagan.

I support Huntsman and I am a East Coast urban resident and non-Mormon.

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