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Published: Saturday, Nov. 16 2013 10:33 a.m. MST

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high school fan
Huntington, UT

Yes, I am truly greatful at sixty to have maternity coverage. I can now sleep better. Not!

Phoenix, AZ

"Is Obamacare's maternity coverage requirement fair?"

Too funny!! Of course it's not fair. Insurance is for unexpected occurrences that COULD happen. Males giving birth will never happen.

People use the example of everyone pays taxes for roads even though a person might not own a vehicle. Yes, but that person might use the road as a passenger or perhaps eventually buy a car and drive it on the road.

Buying 'insurance' for something that will NEVER happen is not 'insurance.' It's inane stupidity.

spring street

While we are discussing what we should or should not pay for with insurance coverage, let's discuss the "family plan" insurance option.

A single individual buys insurance at a rate of "x".
A couple buys insurance at the rate (usually) of "2x" - twice the rate of a single policy. This could be for a couple or for a single parent with one child.
A family buys insurance at the rate of "2x+y" - a family policy is usually less than 3x. However, that policy covers the entire family, whether it is one parent with children or two parents with children - the rate is the same whether it is three people or ten. The out of pocket is the same for three people or ten.

Now, of course, this is the way insurance has been for decades and certainly has nothing to do with Obamacare. But if we are going to start demanding people pay in full for the services they receive and only the services they receive, insurance for families should be based on the number of family members.

I should not have to pay for you to insure your six children.

Silver Spring, MD

I am pretty sure that most women have health insurance policies that cover testicular cancer and prostate exams. And that predates the ACA.

Phoenix, AZ

"And a women cannot get pregnant with out male sperm. So men are also responsible for pregnancy!"

Getting pregnant costs little or nothing (maybe just a night on the town dining and dancing). It's the child birthing nine months later that costs... and men rarely if ever do that.

Not to worry though... Under Obamacare there will be no insurance policies and no premiums to pay... only taxes. So, who is paying and for what coverage will become a moot point.

Sioux City, IA

If it's society's responsibility to ensure that all women have access to pregnancy and maternity healthcare then what else is the responsibility of society?
1. Proper meals and nutrition for pregnant women paid for by our taxes?
2. Proper meals and nutrition for all infants and toddlers paid for by our taxes?
3. Proper meals and nutrition for breakfast, lunch, and an afterschool snack for all Pre-K through 12 students paid for by our taxes?
4. All expenses paid to a vocational school or college for all children paid for by our taxes?
This could easily get to the point where we pay 70% of our income to the Gov't. But we will have healthy, well educated citizens.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

We are all forced to pay into the education system. More than 1/2 of our property taxes are earmarked for the schools, much of which is filled with illegals children.

We are forced to pay for war, if we agree to it or not.

We are forced to pay for abortions if we want to or not.

We are forced to be charitable (which seems ironic to me)

We are forced to have car insurance (yet give way to illegals)

We are forced to have elected officials rule over us

We are forced to go to school

We are forced to obey laws

We are forced into military service

We are forced to pay taxes

We are forced pay for bicycle lanes

The list goes on and on. I'm leaning towards it's fine to help babies come into the world. Since our population is on the decline, and the children are the future, it just makes sense to help the little guys into the world. Now for people like octomom or welfare women that have 8 baby dadies, someone needs to cut them off.

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