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Published: Friday, Nov. 15 2013 6:20 a.m. MST

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Oream, UT

So now Mike Lee is saying that we need to help out those in need? This smacks of socialism. Am I supposed to give those in need healthcare, an education, and a job? There are some things that government would do much better.

As Brigham Young was responsible for the short-lived handcart experiment and late start of the companies, so is Mike Lee responsible for not doing what he can as a leader to alleviate poverty. He first creates the crisis and then tells us all to go pull those poor suffering people out of the mud.

He can't have it both ways.

Poplar Grove, UT

@Dnews subscriber
Where you at the meeting or did i miss something in the article? Because I don't see a single proposal in this article that helps fight poverty.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

He should fight his own poverty and pay his mortgage and student loans back.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

Instead of barking out the obvious to any one who will listen why doesn't Mike Lee do something about it? Has he really done any thing to help solve all the problems he is so focused on telling the world about?

It's just like some of the regulars here. You will yell to the heavens about what is wrong and why you are smarter then everyone else but you simply won't pick up the shovel and do the work.

Monday morning Quarterbacks are always right. You want change? Get in the game.

Stephen Van Orden
Mapleton, UT

The way to "bring them in" is through education. Utah's teachers are performing incredibly well with the extremely limited resources they have. As a State we must do better in educating our populace. The current allocation of scare resources in Utah comes from decades of one-party rule. Mike Lee can only site Utah as an example of successfully bringing in those on the metaphorical plains of our economy when Utah funds education the way it should and can if it were our true highest priority. Republicans can't take credit for the good work done in our schools while at the same time trying to "starve the beast." It is disingenuous.

American Fork, UT

But we can't, can we? It's socialism. It creates a culture of dependency. Discourages work. I've heard all the excuses from conservatives about why helping poor is wrong. So it sounds awfully disingenuous when someone like Lee makes statements like this.

Mapleton, UT

Many question whether today’s Republican Congress is sufficiently able to meaningfully participate in serious government reform. The archly conservative majority among them seems only to make matters worse. As critics said of Goldwater conservatism back in the day, a simple call to circle the wagons in the face of adversity is no solution.

What is to be made of the fantastical thinking of the conservative set as evidenced in their affirmed belief in a leftist Obama-led government conspiracy to subvert America’s Constitution and its sovereignty, a treasonist threat to be opposed at every turn and at all costs?

Attacking others is what they do best. Crazy is not governing.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Their war is on poor people, not poverty. It used to be different, they used to fight poverty, not poor people.

MemoFromA Demo

To all you forever hate Mike Lee critics, your criticism is ad nauseam. Come on! Bring solutions to the table and quit just tearing down real efforts to make a difference. Cut through your political partisanship and come to the table.

Regarding the call for better schools. I believe the answer isn't that we need better schools and teachers, and spend more money. We have well enough. What we need are parents who believe in their children and establish expectations. What we need are parents of students who expect their children to respect teachers and peers; who follow up daily with their children to ensure they're doing their home work; and who instill in their children a belief in themselves.

As I volunteer to work with African refugees, I have seen proof that children who come from such homes, living in the poorest of neighborhood, can excel and break out of the cycle of poverty that other "I am a victim" cultures can't / won't seem to do. It starts in the home, -- with parents. It doesn't require spending more money, it requires responsible parenting.

Bob K
porland, OR

Sen Lee is attempting to be Romney with half the intellect and none of the class

Mapleton, UT

Sen. Lee, if you’re sincere in your call for more inclusive government in behalf of those in need, let’s see what you can do in the next few months in achieving a compromise bill on immigration reform.

Provo, UT

Senator Lee's legislative record is that of a man who cares less than nothing for the poor. I don't understand where this is coming from or what he means by "bring them in." Bring them in to the workhouse, maybe?

