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Published: Friday, Nov. 15 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

The problem with Samson01 equating the current American adminsitration to Fascist Nazis only goes to show he doesn't really understand history.

The 3rd Reich - led by the Nazi Party - was a severly right-wing group.

They were:
Uber National, and ultra Patriotic to the Fatherland,
They dispised, labeled, rerated, and then
concentrated, and later mass murdered millions of their fellow citizens just for being;
illegal Immigrants,
homeless and unemployed,
drug addicts,
and other "vermin" to Society.

They banned and outlawed;
and conflicting Political Parties or Ideologies.

The felt they needed to return Germany to former "Glory Days".

This is the group I fear and watch out for the most here in America,
and it doesn't take a Professor of History to recognized who they are...

Saint George, UT

Mike in Cedar: Lenin would love to promote the "general welfare". Anybody who wants to justify the federal government doing anything it wants under the auspices of the "general welfare" clause must think of our government as God, rather than man made. Read the whole constitution before making such ignorant and unwarranted justifications for federal mischief.

Saint George, UT

Roland Kaiser: Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare running smoothly, efficiently, and in financially sound in perpetuity? Who are you kidding? Turn on the lights! Anyone that talks about the stability of those programs and how much they have helped the poor is suspect in their thinking processes.

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