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Published: Saturday, Nov. 16 2013 10:33 a.m. MST

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Richmond/Cache, UT

Why are people who have never paid more than a $25 copay in there early years complaining that now that they're done having a family they have to pay for something they don't need anymore? I wish paying for maternity had been an option for my family, but being self employed there aren't any plans that offer it. $10,000 is what it would cost even though I pay as much or more for insurance than most. There's a lot to work out with the new system but the old one was bad and no one dared touch it - insurance companies knew this which made it worse every year.

kitsap, WA

I chose not to have children. I don't see any sanity in my being forced to pay for those who get pregnant. Its is bad and unfair enough that those of us who have never had children and own property have to pay taxes for the education of others. People who rent pay no taxes for education and even get tax credits just because they have children, isn't that enough. If Obama wants everyone to have maternity coverage the he should pay for it. Lord knows he is spending BILLIONS all across the world without a care in the world because its not his money. Why doesn't he keep some of that money home and feed the poor or fix the crud that is wrong on our social fronts instead of supporting other countries with their problems.. He may just go down in history as the most inept President we have ever had, and that is really going some after Bush.I am sorry and ashamed to say that I voted for him.

Walnut, IL

Is it fair that women should pay for prostate cancer coverage? And a women cannot get pregnant with out male sperm. So men are also responsible for pregnancy!

Stephen Kent Ehat
Lindon, UT

[Knock at the door; you open the door and see a young man and a uniformed officer behind him]


Yes, I'm working my way through college and am selling this $30 coupon book valued at over $1,000. It provides you with discounts on car tires, lawn mowing, restaurants, flight lessons, high school football tickets, lawyer's services, contraceptives, and on and on.

Well, I'd be honored and happy to help you get through school. I salute your vigor. But I don't have a car (I ride a bike), as you could probably see I have xeriscape landscaping (no lawn), I eat at my sister's across the street, I'm afraid of flying, I don't like football, I am a lawyer, my wife died (so I don't need contraceptives), and on and on.

But you'd be helping me pay for my education. And others who do use those services will benefit from your donation.

No thank you.

[You begin to close the door. The officer behind the young man puts his foot in the doorway to stop the door from closing and puts his hand on his holstered weapon.]

How much was that coupon book?


Women of child bearing age should have maternity coverage, whether they plan on having children or not. Half of all pregnancies are unplanned, contraceptives aren't 100% effective. A friend of mine, self-employed had health insurance but no maternity coverage. She (married) consistently used birth control pills to prevent pregnancy but got pregnant when she had to go on antibiotics for bronchitis. The antibiotics reduced the effectiveness of the pills.

Why should insurance companies charge men more just because they have maternity coverage? Obviously they won't be using it--unless they are married and they have a family policy.

I understand your thinking, but it is short-sighted. Even though you don't have children, one day you will be seeing someone's well-educated "child" when you need to see a Dr. Your quality of life is going to be better if the children are well-educated and citizens are healthy.

How can anyone be worse than Bush--who left the economy in shambles and spent nearly a trillion on a pointless war?

Kaysville, UT

I would liken paying for maternity care the same as paying for education as a part of our property taxes.
Everyone pays and everyone benefits with the outcome.

Michael J

Seriously society we are having a debate like this. If that is the case then should we be debating public education, transportation, national parks, military spending, etc. etc. There is plenty of spending that favors one segment of society but not another. We are community are divergent needs and opportunities that needs to allocate resources. Childbirth, like education, seems to be one of those fundamental priorities that should be high on the list.

Ogden, UT

It's a transfer of wealth. Obama loves it. To him it's the holy grail.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Michael J is correct. This ala carte, I built it myself, I am an Island and I want coverage specialized down to my DNA only, group of people are completely blind to what made this nation great. It wasn't petty bickering about self reliance and how to be a self sustaining entity in a vacuum. It was what we did as a society. I know there are a lot of Ayn Rand Adherents on the right, but "The virtue of selfishness" should not be a guidebook for civilized society.

The U.S. comes together on momentous projects that may not benefit every person, but help society as a whole, from the land giveaways during the homestead act, to the huge dams on the Colorado river, to super site clean-up's, to protect us from foreign invaders. This healthcare project is a worthy endeavor, and is no where near perfect, but I'm sure no one thought we'd still be in Iraq 10 years later.