Honeyvale, CA

Wow, never seen so much "Mike Lee bashing" was this organized? I am not a TeaParty-er or an Uber-conservative republican. I am just a hard-working middle class American who is tired of subsidizing the poor who, after all their hand-outs, end up with more take-home pay than I have. While they drive around in their SUV's and talk on their iPhones I am working hard to try to maintain my standard of living while the schools and government continue to demand more of my dollars. (they get exemptions) As my daughter was paying for her school lunch her friend asked her why she didn't just have her parents sign the piece of paper then she could get free lunch! This girl is always dressed to the nines btw. (We have 67% in our school on free lunch and are constantly being asked to pay for field trips for other kids.)

I want to help the poor but we don't need more hand-outs as the moderates and liberals propose. I am for anyone who is trying to revamp the system. Go for it Mike Lee!! We need a new approach!

South Jordan, Utah

Your comments show that you are all missing the point and just interpreting the article the way you want. Mike Lee is for small government and having its citizens help the poor! Holy cow how can you not see that?! Big government like the progressives want is proven to be highly inefficient and wasteful. Look at how much of the federal budget (is there really a budget) is wasted by crony capitalism and our Emperor's pet projects. None of our recently inacted laws follow constitutional principles. I believe that the constitution was divinely inspired. I believe our founding fathers spent years studying other world governments and how they failed or suceeded so they could come up with a way to govern that would make us the most free people on earth. It isn't government's job to look out for our fellowmen it is ours! The free market and competition would take care of our health care problems if we would let it. We have the best health care in the world, but it sure to crumble with the government's heavy hand. Mike Lee is for free enterprise not supporting the rich.

Othello, WA

Who would have guessed, a story about Mike Lee brings out all the lib crowd of haters. Preaching to us about compromise, and then going on and on about how their agenda is superior while we get the leftist agenda rammed down our throats. Carry on Mike lee, and keep up the good work. Liberalism is a mental disorder, and I fear they may not find a cure!

Salt Lake City, UT

"...the U.S. has spent $3.7 trillion on 80 different means-tested poverty and welfare programs in the last five years. ... Despite nearly $15 trillion in total welfare spending since Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty in 1964, the poverty rate is perilously close to where we began more than 40 years ago..."


Please note that not only has this socialistic approach not worked in the last 40 years, in the last 5 years, just 12% of the 40 years, the Obama administration accounts for almost 25% of the total 17 Trillion that has been flushed.

It's a classic example of the definition of insanity (attributed by some to Einstein, but I doubt he's actually the source, if there is one). Repeating again that which repeatedly hasn't worked in the past in the vain (foolish) belief it will work now.

You'd think we'd learn. But, as I've learned through frustrating experience, NOT learning is also something we foolishly repeat.

Everett, 00

The conservative vision for America is not an Ayn Rand novel. It's a Norman Rockwell painting or a Frank Capra movie: a nation 'of plain, ordinary kindness and a little looking out for the other fellow, too.'”


Holy Moly!

Mike Lee flipped from uber-Rightie, to Uber-Leftie so fast -- I just heard my neck crack!
It's worse than trying to watching Wimbledon!

Salt Lake City, UT

Good job! Put forth your solutions in the free market of ideas.

Saint George, UT

The comments here against Senator lee are, for the most part, are absolutely astounding in their ignorance and blatant disregard of facts. How could anyone claim that the 'war on poverty' started by our politicians (both Democrat and Republican) has been anything but an unmitigated disaster? Is it beyond the grasp of even the most closed minded person of either gender to grasp even the merest acknowledgement of the government's failure. Or do I have to listen to some say the equivalent of "yea, let's do more of the same!" As if watching someone throw money down a rat hole responds by saying "let's do some more, I think it's working!" Saying, "But I now Mike Lee hates the poor!" isn't doing much for helping me understand that you really want to help anyone but your own arrogance and pride.

Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

I just have one comment. It seems to me that our Senator Mike Lee is traveling around and speaking to different organizations in different part of the country. Perhaps he ought to spend more time in Washington working for us rather than "strut around" the conservative organizations.
Maybe he has higher job ideas?

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