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Published: Friday, Nov. 15 2013 7:10 p.m. MST

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Ogden, UT

"a lazy, whiny wuss" mmmm I think that is about what I would say about Johny Boy. On second thought I think I would add spoiled rich kid.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Huntsman hurts his own political future - no need for anyone else's help
but it is always nice to have someone to blame

Saint Louis, MO

Huntsman then was a lot like Christie now. He had one foot in each political camp. He did Romney no favors and in fact snide comments made about Mr. Romney were "blown way out of proportion" by the media and did irreparable harm to the image of Romney. This appears to have been the Shakespearian role of Mr. Huntsman to "get inside the tent" and to create turmoil and divide those inside.

SomewhereIn, UT


agreed that he'll need LOTS of luck in 2016...that, and his daddy's checkbook - again

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

One has to have a political future in order for it to be damaged.
The entire premise of this article is flawed.

Never trust a liberal over the age of three, especially a Republican.


Huntsman Jr. is a goody two shoes type of guy. He rides on his father's laurels and money. I have to ask "What have you seen or heard of his being successful at or fighting for or against? Exactly. He was totally disliked by both parties in his term as Governor of Utah. I tried to ask him about his association and membership in the Council of Foreign Relations". He refused to talk to me about this minor detail !?. Would never discuss anything with me. He is for wide open borders with Mexico and pampers them.(His family has chemical plants there of course). There has to be more reasons than this for neither party to be interested in him. We love to wish those from Utah well in politics, but they have to earn that privilage, not demand it.


Wait- since when did Huntsman accomplish anything without help from daddy? He's more qualified than Obama, but that's not saying much at all.

Patchogue, NY

@ jr85:

Agree, Huntsman was the "overqualified" candidate in the field, though President of the US is one job that nobody should be overqualified for.

To answer your question, Huntsman isn't President because the GOP cares little about governing ability or qualifications. It's ideology. The further right, the better your chances.

Los Angeles, CA

I guess I will have to read the book. I was expecting more substance in the article that supported the "lazy-wuss" label. What I did read makes me like Huntsman even more: not interested in cozying up with the conservative press, skipping the absurd Iowa theatre, not buying an election, etc. I would vote for him.

Sandy, UT

Good looks and daddy's money do not make someone competent. Granted, Huntsman speaks well but can he make the tough decisions that need to be made to keep our country from going over the edge - I doubt it. Electing Huntsman would be a repeat of the last 5 years - all form - no substance.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Huntsman is not really a Republican. I was hoping that he would be Romney's Secretary of State, but that didn't happen. Now he is in political limbo-land with John Edwards, Newt, Perry, and others. Like a zoo, we can see them, but they are safely behind bars where they can't hurt us. I'd like to see Huntsman run as a third party appealing to liberal Democrats. He could use all of the loony ideas of Obama and Ralph Nader. He'd be perfect for an effort like this and hopefully he could attract many millions of voters who find Hillary just too conservative.

Salt Lake City, UT

True wusses make great democrats.....maybe Johnny boy should join his daughter on the dark side! As he will never be a GOP Candidate ever!

Cedar Hills, UT

what political future???

Woodland Hills, UT

Two words, silver spoon.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

The only ones I ever hear saying how good Huntsman would be as President are democrats.

THEY should nominate him.

But I'm not sure what they should tell Hillary!

Beaver Native
Garland, UT

It's hard to say that it would damage his chances of becoming President a great deal when his chances aren't that great to begin with. I don't know about his work ethic, but he doesn't portray the passion to compete on the national level.


Jon Jr. -Just another "dandy" progressive RINO born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Best thing he did was leave Utah. If ever he got the nomination - turns out he would mirror McCain and Mitt. I've got it....Hillary will choose him as Vice President! Problem solved Jon-Jon!

Hyrum, UT

People seem to forget that Jon Huntsman was a very popular and successful governor in the most conservative state in the nation. Afterwards, he successfully served under the most liberal President ever.
As such, he would make a great President by being able to help minimalize gridlock in Washington. That is currently our nation's biggest political problem.

Beaver Native
St. George, UT


He might succeed as the VP, but unless he changes his personality, he'll never make President. It's unfortunate, but since the advent of television, the Presidency has largely gone to the person with the most star power.


I don't know what the fuss is all about. Anyone that worked fairly high up in State Gov't has known that Huntsman is a guy that is all about appearances. He was never into any details of running the State and didn't care to know them anyway. He is a frontman that did well in finishing school. He dresses well and speaks well. He's what many call ornamental.

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