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Published: Thursday, Nov. 14 2013 6:35 p.m. MST

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Phoenix, AZ

I wonder if the students who went to BYU Academy felt the same way when it was abandoned or the students of the old Utah Technical College were saddened when they sold the property to BYU. We have to look on the bright side and see all the new opportunities that progress gives like the expansion of the MTC.

I just want to say how exciting it is that there is a need to expand and grow. For a while there it looked like the mission force was dwindling as the number of of baby boomer children decreased. Now the church seems to have too many missionaries, but that's just a temporary logistics problem. There can't be too many people preaching the gospel in the world and the world can't wait until the MTC expansion is complete to train them.

Provo, UT

A whole lot of nattering nabobs of negativity on this thread...maybe some of you should try to arrange some time to meet with directors of the Missionary Department so you can share the unique insights you have that they do not...and good luck with that

Henrico, VA

I'm thankful the Church sent missionaries out to VA many years ago even though it may have seemed there was no work to do because few were interested in listening to the message of the LDS missionaries. In my ward there were no convert baptisms...except me!
I'm glad my son is serving today. He never complains of no work to be done!

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