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Published: Friday, Nov. 15 2013 9:45 p.m. MST

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sandy, UT

Spot on IFIUTE, sorry Tomahawk Red but you're off on this one. This is shoddy journalism and I hope there is an apology issued because this is disgraceful. Not only is the concussion not faked, it sounds like there may be something much worse going on with Travis Wilson. Disgraceful journalism Rhett.

Thoughts are with the Wilson family, hopefully everything is ok.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Highland, UT

Even if that is true what makes oregon "fans" any more capable of knowing anything than any other fanbase? Please spare us the arrogant "those of us that actually understand the sport" drivel, I doubt you "understand" anything more than any other "fan" around here. Please list your qualifications of "understanding" so that the rest of us can "understand" why you are so much more knowledgeable than we are.


This coming from a "fan" who thinks that it is "obvious" that the PAC-12 overrated.


I can't see Kyle being fired, unless he goes 4-8. If he loses to Colorado then he might as well resign.

Again, who do we hire? I think you'll see position coaching changes.

sandy, UT

I see Mr. Wilkinson has changed the headline and his article. I guess that's easier than apologizing, try to cover it up.



"It was apparent to Kyle and those of us that actually understand the sport. This article is just som much drivel from someone who is envious of where Utah is headed, promulgate by a new source that is determined to pander to the BYU fanbase."

Nailed it brother. And you can tell by the extra angst your comment caused with the trolls.


Props to the Desert News for removing the article and apologizing, although it's a shame it was printed in the first place.

Insinuations of the Ute's faking Wilson's injury are as desperate as they are pathetic.

When word gets out about the true nature of Wilson's condition, I hope the Ute-obsessed trolls who were salivating over this article are even more ashamed of themselves.

Thoughts and prayers go out to Travis and his family. Hopefully none of them saw this before it was deleted.

Jeff ls
Farr West, 84404

Dear Ute Fans I personally like Kyle and he has done a great job. I would hate to see him gone. I live and die cougar blue but I watch or listen to as many Utah games as your best fans do and I probably know more about your teams than you do. I need to remind you that Your first game in football next year is with Idaho St. Please get over your eliteness. That was a great win against the Geoducks. I constantly ask Utah fans about their teams because I want to know what they think. They wear the garb but they know nothing about the teams, they just like the shirt or sweater or what ever. I find it very disappointing. The womens team had a game against #15 Nebraska. That is a good schedule.

American Fork, UT

While repeatedly getting beat by Utah stings badly, I don't think that really does much to help Utah in their current situation. I think that coach Whit is right, the Utes are a better team. They are getting better each year. They seem to fizzle as the season goes on but that could be related to their schedule getting exponentially more difficult game to game this year. Coach Whit is a great coach and needs to be given time to adapt to the PAC-12 style of playing as well as to bring a true PAC-12 recruiting class to the field. The Utes have an exceptional coach and they need to do everything they can do to keep him. I'm a Ute fan all year except when they play BYU. I want Whit to stay and be supported. He gives us an excellent chance of success in the PAC-12.

Cordwainer Bird
Salt Lake City, UT

What is wrong with the Deseret News? Kyle Wittingham is faking a player's injuries to save his job and said player was "mentally ill?" The paper's CEO honestly thinks that simply removing the story from its online edition is enough? It should NEVER have been published in the first place.

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