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Published: Friday, Nov. 15 2013 9:45 p.m. MST

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Idaho Falls, ID

So now the elephant in the room had been acknowledged. Whit can't just beat BYU and keep the hoards happy. The search committee has been activated.

UoU 1991
Park City, UT

If Kyle manages to save his job, he should start leveling with his fans about the true quality of his quarterbacks. Either Kyle is totally clueless about evaluating and recruiting quarterback talent, or he can see that he's been a miserable failure and has just been blowing smoke in praise of the quality of his quarterbacks.

As far as the health of his quarterbacks, Kyle has been far from candid and it's destroyed his credibility with his fans.

Springville, UT

A scathing but honest article written by an Aggie. This won't bode well in Uteville.

Baltimore, MD

Not to make light of the seriousness of concussions, but it seems a bit strange that Travis suddenly sustained a concussion on the eve of the Oregon game.

We've heard a lot about Wilson's hand injuries, but nothing about a concussion, and nothing that happened during the Arizona State game gave any inkling that Travis has suffered a concussion. So, how and when did this mysterious "concussion" occur? Is this legit, or is Whittingham just playing games and trying to manipulate public opinion to save his job?

Mcallen, TX

Tough being a quarterback. You're either in the penthouse, or doghouse.

Work with what you have. Wilson is a good QB.

Salt Lake City, UT

Only in your dreams, hedgelog, does Utah's definition of success hinge on their continued ownership of byu and Provo. You and the rest of the byu fan base don't realize it but elite pressure to win goes hand in hand with an elite conference. Coach Whitt knows it and so do Utah fans.

Your cougs scheduled a bye before the Utah game, pulled out the magic uniforms, and motor mouth KVN made his "blood bath" predictions about the "Superbowl" with Utah and got the same result...utter disappointment of byu fans.

This team has demonstrated enough this year that Coach Whitt has nothing to worry about. However, his loyalty to assistant coaches has to end, now. If they aren't getting the job done, they need to be replaced. Start with the Offensive Line and evaluate each skill position.

byu fans will love this article today as they head into their mid-November slug fest with Idaho St.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I agree with everything written in this article. Travis has been awful and if whit can't figure this out, then we need a new coach!

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


LOL at your blind denial of reality.

Even the "home of the Utes" radio station was saying just this morning that Utah's only meaningful wins were against their biggest rival and against Stanford.

The constant chest-beating from the kids on the hill about Utah's four-game winning streak versus BYU is proof positive that Utah fans still consider beating BYU their #1 goal every season.

btw, there is no "elite pressure" on perennial conference bottom dwellers, even when they're in a supposedly "elite" conference.

West Point , UT

"Only in your dreams, hedgelog, does Utah's definition of success hinge on their continued ownership of byu and Provo. "

I don't think that's what hedgelog was saying. I think he was saying that is what has made Chris Hill have patience with Whit and not fire him. I think you'd be hard pressed to find any other reason for Whit to be in Hill's good graces. I mean, the Utes are going backwards, not progressing in terms of record in the PAC12. If not for wins against BYU, what else can possibly be saving Whit's job?

Mcallen, TX

What if the utes win today?

Doghouse to penthouse.

Kearns, UT

Let's get over this "elite conference" garbage. The problem with the University of Utah athletics programs ever since their conference upgrade has been that their identity has switched to PAC-12 member first, and University of Utah a distant second. Until the athletic department and fans step up and be proud of their team first, they will always be a bottom dweller in the conference. If you keep identifying your team as a member of a "tough, elite conference," you will always have an excuse for the teams' losing records.

Put the team first. Forget about the conference, and focus on winning your games. Forget about the excuses, and turn around the team. I would like to see all of our major teams in the state represent us well--regardless of whether they belong to an elite conference or are an independent. Believe it or not, that PAC 12 logo that is displayed everywhere means very little when you have a losing record. Honestly, it means very little when you have a winning record.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

I disagree, I see improvement from the last few years.

I can only see Kyle being fired if he loses out. Losing to Colorado 2 of the last 3 years will do it.

I think even if we go 5-7 it gives Kyle at least another year. One just has to look at Gary Patterson at TCU (4-6) and the struggles they are having in the Big 12, and they're playing the #34 SOS not #1.

If we go 4-8 who takes over? Dennis Erickson? Or do we go hire someone like Gary Patterson? NOPE! So Kyle won't be fired, but I would expect position coaches like QB Coach BJ and OL coach Dan Finn to be replaced.

Aurora, CO


Let's not go overboard with the "Can Kyle" talk.
He will have this job until he loses to BYU, and that won't happen for years.
There is only one of the team goals that is a guaranteed job saver...Beat BYU.
The other goals are unattainable for the next decade.
So Utes hang their hats on the "four in a row" dominance.


JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

A real "stir 'em up" article. Kind of like the talking heads on the celeb shows on TV. Say something outrageous and get the audience to pay attention.

The fact is that Coach Whit is one of the best coaches in the country and he's gotten the team closer and closer to where he wants them to be. Three losses by less than 4 point each this season. Chris Hill is way to smart to let Whittingham go anywhere.

Go Utes, CA

If you can't see significant improvement from last year to this year, then you don't know football. Whittingham is not on the hot seat yet. Letting him go now would likely set the program back several years. Look what happened with basketball for the last 3 coaches. Whittingham should get two more years to get this team to a winning record in the Pac-12.

Go Utes, CA

"[Wilson] has been so awful, many backups across the league probably would have done better." This is true. I think Jon Hays would have gotten us a couple more wins this year.

Go Utes, CA

Whatever happens, we should not burn Manning's redshirt year. If Schulz goes down, we should just go to the wildcat -- direct snap to Bubba Poole.

Berryville, VA

I realize that the author of this article is just a kid, but there is no excuse for any decent editor to allow rank insulting speculation to run as supposed meaningful commentary. For example, the lame insinuation that Wilson's concussion is fabricated. If you don't have actual information, don't make baseless allegations. This is just amateur hour for a writer and a publication. If you write for publication you have a responsibility. Fulfill it, or find another profession.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

The only thing we have left this year is to bash byu about how we won them again and that makes us feel better. But we are still in a bcs confrence and that makes us more prestegous than byu even when we lose.

Go Utes!

Springville, UT

I agree with IFIUTE, this is irresponsible journalism. To say, Chris Hill may fire Whit is absolute speculation lacking any substance. People who don't understand football and coaching are the only people sitting and criticizing Whit's every move. Almost no fans actually understand his decision making process and the information on which it is based, myself included. Impatient and whiny fans want everything now, without considering the challenges. To throw Whit out would be a huge mistake, and the first ones to point it out would be the same current nay sayers, except they wouldn't admit to it. The author knows this story is fabricated opinion...but it got a reaction, so who cares if it is baseless, right?

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