It will be worth it to free our citizens of the shackles of the healthcare industry in this country.

American Fork, UT

None of humanity's great achievements was for the benefit of one person. We survived because we learned to work together for common benefit, and we can do it again. Single payer health care is the way to go.

Cedar Hills, UT

Fair? Of course it's fair. What 55 year old man doesn't need maternity? I mean come on people.

Cedar Hills, UT

the so-called party of "choice" has now turned to the party of "force".

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Being "fair" has little to do with Obamacare.

Obamacare is ONLY about control.

You have it - HE wants it!

JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

RE: Morrissey . . "People who rent pay no taxes for education". What? Time for economics 101. As a landlord I can assure you that every single one of my renters pays property taxes. It's built into their rent, just like trash service and water.

As for those posters who feel put upon because they do not have children I'd ask who is going to defend the country, pay into your social security, become police men and women or doctors. Certainly not you children as you do not contribute any.

The idea that people should only pay for services that have a direct impact on their lives is greedy, shortsighted and goes against the sense of community that built this nation.

Wilf 55

Yes, it's fair. Solidarity. It's the way it's done in all other civilized countries. No mother should worry about affordable maternity care.

Provo, UT


Is it fair that women should pay for prostate cancer coverage? And a women cannot get pregnant with out male sperm. So men are also responsible for pregnancy!"

Your logic if flawed for several reasons. First, men who can't get pregnant don't necessarily get a woman pregnant either. Not only are there gay men who have ZERO chance of getting a woman pregnant short of donating their sperm (this would require a conscious choice on the part of a woman to get pregnant) but there are single men who do not or choose not to have sex. To require someone who is choosing not to have sex or to not have sex with women to purchase maternity coverage is blatantly unfair to them considering that many of them may be struggling financially and could use that money on other more important things.

Then to show how ignoble your argument is. Women are not required to have prostrate coverage under ObamaCare and it does not cover men prostrate exams either. In fact, it recommends that men do not get such exams. Please some some maturity in your arguments or you just look foolish

Provo, UT

JoCo Ute,

You seem intent on re-writing history to fit your opinions. It was not a "sense of community" that built this nation and it was the "idea that people should only pay for services that have a direct impact on their lives" that built this nation. If you read speeches given in Parliament in the years leading up to the American Revolution you see them condemning Americans as selfish, greedy, good for nothings who did not want to support the whole commonwealth/republic. Their most common argument was that the British military protected the colonies so it followed that we would provide support to the families and neighbors of those soldiers while they were away defending us.

"As for those posters who feel put upon because they do not have children I'd ask who is going to defend the country,... Certainly not you children as you do not contribute any."

Same argument used in 1776 by the British which us greedy good for nothings rejected. You should be thankful we won and your kind lost the American Revolution. Ironically, it was us good for nothings that your ilk hate who fought your kind and won.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Chauncey: I'm sick and tired of havin' to pay for wimmen's pregnancies. I'll never be pregnant.
Edgar: Well, wimmen ain't ever gonna have prostate cancer, but you might. Why should they pay for you?
Chauncey: Well, now, that's differnt. I'm a man.

Provo, UT

Michael J,

"Childbirth, like education, seems to be one of those fundamental priorities that should be high on the list."

I think its important to highlight the contradictions in the arguments of those the believe that men who don't have children, who don't necessarily want children or who are incapable of having them are responsible for future generations since childbirth should be a fundamental priorities.

Sadly, many of these same people will do an about face when it comes to regulating a woman's right to have an abortion, a woman's right to access contraceptives or the right of gays and lesbians to have sexual relations or to get married. Suddenly, society's fundamental priority of childbirth is no longer falling from their duplicitous lips.

The inconsistency of their position is a result of a lack of philosophy or core guiding principles. They simply come down wherever their chosen party has come down. Yet, gays have a right to have sex, women have the right to an abortion and childbirth is not society's obligation and we dont owe our bodies to procreation.

We fought that idea in 1776 and won and now its rearing its ugly head

Arlington, TX

is any part of Obamacare Fair? The whole thing is designed to ruin our health care system and make the only option the SINGLE PAYER program, the only option at all. I do not want the GOVT to have any more control over my personal life and health care than we have to. I will fight it all the way. It is not fair, it is not legal, but it passed in the middle of the night and it is terrible.

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